Thursday, November 30, 2006

The month that was

Haven't been blogging for a month. Busy bee. Saturday 11th Nov, had to work till about 5. Drama there. Cousin kak uji invited us to her house for lunch. As I was working I told her I'd come around 4.30 and told DH to come to Shah Alam at around 4.30. Called DH 4.30, he's in the office believe it or not. Had to wait till 5 still there was drama meeting up with DH. We planned to meet at my makcik A's house at Sect 3 near Mc Donald's .Asked DH where he was he said he was near ITM, I thot I'd go to Mc dona'd's. Half way thru the queue I thought, I'd better go and see if he was at my aunty's. Nipped there and he wasn't there. Called him, he was at Mc donald's. Went to McD, he was not there, apparently at aunty's. In the end I bought some nuggets and went to aunty's house. My sister called to say the way to k U's house jammed due to floods. Cousin Suria took 5 hours to arrive from KLIA. Decided to go to Mak uda's house in Subang instead, left car there. After that baru to kak Uji's house. From k u's house around 11 pm, to tired to drive back. The next day went to Mazda showroom. DH test drive the new mazda 6.
The following week, Mak cik A and family wanted to visit Ida's house. So went there, brought chocolate coated donuts. After that went to Mak z's house and the kids had whale of a time singing karoake. Sunday busy day. Morning adik's concert. Pictures later. She enjoyed it. She sang nasyid, danced a malay joget and an english pop song. She did great!! After the concert went to Neighbour's do and off we went to my colleague's wedding. The wedding was near the playground, so there kids went to play there instead of eating. There was still a house to go to in Rawang but we were too tired. Sorry Zi.

On the 22nd November was DH's b'day. Happy birthday sayang!! We went to San Francisco Staeakhouse at The Summit. Later pi splash kat Pay less Bookstore.

The kids are OK cuti sekolah ni. Kakak of course watch TV all the time. I bought a new game for kakak's Gameboy advance console and new batteries for the V tech game. So they were busy playing games. Qisty love playing with the v tech game, for a 3 plus year old she can manipulate joystick and mouse quite well.

They are of course very excited to go to Bismiland ( as qisty pronounce it). I hope I can make it. My leave is still not approved till tomorrow. Got to finish up the work fast.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Happy Eid everyone. Haven't been blogging for so long. Been busy, dateline before eid, Date line after Eid. Boring ..ah.. like the fragglerocks used to say. Anyway went back to Kluang on Saturday after cooking the ever so liat, chewy chicken rendang( even after hours of cooking it..kinda remind me of ayam hutan dad used to buy. Next time I'll stick to the usual chicken rather than ayam pencen, ( chicken sorely bred for eggs). Planned with Shila to go back on that day as the kids will enjoy being there. I have also arranged activities for the kids like helping out with kuih gunting and baking cookies, purely for fun. My kids love baking cookies ( mama it's like playing playdo, took turns cutting, decorating them) especially the various shaped chocolate cookies (shaped like ducks, star, flowers) with decorations on top. Biskut taklah berapa sedap, not that tasty but they loved decorating it with M& M's, chocolate and the multicoloured rice. Adik especially loved them. We baked lots as camarina and camillia love eating them. After cooking them, they'd take like 5 a day.We baked chocolate chip and white chocolate cookies, and the cornflake chocolate meringue.

Went back to Kluang, went around scouting for present for Aludya, Bro in law paiz's newborn baby. Congratulations Pais!! Tapi tak jumpa. Have to search in KL.

Shila came back on Sunday night. We spent the raya eve painting the living room and the front. Was sceptical whether we would finish it on time. But we did. With paints on hair and all over.
Woke up in the morning, Sil Attie and I frantically clean up the house. Managed to make it before Raya prayers.

After prayers we had the asking for forgiveness , giving packets of money away and photography session. Then we visited the neighbour and the recently widowed kak Yah, whose husband passed away a few months ago. Hubby's cousins, Mak dah's sons and daughters in law were there. We planned to leave Kluang after the visit, but Dh had to take a nap and Mak dah and family returned the visit. We left after Maghrib. My brother and family called a few times asking when we'd reach KL.

Reached KL about 11. Salam all around with mum, dad, siblings and in laws. Talked for a bit and zzz. In the morning we had the house to ourselves as Mum and Dad and Brother Iji and family went to hometown Linggi. In the afternoon went to Tesco to buy plastic boxes to organise the old baby clothes. On the way back, went to Mak B's house for raya. The kids played with the newly built gazebo/ wakaf.

Thursday suppose to start work but got headache which started the day before. It persisted till Friday. Went to Justlife for Lavender tea.

Saturday stayed at home. Sunday went to Mak cik A's do. Was late as had the suddenly urge to make profiteroles. Dad and sister called a few times asking what time we'd be there. Reached Mak cik A's house around 2. Lapar giler. Then went to Mak Mas' house. Izan, husin, Lana,helmi mak Z and Uncle Yahya were there. Mak B, Uncle M, Izreen and the cute baby Nadia came later. Ate Nasi lemak with big prawns. Yum. After the do went to the Curve- Borders to get books.

Finished my Arthur and George- good book on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and George Edalji. Finished Bloodroot by Susan Witig albert, who wrote wonderful detective story plus infomation on herbs. Shopping Spree at Borders- bought 5 books. 2 by Susan W . Albert based on Victorian England and 2 other victorian mysteries by authors I've never read before and a book by Lee Jackson which is a bit expensive but the last book was enjoyable so I grabbed it. I had to put Mrs jeffries and the russian author down tho. Bought books for the children, Kakak had three, 2 nancy drews and a gerenimo stilton book, adik- a book on Princess Sophia and Qisty a paper doll and an alphabet craft book. Borders is becoming my favourite bookstore. I love Borders for it's crime books, they've got huge variety and Kinokuniya for crafts, hobbies and Health.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Takziah Majan & Congratulations Izreen

Mazran's mother passed away on Saturday. Al Fatihah..

We have a new niece, Nadiya Azureen. Izreen's Inky. Congratulations Izreen. Isyaalah we will visit you on this week.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Selamat menyambut Ramadan everyone, altho it's 11th Ramadan dah. Ramadan niI really don't feel like going to Pasar Ramadan. The price of dishes, lauk2 have certainly gone up. One portion of chicken is like RM2.50 now. Small pulak tu. And you never know the taste until breaking fast and it may have gone bad. 1st day puasa dapat diarrhea. But I like going there for kuihs. I feel buka puasa is not complete without these sweet / savoury cakes. Especially the murtabak. I love the Murtabak, tho, you remember I hate roti canai. Essentially it is like the roti canai, white floor in oil fried with oil with the additional meat, onions and egg. And only in Ramadan do I indulge in these savoury thingy. I figured I am eating once a day, why shouldn't I indulge.

I remember Ramadan in UK. I had to have kuih for buka puasa even then. In Malaysia, I used to buy whatever cakes at Pasar Ramadan, where there are plenty of choices. When I was there of course I missed the malay cakes, so we have to learn to make them. But finding the ingredients might be difficult or expensive. The kuih I usually make ~ the ketayap. White flour made into green pancakes with dessicated coconut in brown sugarfilling , which after a while I changed to green apples in brown sugar filling. Fusionlah tu.. a bit like the apple pie filling.

Kakak has been good. She missed a day. Last Sunday because adik ate in front of her. Other days she's ok, I mean she goes to morning school and later sekolah agama. But on Sunday, probably because no activity to take her mind of food.

Adik started her practice of fasting on MOnday, half a day. Yesterday she was nearly there. At 6.45 pm just short of 20 minutes till the break, she couldn't stand it. She ate oats. But ok considering she's six. Kakak started practising when she was seven.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cameron Day 2

Woke up feeling cold. Ate yesterday's cold mee hoon. The children had milo balls and bread with chocolate spread. Healthynyalah.. Packed our bags and checked out around 10ish..

First stop, Strawberry farm. We chose the pick your- own- strawberies farm. we had to climb solah high concrete stairs with nothing to hold on to, termengah2 and then had to cross a stream with solah small titi/bridge, enough for one foot. Try crossing that holding a 19 kg toddler. Masa pi Dh was around, but he disappeared when we wanted to cross back so Shila and I had to hold Qisty's hand.. Ish..ish.. strawberry picking ke concrete/stream tracking?.. DEkat Uk, Chester..yes, Idid I go with shila then, or not..anyway I reme ber picking the strawberries from ground tapi kat sini dalam compost bags..hahaha..

Next to the Boh plantation. Ooops di sebabkan the road was narrow we had to stop on the side and we spotted a rose garden. We went up..aik someone's house. We were shown around the house. Bestnya .. Banyak exotic plants like..kakak jumpa white and pink camelia, her namesake, Nadine Azalea found Azalea and Dahlia found hers. Ada forget me nots- dok Uk tak pernah nampak this flower, apple tree, rosemary herb, raspberry, roses, lady's slipper macam2 lagi. For minah bunga macam I of course went crazy. The owner Mrs Robinson came to Malaya in 1934 from Scotland. She sells raspberry jam and rose syrup.

Our next stop The Boh Plantation. We went to the Tea factory and Tea shop. Bought Ice lemon tea and Peach tea. The kids love them. Menyesal tak beli banyak. Then balik..

On the way singgah waterfall. Sempat mandi bebudak ni. We enjoyed the trip. Thanks Shila n Epi for making arrangements. Mana kita nak pi the next trip?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cameron Highlands 16 Sept Day 1

On Friday 15 Sept went to my parents' house as DH said it would be nearer if we started from Ampang. Dh and BIL, Epi made plans to start the journey at 5 and to wake up at 4. Whaaat. ade ke I have to wake up at 4. To me it would be better if we started after suboh but DH wouldn't hear of it. I thot they were pretty ambitious. SIL, Shila wondered if dh could wake up that early. I refused to wake up at 4 , DH making a statement that he can wake up at 4, put the lights on. I didn't want to wake up early only to find my -always-late in laws not waking up yet , so I called them. I was their wake up call. Sigh..Ambitious betul orang2 ni.

Any way, I took my time dressing up the girls, Suprisingly they could wake up early and pagi2 lagi dah mandi. While waiting for us to dress up , Dh went to buy roti canai for breakfast. We had roti canai(cereal for me..can't take the stuff), and after suboh prayer we started out.

I was slept in the car, Dh said it was refreshing starting out early..yelah tu, mengantuk jugak in the end. We reached Tapah and waited for Epi-shila and family. As we had breakfast before we left, I went to the petrol stations to get a few things.

Qisty went with Epi-shila, dah besar baby, tak nak dengan mama..I was worried yelah..what if she wanted her milk-yoyo. Menangis ke dia. But she was ok thruout.

On the way up , we saw lots of strawberry farms, stopped at one. Salah pilih upanya because al tho they sell strawberries, they were more like kedai runcit. I bought dried fresh strwberry , got headache instantly. Next time just stick to fresh ones. Dried pun ada preservative yg made my head ache. They also sell petai tea.. hehehe..petai pun tak makan...nak beli tea?

Next stop.. Butterfly farm Farm. outside not very impressive but bila masuk wow..Butterflies were really jinak, they were everywhere. They even had scorpions, geese, rabbits, snakes, lizards of all sizes, birds and the flowers, cantik..Sigh.bestnya boleh grow flowers yg exotic ni.

Then we went to the Strwberry Park Resort. The last time I went to Cameron Highlands was with Shila's family and I remember Strawberry Park. I Thot then, cantiknya..bila lah boleh merasa.The three bedroom apartment was spacious. DH, Qisty and I took the master bedroom, Shila and Epi the other room with double bed and Nadine and Sara took the single bedroom. Kakak and Adik and Sophia slept in the living room on carpet and quilt brought by moi. Dahlia slept in the little house that I brought.

We went out to lunch, lebat giler hujan and ..grew colder.We later went to a strwberry farm but this one didn't let you touch the fruit. Ada ka?

Then we went to Ye olde Smokehouse, bergambar sakan. In the rain. I was drenched. The Smoke House is an authentic-looking Tudor-style with a 2-storey building. It was built on 1939. The garden looked lovely and it looked charming outside, they say the cheapest room is 300 ringgit. The most expensive one may reach till RM 800++. Yikes. But the review on this hotel not so good, threadbarelah, leakage, musty , smelly. Yelah kan it is the same age as my dad.

Dah penat berjalan we went back to the hotel . As it was very cold , we decided not to go out again. we went to the restaurant and packed food. One complain about the room- the floors -wood, therefore terasa sejuknya. I should have brought socks. Day two tomorrow

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Been busy lately. No time to update. We had a lovely tima at Cameron Highlands last weekend with BIL & wife shila and the kids had a whale of a time. More of this later

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I am so nervous. I feel a knot in my stomach. The fact that the air con is so cold does not help.

We are having some visitors from Dubai and there will be a finance presentation later on.

The last time I felt this nervous was when I was with Sepang Circuit and I had to go to the first procurement meeting with HQ. I didn't have a car so I had to hitch a ride with a colleague. I was so nervous that I brought the Asmaul husna book along and recite some of the verses on the way. Ya awwal for job to run smoothly, Ya Muta'ali zikir when faced with someone of power and so forth. I remember holding the book and recite them together with Bhai. After a while the meetings ceased to make me nervous. As time goes by the chairmans understood our problems and were very supportive. One particular chairman, Datuk K was always cracking jokes. On my last day at Sepang ( a year ago), I asked the question. At that time rumours about Datuk K and Siti was the talk of the town. So I asked this Datuk K if he was the one, He said~ sadly no.

Looking back I was glad I was made the secretary for the meetings. I learnt a lot from them.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Weekend at Sepang and Nilai

We didn't go anywhere far last weekend. Spent the weekend reading Mrs Jeffries novel. I love the series. Housekeeper and the servants of Inspector Witherspoon help the blur Inspector solve mysteries. The storyline was set during victorian times in England.

Saturday evening went to Nilai Square to look for fabrics for raya. At first we agreed on turqouise, ( I have recently fallen in love with this colour) but now we've decided to chang the colour to follow lana's wedding scheme. Dh bought fabric for father in law, mum in law. For the kids we usually get them cotton. When they were small we would go to cottage patch to buy American cotton, lovely and durable but expensive. When kakak was small it was around 20 plus per meter, now its nearly forty. If the kids wear it often ok but the traditional baju kurung is worn occasionally, I feel it is not worth spending that much. Unless they are made into dresses. I have dresses handed down from kakak to adik to qisty and they still look ok. For the past few years we've been going to Nagoya to buy the Japanese cotton. Oklah lembut. But dekat Nilai Square. Tak jumpa. I once asked them why they don't sell Japanese cotton, katanya expensive, nanti tak ada orang beli. But they do sell kain2 rm50-70 a metre, kain2 lace and silk. In the end bought for adik and kakak viscouse silk.

While there I thought we need to change our curtains. It's more than three years now, tua dari Qisty. But solah malas plus of course ongkosnya ngak ada. May be we'll do it after raya.

Sunday evening went back to Nilai Square to buy qisty's and mine Sukanya. I found the fabric like 2 months ago, fell in love with it but didn't want to fork out that much. This time showed Dh, he said Ok. Sayang husband I. Malam cooked laksa Johor. This is my second attempt. First attempt DH kata tak sedap , not as good as mum in law's and merajuk. Refused to cook laksa johor for a while. But my kids love laksa johor. Kakak and adik both. They rarely have same taste in food. This time around asked DH the trick question again. I thot it lacked dried shrimp but DH said it was ok.

One of the reason why I don't cook much laksa johor or mee bandung is because I don't like them much. I prefer laksa Penang just my taste kot ,kurang berminat dgn the heaviness of laksa johor. Mee Bandung sebab I don't like mee kuning much. Probably because the noodle is slippery like and not like mee hoon or the vermicelli , which is made with rice and it sorts of blend with gravy. Usually the things I like I would try to learn making them like nasi kerabu.. Mmm... dah lama tak buat.

Diet and exercise.. Well I've not been dieting, taking Teresa's advise to the heart. No dieting for a month or two when doing t-tapp. My legs are ok now, no problems since last week, so I've continued. Today would be a week. I plan to do it for 10 days in a row and then every other day for four weeks. Plannyalah. Putting it into action ni kekadang susah sikit.

I'm feeling great , more energetic but more hungry than usual.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Independence Day - Merdeka

Selamat Merdeka

I remember when I was in Form four when I was in Convent Bukit nanas, we practiced for the Merdeka Procession. But I was offered a place at MRSM Seremban, and I did not get to do the apakebende thingy. After I got back from UK , a few friends and I decided to watch the Merdeka procession in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad building. Lots of people there, we had to climb onto something to see the procession, the fact that I am petite made it difficult for me to see the procession. Anyway, while watching it suddenly I felt someone's hand merayap .. Apa lagi.. I squeezed his hand and pinched him and later on stared. Buat deque aje..

What did I do yesterday

Cooked spagetti for the family. Kakak liked it, had second helping and also ate it during tea. Adik didn't like it. Tak sedap mama..Sigh..Should have cooked curry mee instead. Adik love curry so much that we sometimes call her currymina. The funny thing is, I couldn't stand curry when I was pregnant with her. The very thot of coconut milk or curry made me want to throw up.
Dh washed my car.. thank you so much.. haven't washed it for like 2 months now or may be more. In the evening pottered around the garden weeding. I haven't done this for like two months and the weeds were as tall as the trees. also put fertilisers.

I am so happy that- all my flowers are flowering. The roses have not stopped, the jasmines are flowering and the kerak nasi/ kesidang is finally flowering. The last time kesidang flowered was like a year ago. Ingat dah merajuk. The smell of this flower is so sweet like daun pandan only sweeter. I will make perfume oil out of it.

Bilalah hot fm nak call ni. I spent most of the days listening to hot fm and waiting for the dj to call me. Yesterday RM 6900 was claimed. I was glued the radio the whole day and at about 3 someone claimed it. Today RM 5400 went to a lucky winner. Sigh.. Now I'm listening to the budget. PM is talking about the price of oil rising and subsidy by the government.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wedding and Monster House

On Saturday was cousin Roha's, who is my age, wedding in Linggi. DH had to take the Bukit Pelanduk way, nearer he said but if we hadmy maid in the car she would have filled the car with her barf. We reached there around 2.30 late considering we were juat 30 minutes away. Lots of slow moving lorries on the road.The Bride looks ok. Congratulations Roha and Husband.
Later at night we went to see Monster House. Oklah. The children liked it. One character reminded us of adik~ no front teeth!!

Sunday mum and dad came over on the way from KLIA~ their maid had to go back, father was not well. Brother Amy and family came over. At around 7 something we sent them to the airport. They were going to Melbourne. Qisty wanted to follow Trisya and Trisya wanted Qisty to follow her. Tina nak naik Plane Baba!! To pacify Qisty we went to the playground with plane model. When asked again, nak naik plane.. she said Tina dah naik plane.oklah..

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Seremban Revisited

At least once a year we will visit Seremban. One of the reason would be to renew the maid's passport. Since the nearest Fomema is there we'd go there.

Let me tell you about Seremban. Capital of Negeri Sembilan, Seremban was where I was born. Both mum and dad were from Linggi, Negeri Sembilan. The old hospital I was born in, now house mentally challenged patients. My youngest brother too was born in Seremban ( two siblings in between born in Selangor). I remember when we were small every time we passed by the old hospital, mum and dad would say' look the hospital Along was born, now hospital orang gila and then proceeded to show the new hospital where brother Amy was born. Sigh.

My first primary school was Convent Seremban, my headmistress then was my mum's class teacher. Yesterday the building ~ no longer there, instead there's an oxidation pond.

After form three I was offered a place in MRSM Seremban. Now, memories there are precious. First time I went there, culture shock jugak, first coed school.

All I remember about Form Four and Five is the big crush I had on this one guy. Of course I also remember the hysteria. About 10 girls screamed and later on fell unconcious, supposedly possessed by the spirit of the tree near the library. Chaos at that time ~ boys were seen in the girls hostels as the girls had to be restrained. I remember, a prefect Rohaida said.. the boys being in the hostels was catalyst for the hysteria .

Had a great time during A level. Yours truly, couldn't do without sambal belacan would bring lesung and buy cili padi from a supermarket in Wisma Punca Emas ( sad place now) . Later we had cili padi tree just outside our room, the seeds from our sambval belacan. When we were hungry, we would pool instant noodle, Maggii and pass round the bowl ~ two tablespoons each.
I found my old diary- day to day journal of life there, quite boring on weekdays, no wonder I resorted to finding someone to admire. We would write the name of the boys on the wall and everytime we decide to change to another boy we would put up a tally mark. I had the most tally mark.

A levels was the time I bemoaned when I would find a boyfriend, when suddenly towards the end of the year I found out I had five admirers. Terkezut!!One sent the La is La Bonita Song by Madonna.One approached. I agreed to meet but later on did not want to go on as I thot the boy was suffocating me but he was persistent so I turned my attention to one of his bestfriends. Hell broke loose. He wrote a few things on the door of his room for all to see.

I remember during Ramadhan, makcik dapur would cook something for girls who were not able to fast. Balik from the kitchen, we were teased by the boys, as they knew where we've been.

The main activity for us during evening would be mengintai. There were holes on the curtains, some are made, to peep through, as the boys would play just opposite of our rooms. Some of my friends from other rooms would come to our room to peep as well.

Those were the days. DH went to SDAR which was in Seremban too. During orientation form four, we had to go to SDAR to cheer the hockey players.

One of our dating venue was Seremban.

Seremban then and now. Not much has changed.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Today woke up with a headache. Called office ~ medical leave. A few calls followed from office, I decided to go. Bad decision, no aircon- therefore circulation's bad, causing pounding headache. I don't mind the heat, it's the lack of oxygen ~plus, when I opened the window, I gained therapeutic aromateraphy from the nearby rubber factory.

Of course today is the big or shall I say Mega Day for our celebrated singer. I just can't get the song ' Lelaki- buaya Darat ' by ratu out of my head.


Told my husband, school holidays and our kids are spending it at home. Kesian, he suggested we go out to Bangi to see a movie. But later on decided to see what's at South City plaza. Only two floors were occupied. We went to Popular for books. Not much fiction there- I prefer Kinokuniya and Borders. Kinokuniya for fitness and craft- they even have Inspiration and Smocking magazines and Borders for its wide range of fictions especially the Crime section. Dh bought mr midnight for kakak, Adik two workbooks and sticker books for Qisty. We suddenly got a call from Mum In Law that DH's cousin's husband Abang Jeman passed away. We went to dinner and later on to Vista Commonwealth to visit. Takziah kak yah.


We decided to go to Ikano as Elena from Mermaidia will be appearing. I told Dh, we have to go out by 1.30 taking account of the time we would have to search for parking. We reached there at 3.30` DH had to go to Seri kembangan to withdraw money, which I did not anticipated and he stopped at BHP wanting to clean his car. Elena has since long gone. She was supposed to appear from 3-3.30 and we were 5 minutes late.. Geram. Gaji tak masuk, in my case, browse aje lah..kesian budak2. Went to Borders and bought 4 books. Finished the ones I bought at Kinokuniya and I finished rereading Sidney Sheldon on Saturday. Found Mr Jefferies series which are thin books, I should go to Ampang rent a book, or at Pay less, they may have the series.

Tomorrow I'll be taking the day off to settle my maid's permit with Immigration.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Busy bee

Haven't been updating my blog lately been busy as the director is coming down to visit from USA. Worked on Saturday as DH said he'd be working last weekend. I assumed Saturday, when my colleague said he wanted to swap with me, I said yes. Upanya his convo was on Sunday. What did I do on Sunday. Curled in bed with my books. Out of the four today I'm in the middle of the third book. Sigh... Should have taken thicker books but I wanted victorian mysteries and they are all thin. Interesting books tho, I found a few new authors with series of novels. Some of the books are difficult to find here tho, especially the earlier editions. May be after I've finished the books I'll raid my father's library. He would have new books.

I have a few things badly in needed of attention. 1 my car needs to be serviced. 20k already - I've lost Proton's guarantee , it also needs a bath and vacumming. 2 My garden- needs weeding and fertliser, should have done it on Sunday but after spending a whole day at work on Saturday, I wanted to spend Sunday not doing anything. 3. My legs- I need a specialist to look at it. But now it's getting better and I'm restarting t-tapp again.

Merdeka millenium Endurance is coming up. Don't know if I should work. Lots of things to do in Shah Alam and can't afford to take 4 days off.

DH's coughing is driving me crazy. Yes I have to tolerate his snoring, teeth grinding plus nak tercabut tekak coughing. May be I should give him my concoction of raw garlic, raw onions, aloe vera, lemon, ginger, honey. hahaha

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fever week

Kakak demam on Friday. In the evening Qisty's temperature rose. On saturday adik has fever as well. Mum(me) wanted to go to Kinokuniya having reserved Teresa's book. Dragged kakak and Qisty along, by then both of them had their fever medicine and wanted to go. Adik stayed at home. Ida permed my hair. Turned out quite ok and she's now gotten the bug. Asked anyone else wanted thier hair permed. BIL ,Epi came over and spent the night editing dvd of his surgery. Qisty looked at it and said ewww...that's a belly button.

On Sunday
Got the kids ready for mak zah's tailor. Got there around 12 jugak, She said 11-12. Typicallah kan. Went to Jaya Jusco IOI to look for adik's MP4 player. My legs got worse. Can't walk far. Dh wanted to go to Tesco too.. but I had enough. Got home, the maid had fever.. La hai.. went out to Bangi for dinner. I brought my citrine-peridot- white quartz-multi coloured stone along. The band holding them together broke and the band I bought a few days ago was too big for them And bought an all white quartz bracelet. Didn't plan on that. The lady wanted to sell me the all citrine or the all peridot bracelet costing about 400-500 on installment. Not this time I said. Got to go away before I spend away all my gaji, I've got a few things to pay towards the end of the month.

Didn't go to work. My children, Dh and the maid still demam. And my leg was giving me problems. Sigh..

Friday, August 04, 2006

T-tapp revisited

I am starting T-tapp again. Today will be my fifth day. I've checked in the 31/7 to 6 weeks thread in the t-tapp forum. I figure if I were to check in I will be more consistent.

On Monday was all right no problems there. Did Basic Plus. On Tuesday, DH's car broke down. At 7 o'clock, my appointment with T-tapp, he wanted me to follow him to the airport to rent a car. Grumbled all the way. When we reached home it was around 8.20. Maghrib then Basic Plus- had to do it or what will I report to the forum.

Dh phoned and asked me to come home early as his car's ready , the workshop will close at 6.45pm he said, have to be there early. No problems. Came out around 5, reached Sepang around 6. No sign of him. At around 6.20 went to the workshop, had to wait till about 7.. Grr.. Then had to send the hired car to the airport. Reached home around 8. Magrib, basic plus then off to Pasar Malam- night market for dinner and groceries.

No drama, could have started the workout at 7 but got distracted by a new gossip magazine..interesting ..Lindsay Lohan and boy friend, Avril Lavigne got married, mr Jessica Simpson missing her still and even JJ and Rudy of the hitz fm. Did Basic plus and arms after magrib around 8. hehehe..

Called Kinokuniya and they have Teresa's new book. Yay! Reserved the copy. Will definitely go to kinokuniya this weekend. I am also out of fictions, reducing to kakak's goosebumps, hardy boys(both english and malay version- pathetic..), Mr Midnight and rereading Harry Porter. Masaalah bookworm ni.

Told DH that I was out of books and am currently rereading harry porter for like 6th time. He said I could have written a novel when I was unemployed in Malacca ( as Ms Rowlings did). I don't know whether cerita tahyul..fairy tales, witches and goblin by local author will sell here. I thot of writing something like Clive Cussler's novel but about historical Malacca or Anne Perry's mystery set in the 19th century Malacca. Would be interesting. I do love historical mysteries..hate historical romance tho.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Too hard on the kids

A few days ago, Monday I think, my children and I discussed about the meaning of our names again. This came about when Camillia (kakak) practised her new Khat mechanical pencil,( ada rupanya benda ni). Her mama has never leant jawi.. may be i did when I was in std 1 or 2 and I do know how to read, merangkaklah but to write, mmg weak. Nowadays I learnt from kakak. Dulu I taught her the basic, now she's even better than me, thanks to sekolah ugama ( which I tak pernah masuk, even tho I was in Johor, went to sultan ibrahim girls school- when I was in std 1 and 2.)

Kakak's name means flower, qisty's means justice and adiks's moon. Everytime we discussed this adik will say she doesn't like her name. It is not pretty and it sounds like a boy. Her name Camarina does sound pretty but she is not happy with the meaning. Sigh...I told her that moon is a girl, that's why we have the saying pungguk rindukan bulan- owl miss the moon and P ramlee even sings about the moon.. Engkau laksana bulan...tinggi di atas are like the moon high in heavens... She was inconsollable.. too late kakak said. I took the easiest way out..I blamed on the father. I wanted to name her Adriana..altho it means balance , it sounds nice.. (but Dh vetoed the name.) .and I didn't want to have a common alphabet for my children.. which is what happenned now. Qamarina spelled with a C and Qistina spelled Cqistina. I was shocked when DH came back with the birth certificate of qistina. Now she has to explain to people that the C is a silent id or people will call her si -qistina. Dh and I chose kakak's name, he vetoed adik's and qisty's was commonly agreed upon altho I wanted Qaisarah.

Yesterday we brought up the subject again, and I told adik that bulan, the moon is important. When we don't have lights at night we can depend on the moon to see our surroundings. She's ok with it. I think I'll dig out articles/songs and poetry about the moon.

Sometimes I think I'm too hard on kakak. That's what my sister would say. I know kakak is very responsible, sweet and ready to help when asked or sometimes volunteer but I always thought she can do better in her studies. She stayed top ten 90% of the time, but sometimes she does careless mistakes. I know she probably missed the topic on divison, as she was sick for a whole week when the subjact was taught, and teachers in school today never checked the students work, and when they do check, they'll mark the wrong answers right and the right answers wrong without explaining. I want her to understand the basic, which to me is important as the syllabus will be more difficult as the years progress.

May be I should explain to her why sometimes I am hard on her. I want her to suceed. My nephew afiq thinks I'm too strict, mak long tu asyik marah aje but my intentions are good. Kalau bising sangat of course i marah.. sounds like a wet blanket, but kena berpada2lah. I don't want people to think my kids are indiscipline and what's wrong with instilling manners.

Monday, July 31, 2006

The weekend that was

Maid wanted to go back to Kuantan, Apparently sprained her ankle and had to go to Kuantan to urut..(rolling my eyes). Sprained because she was carrying a 19 kilos toddler. Yes, Qisty is 19 kilos, same weight as adik. Morning bought roti canai, brought out the sourdough starter konon nak buat bread. Malam went to Alamanda for dinner.

My soap has separated. Used the urine strip to test for ph. The top soap is neutral but the bottom part, high alkaline. Will have to cut of the bottom part. Will try again next week.

Usually sundays we would have nasi lemak but since we were going Ida's house for Briyani lunch, cooked sausages. The kids had like 4 each. The kids baked brownies for Afiq. I wanted to bring bread but my bread still did not rise, so brought sambal ikan bilis instead. Reached at Ida's at around 1 .20. Ida called to pick iji atKLIA but we were already at kinrara. Ate nasi about 4 ,Afiq cut his cake. Sorry no photo. Still have not received the camera. Didn't use my Vga camera.

Reached home around 9. The sourdough has not risen but there were water in my dough. Did kak ti tip the water in I wonder. Should have put it under the tudung saji. Will do another starter today and do the bread immediately after the starter start to rise.

Rainy monday morning. What else can I say. Kakak will start her test today.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Fahim Hafiy

Another addition to the Adom clan. Pictures courtesy of Mazran, father of Fahim Hafiy. Congratulations Ann and Mazran.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy birthday Afiq

Hit by a truck. That's how I felt yesterday. I 'm sure I have bruises everywhere. Yes.. Went to Kak Kesum's for massage. Tell me again why I was there.. I don't remember it being that painful. I've got so many twisted vein you'd think. My hump still hurts but I could turn my leg without pain.

I first went to Kak Kesum's early this year when my neck hurts. When to the dr and he gave muscle relaxant..tak baik.. so in the end went to kak kesum.. boy she's one strong lady.. sakit giler mcm nak terkencing. the next two days felt like being hit by the truck, then the pain dissappeared.

Before kak kesum, I always went to mak cik urut in ampang, right now can't remember her name. She urut.. so lah lembut( at least not like kak kesum), rasa but taklah sampai nak ter... I went to her for my post natal uruts ( for babies no 1 to 3) and also sometimes just for lulur.. can fall asleep one..With kak kesum....

My sour dough has gone yeasty.. the lactiapakebende wild yeast is in the dough.. I'll probably do the bread on Saturday.. Sunday will be Afiq's b'day celebration. Given him the poweranger suit for his b'day but got to buy something else this weekend.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Creaky Leg

My right leg is still giving me problems. On Wednesday called the mak cik urut. She's in Malacca, I wanted to make appointment for Saturday. She said too far ahead call her on Friday. Tried all day friday couldn't get her. On Sunday morning someone picked up the phone, she's gone to Kuala Pilah. Today handphone not answered phoned her house, have to call her around 1.30. Mengalah menteri. Sigh..

Did the sourdough starter on Sunday. Sourdough starter is wild yeast, the way org2 dulu make bread. They ferment the dough for a few days until it bubbles and gives out a sour puke like smell, then they make bread with it. I am going to try this and by tuesday or wednesday my starter would be ready.

at around 5 went to Equine Park 's Aeon ( former JJ) shopping centre. Parking is still free, quite a small JJ, 2 stories but I quite like it. It's organic section is larger than the one in Bukit Raja. I was able to buy millet and quinoa, no amarith and I forgot to buy rye and no spelt either, I just have to make do with what I have..

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Insurance Drama

Monday tired. Eyes still red. Decided not to put in the eye drops as my eyes became worse. Mum suggested that i tried the habatussauda and yemen honey. Oklah..I have tasted habatussauda before and I have tried dad's yemen honey. Boss not around went to India. Found out loads of work mainly tax. Sigh. Kakak and adik ponteng.

Tuesday I'm allright tho my right leg is giving me problems. Especially when driving and sujud. And also I found something that made my blood boil. My car was insurance cancelled effective from March 06. &**%%& X insurance!!

Storynya camni.. All the years I have been using Lon Pac car insurance with the Satria. So when I bought the Gen2 I referred Lon Pac for the NCD. Yelah dah bertahun driving, sure NCD banyakkan. In March I received a letter from X insurance saying I short paid them the NCD amount. Of course I don't want to pay , I should have a some NCD. It was 55% the last time I renewed. I know it goes down every year that I don't renew so it might be less than 55% but some sort of a deduction should be there. Apparently the last year I renewed was not with Lon pac. I went to this Nilai insurance agent and she did not use lon pac. I thot she did. But never fear lon pac had my records, after all these years and they said my NCD was with Royal Sun ( of which they informed this x company). I called Royal Sun, but unlike Lon Pac, they can't fax confirmation of NCD over to me, X insurance has to write in to them. Then on the 28th April I received a policy from X with 55% NCD. I thot well banyak jugak NCD aku ni and dah settle upanya. Then on tueday I received arefund from X insurance saying they've cancelled my insurance since March and informed the Pengarah JPJ.

What the....

I fumed ...., wrote nasty letter to X company and decided to go to Nilai agent for insurance. I wanted to cover from now to end of the year so that I can do the road tax together. Expensive she said. I wouln't be able to use my NCd as it was less than a year. In the end she calculated with reduction of NCD 25% comes to around 1k plus. What!!!

and there will be a diffrent timing of the road tax bla bla bla.. Complicated.

Meanwhile, X insurance apologised and after investigating, said I have like 38% NCD from Royal Sun and Id have to return them the refund cheque and pay around 400. That's more like it. And I don't have to worry about timing of the road tax. Phew...

Itulah dia the insurance drama. Not covered since March dahlah bawak keta daily from Sepang Shahlalam...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Auditioning for pontianak harum Sundal Malam

I've got the Conjuctivitis. Excellent substitute for Maya Karin Eye double - without the contact lense, and I even have the streaming of tears bit and more thingy (may be irrelevant to the script unless you want to portray the vampire freshly awake) in the corner of my inner eye. Pontianak Sundal Malam, the movie acted by Maya Karin, regarding a female vampire.

I was given medical leave from Wednesday onwards. And I had the package, high fever with sore throat that seemed to go on for ages. I usually have my remedy of honey, lemon ,vitamin C ,ginger and two days tops it'll go back to normal but this time around the thingy came with a vengence. I recovered from fever in just about two days last fortnight, then Qisty had her bouts of fever then I got this, triple of what I got from last fortnight.I threw in everything in the mug fresh ginger, fresh garlic, fresh onion, lemon, honey, aloe vera..nothing worked. Finally on Saturday, no fever but my eyes were still red.

Altho having fever I had to finish the girls' dresses, hoped no one scrutinise the sewing as my eyes sekali sekala went blur.


Added ribbons at the waist, near collar and sleeves.

Sunday, Izan's wedding was spectacular . Mak Buntat is really a good wedding planner. The Hall was beautifully decorated. Lots of Sundal Malams, white frangant lilys, jasmine, roses, daisies, crysanthemums. Izan wore a beautiful dress with a train like the late princes diana. I'll story you about that later, got to catch up with work but let me post photos of of two beautiful daughters.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Monday Blues

Monday morning rasa macam malas nak bangun, tak cukup tido as Qisty was still feverish. Had to give her fever medicine at 3 am. Maybe I should be the Nurefen thingy just for minum malam, then mama would have uninterrupted sleep till six. Solah malas.. I had to alter like three agreements, which put me further to sleep. Bought bread at apekebende BHP, Boustead's Petrol?, wanted to buy toast'em tapi tak ada had to make do with just plain wholemeal bread. This weekend nak try to do sourdough, if I can finish the flower girl dresseslah. No mood even to eat lunch, so kirim instead laksa, which taste oklah but I would prefer it to be more sour. Wanted papaya but they didn't sell 'em today, so had guava and mango instead.

Reached home at around 6.45pm. Wanted to do T-tapp but was distracted with the dresses so spent time on them instead. Managed to finish embellish adik and kakak's. Will start on the other two today.

Today, feeling ok. Qisty's fine. No fever. Mama also woke up refreshed. Went down stairs to roast beef. Then mandi, subuh buat PBS a bit and went downstairs to cut lettuce, make blackberry smoothie, potong sengkuang , did kakak and adik's hair and got in car.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Congratulations Izan and Husin

Picture taken from izreen's fotopages.
Clockwise, Johan, Adik, Kakak, Sophia, Nadine, Sara, Dahlia.

Izan's wedding

Friday nite

Called Dh and reminded him that we have to go to Ampang tonite as Izan's nikah at 11 in the morning. He said he has a meeting at 6.30pm so lambat sikit. I busied myself altering kakak's lime green dress for Izan's nikah.. Teruknya workmanship, I hope nobody belek the dress. I had to shorten like about12 inches.. yelah baju budak 11 years old and she's quite short for a 9 year old. Did a few ribbon flowers for their flower girl dress and got ready the dresses they were suppose to wear tomorrow.


Woke up early and went with mum to buy breakfast. Woke DH up and readied the kids. Qisty still has fever and refused to take her medicine. We thot of going at 10 but Qisty had poo. After washing her and put her in her lime green organza beaded baju kurung ( saje nak emphasise sebab what happen next..), she threw up all over her dress. Luckily mum found a brown beaded strap dress. Dah lari colour scheme.. Reached there the akad nikah was on and ustaz was giving a sermon.

Izan looked lovely in her dress. The pelamin was very nicely done and so was the hantaran. Shila and I discussed about the flower girl dresses and found fresh ideas on a dress worn by another girl.

Qisty altho sick was very active. She couldn't stay in a spot. While everybody was watching the bersanding ceremony she went in and out from one end and to another. After a while she slept on the couch, tired I supposed. Collected toll from the best man at the door, then watched the ambo2, whre mak mas threw coins and chocolates. Kakak got RM2.50, banyaknya, wondered if some of them are Dahlia's, since she lost hers.

Got back and left DH asleep at mak buntat's.He missed the bersanding ceremony typical... when consuming nasi minyak. Ida and I worked on kakak and adik's hair. Adik's curl was lovely, Ida did a wonderful job and adik was very happy with her hair. she calls the perm-.. style pronounce as sty -yel. Kakak's hair was equally nice but looked frizzy , maybe because her hair is finer than adik's.

Then I was overcame with a tremendous migraine. I couldn't eat. Put in a spoonful of rice and it went all out. Plus Qisty has high fever and wanted to be in my arms. Si tembam.. after a while penat jugak. Mak buntat called for supper. Had to decline but DH, kakak and adik went. Qisty and I went to sleep.


Worked on the ribbon flowers. Taught Tin, brother amy's maid how to do it. She was relaively quick with it and the flowers were nicely turned out too. I was not bothered about the size of the flower, it is handmadekan. Had to go to the clinic as Qisty's fever medicine dah habis and she has a whole lot of other illnes such as diarrhea, red eye and complained of stomach ache since last night. While I was gone Tin did quite alot of them flowers and I had to add just another two to make it 40.

At around 4 Shila came over and we mulled over how to arrange the flowers and sewed on two samples. The dresses were transformed. Mak Buntat came with two other dresses from Husin's side.

At around 9 went back to Sepang. Dh stayed up to watch the finals. I couldn't sleep, worried about Qisty's fever.


Kakak and adik didn't go to school, mum too tired to wake up early to send them.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Qisty has high fever.

Since yesterday Qisty has fever. Quite high judging from the warmth of her forehead. My Dad has reminded me a few times to buy a thermometer. My sis, Ida has the one where you poke in the ear, very the canggih, even some doctors in clinic used the strip thermometer My brother amy has a similar one as well. Me entah bila nak beli. (eh lupalak yg the ones I usd for making soap hahaha)

Yesterday morning around three, I gave her (Qisty) the nuerofen apakebende, cepat jugak the fever went down. Stayed up a few times tried to bring down her fever with a wet towel, in the end bagi ubat aje. At about 6.30 had to get up but was really sleepy. Grabbed something to wear and suddenly Qisty sat upright and asked..mama pakai baju princess ( any long dress is considered a princess dress). I carried her down, and when kakak and adik readied to go to school, Qisty too put on her shoes. In the end I took her along. When we reached kakak's school, she wanted to get down as well. At adik's school we got out. Had to wait for the principal to pay for the fees. She seemed active, mama had to spent the day at work feeling sleepy.

Last night her fever tinggi jugak lagi. Slapped on the cool fever thingy on her forehead and fell asleep. At about 12 woke up to find her still watching Rapunzel with the cool fever thingy missing. Gave her another dose of the fever medicine and insisted that she wear the cool fever thingy. Susahnya nak convinced. In the end she said ok.

Yesterday went to pharmarcy to buy the some cream ,hairspray and curlers to set kakak and adik's hair. Did Tina's even. But the hair went limp and sticky

Today went to JJ, thot of buying the hot curlers thingy bought perm solution instead.. Phoned Ida for a date to perm.

Funny things: Jasin MP wanted to buy compresor mercedes but didn't get what he wanted and bad mouth the customs. Funny man. Wonder why we have this kind of MP putting his needs first above all macam budak tak dapat his favourite toy.

World Cup.. Italy vs France. Rooting for France. DH before the quarter finals said that he would be rooting for the Italian, I thot Italy? no way.. tiba2 kalahkan Germany the team I thot would win the World cup.

Also panicking about the dresses the girls are going to wear at Felda Perdana. and their head dress. And I've got to shorten kakak's baju kurung for tomorrow. Wah!!

Just now I wore the ring that is suppose to betray my emotion. It went blue on me indicating that I'm stressed or depressed or something. I thot..benda ni menipu.. now I'm not so sure.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Soap Opera and kakak’s 9th bday.


Spent the whole day making soap. Went out for last minute soap ingredient and mould shopping. Bought a rectangular mould and palm oil. I have bought some cute shaped moulds but I‘d probably use them once the soap is cured, as it won’t be caustic then.

I have read the instructions like a hundred times and from different sources. Must remember the most important points – Not to pour water into lye and oils into lye as it may explode. Must wear goggles and gloves.

First measured water and poured into a jug. Next measured lye and poured into water. Then take the temperature of the lye water. Measured Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil and non organic Palm oil. Difficult to get Palm Organic Oil here at least certified ones.. how sad and we are producing palm oil. Heated up the oils and as it got to around 60c , leave it to cool. When the oils and lye water reached to about 40c combined them. Stirred them. And stirred , showed light trace. Stirred again sampai naik bosan. Read the instruction that it can take days with vegetable oils. Didn’t want to spend the weekend stirring as had to go to mum at night. Read further, two methods to hasten, either use a handblender, which I don’t have or cook it to get the ‘trace ‘ that I want , which should look pudding like. Cooked it I did. It did look like pudding.

Then as I removed it from the heat they separate, the oil and the soap like thingy.. help… I read other sources on tracing. Some advise pouring the fragrance and super fatting oils anyway and pour into the mould.. So I put a bit of sunflower oil for moisturizing properties, argan oil for antioxidant, Vitamin E for preservative and 10% Bulgarian rose otto for that heavenly smell. And poured them in the mould. Yikes Mould too big.. Hahaha..had to use Tupperware instead. Darn should have bought a smaller one instead, tapi tak pandai agak. Note to self, buy a stick blender.

Went to parents’ house. Dad watched football , malehlah tengok England lawan apakebende Portugal ni, so tido. DH dah berdengkur. At about 3, DH went to the toilet terjaga. A few minutes later had to go to the loo but he was still in there therefore went out. Then tossed and turned a few times, decided to join abah to watch Brazil and France, my first world cup ever. Enjoyed the game, was rooting for ze French. Brazil mmg tak ada taring. In the end French won.


Woke up at about 8. Ye awalnya.. went to Pasar to buy ingredients for nasi lemak and cooked the sambal sotong. After breakfast dah sleepy giler. Had to shout at the kids a few times for being noisy. Later went to Ampang Point to buy kakak’s bday dress.Nini and atuk bought for kakak a dress and apair of jeans and t-shirt, I bought a 12 ringgit K mart dress and a T-shirt for her. Dresses yg lain tak berkenan, have to buy her dress lain for birthday dress. Or maybe make her one. Entah bilalah dia nak dapat if I were to make her one. Bought her chocolate cake, and a magic kit, balloons panjang yg clown use and a book on how to shape the balloons and also a Art attack book.

At about 4 Kakak cut the her cake.
Spent the evening jadi clown shaping balloons into poodles, rhino, giraffe. The kids enjoyed it. Cooked nasi Briyani using the package bought from my clerk. Shila and family arrived. Showed her my plans with the flower girl’s dresses. Ate nasi briyani.. Went home.

Demam. Went to clinic, picked up the girls sleep.

Demam. Same as the day before.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Belated birthday dinner

On Tuesday DH brought us out for dinner at an English pub in Cyberjaya. Funny 3 years spent in UK, I've never been to a pub, now like 15 years later, ( my god has it been like 15 years since, well not exactly, went there in 1998 for a few days), went to an English pub in Cyberjaya. We had tenderloin. DH was dissapointed that they didn't have T- bone.last time he'd go there he said..mine too judging on the saltiness of the thingy. It was reasonably priced compared to San francisco steakhouse, i first thot tapi upanya comelnya steak dia. I prefer San francisco Steakhouse. The steak at the Pub was extra salty, the brown sauce was salty and so was the french fries. Could feel my stomach bloat.

Read in the Star today that they banned paper plane in a school in uk. Kelakar.. takut masuk mata katanya..papers must be extra sharp.

Foodwise I have improved since the weekend in Sepang, where I had three days of nasi lemak sponsored by dear Mashita. I made sure I woke up early to do T-tapp every morning. I've decided to stop tapping for two days and restart again tomorrow..just give the body a rest as I was constantly sleepy for the past few days. Today I feel ok.

Yesterday I overate Almonds, u just can't stop munching the thingy. And started to feel the cylone in the body and the migraine 'aura'. Went out and bought honey ginger, halia sira with gula. Sedap. Then went burping all evening. Great !!
Here's a few facts about ginger:

1. Prevent vomiting.
2.Prevent migraine- I can vouch to this.
3. fight off colds and discharge mucus and help boost immune system- I can vouch to this.. Last few years I have been drinking ginger tea every day and when the whole family had flu, I did not get it at all.
4.scientists discovered that ginger's antibiotic qualities killed the salmonella bug in test-tube trials
5.tonic for digestive disorders and the female reproductive system
6.ginger has an effect on blood clots that is similar to that of aspirin.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Japanese GT chicks

I am solah sleepy today. Been working for a week in a row. from like 7.30 in the morning to 8.30 in the evening. Suppose today half day. I need to get some sleep.
Sunday was all right. Penat but went to see the formation lap. Ambik gambor japanese chicks, and cars. Enjoyed it. Meeting with the stewards went ok as well. Support race finished early but since the person who was suppose to help with the main race had an eye infection had to stay till 8.30. Don't know if I should work during other race, since my leave are all spent working with SIC. Photo I managed to send from my handphone to my email..(hehehe baru tau boleh buat ni..kahkah techno savvy.. dah guna about 2 years and about to get a new phone baru pandai guna).. mm ok jugak since it is only vga. Would have posted more tapi tak arrive lagi at the mail box.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Japanese Gt Support Race

Have not been blogging as busy with registration of the Japanese Gt Support Race. I'm the secretary of the meeting for the Support Race. Solah many categories. We have Super 16, Supersaloon, Supercars, Classic cars, Formula Renault, Formula V6 and Integra Cup. A total of 142 entries. Phew!! The registration was at the support Paddock with monoxide fumes all around. Short of breath and went back with a splitting headache. People do commit suicide with monoxide gas. Was also sleepy, maybe effect from the monoxide gas(?) that I did hoe down infront of the toilet. Was caugt by a person, who probably thot I was bonkers. All in all it has been ok. One day to go.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bitten by the Tze tze fly

Yesterday I was so sleepy that I couldn't open my eyes. I thot I'd probably go to sleep as soon as I reached home. But then I was preoccupied with the dvd on sewing received from Amazon. I wondered whylah lambat sampai. The stamp on it said that it was released by customs on June 6th. The courier boy said it was at the reception for days. Reviewed the first tape and half of t he second. oklah..many things that you cannot get just from reading a sewing book tapi her voice is so monotonous rasa like falling asleep. Next is paying for the pattern or buy other patterns which are similar to the one she taught.

After maghrib did Basic plus, my fourth day yesterday. oklah ..I tried to torque a bit more, deeper KLT.

Today I am less sleepy, tho I kept waking up every half and hour in the morning. Tried a few bajus and lost the track of time. ( fascinated that I can wear dresses I can't wear two weeks ago) I'm losing inches but my weight did not budge. I'm ok with that as muscles do weigh more than fat.Went downstairs to drink LLC. Went down after bath dah lambat. Blended the black berry smoothie terlupa minum, lemon juice.

On the way to work hujan lebat giler. In the office the temperature was even worse. I don't know why we must have US climate inside the office as well. Tho it is probably less cold in US now.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Kenduri Arwah

On Saturday after work, I went to Justlife and bought rosa damascena essential oil. Best giler bau dia.. Even tho it's diluted it is still good. Reached home and made perfume oil with it. Mix it with Argan oil and pour it into the empty bottle of camelia oil I bought from rosayfruta. Next pour argan oil plus a bit of myrrh essential oil, frankinese, grapefriut essential oil and the rose for my antiageing serum. Smelled heavenly. Put the rose oil in my liquid soap too. Sampai ampang received a bouquet of roses from Shila. Beautiful bouquet. I must say my birthday this year from head to with rose. Best giler. Rushed to make trifle for tomorrow.

Morning, went down finished the final part of the trifle. Went with mak and adik to buy breakfast. Had tosay and tomato chutney best betul. At about 12, guest started to come for the kenduri arwah of my late aunty. Ok jugak.. as there were cousins I haven't seen in ages, ada a few with even grand daughters/sons. My dad said he has at least a hundred gransons/daughters. It is good that we have the get to gether which we don't get often nowadays since so many have moved away from linggi. Menu was masak lemak cili padi daging salai ( absolutely yummy, my fave), Ikan bakar, sambal mangga, ikan masin, sayur campur. makan semua!! Bila lagi.. then after 30 minutes rushed upstairs to do hoe downs.

I wanted to do basic plus in the evening , tak jumpa bilik free. So I have to add an additional day to it. On saturday I reread this article on hoe downs..

Hoe Downs seem to blast the blues away, as well as increase mental clarity. Many women have also reported that Hoe Downs seem to help control hormonal mood swings often experienced with PMS and menopause. Preliminary testing has also shown that Hoe Downs can effectively drop glucose levels quickly. Test results verified an average drop in glucose from 62 to 85 points upon completion and an average rate up to 100 points at 10 minutes post completion. Talk about a sugar buster! But even though Hoe Downs can help patients with diabetic concerns, they're also great for anyone who wants to burn off excess glucose before it converts to fat.

Met Etty's mum who commented that I've lost weight and look good. Asked me what I did I told her I did fat flush and ate organic whenever I can..
At night, brother amy said, his mum in law always compliment people she meets by saying they look slimmer.. Amy ni mmglah..

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Big day

Didn't blog yesterday. Busy layaning the auditors..yeah they are still here. Exercise wise I'm on schedule, makan wise ok except that I still eat sambal ikan bilis, now and then..

Why is today a big day, well I'm a year older. Camtu jugaklah..have to work today as the admin exec scheduled my saturday duty next Saturday, but I promised SIC I'll be work for them for Japanese GT.. Additional pocket money kan.. so I exchanged with a colleague of mine. So far it's been quiet today. I didn't go into my room sebab no air cond on Saturday and Usually sat duties angkat phone aje..better dok luar at the customer service's desk copek sikit. And it is less stuffy luar ni. Rasanya boleh balik cepat today.

I'm thnking of going to the Justlife Organic shop to get the rosa damascena essential oil. I just love it. Tho expensive, it smells heavenly. Getting it today will be cheaper as the store gives an additional 10% discount on b'days. I also have to get the cranberyy juice, nearly finishing mine, and also kalau cukup spirulina..

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Redoing T-tapp and Jessica Simpson

Yesterday, went straight home from office..well I stopped by Petronas, minyak tak ada so decided to try their Primax 3. Wow.. I can feel the difference.. lagi smooth and laju.( I'm not advertising for Petronas, selama ni pun dok guna Esso because it's near and also because I can exchange points for minyak..)
But by the time sampai umah still around half seven, do magrib then did T-tapp Basic plus. ( basic plus is just 20 minutes as opposed to 30-45 minutes I usually do) I'll try to do the basic plus for at least 7 days in a row and the every other day. Plannyalah..

Last night supposed to go to pasar malam but at 9 DH called and said he'd be late.. pukul 9 baru call kalau awal lagi dah makan dah.. Anyway had squid with lettuce plus a bit of sambal bilis.. (can't resist them) Pagi semalam had black berry smoothie, macam masam sikit daripada other berries.

This morning heard on hitz how jessica simpson asked Pamela Anderson How did you guys run so slowly in the show's opening scene. You know, where you're running down the beach?" Anderson, who played the CJ Parker in the long-running series, was rendered speechless, but after an awkward silence, patiently explained: "It was shot in slow motion. I was laughing out loud, I think the drivers around semua ingat something wrong with this woman.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tailors ,Restarting bar method , T-tapp and fat flush

I was suppose to start again last Monday but Monday had an appointment with an ex colleague at the Masjid KLIA. She returned the smocking books and magazines borrowed. When I came back it was almost half seven and abandoned the idea. Actually I could have done maghrib and do it then, but browsed the books instead. Then I tried to do the ribbon thingys and CSI was on, that was that.

Yesterday, Went to Alam Sentral, wanted to go during lunch time but it was raining cats and dogs , so went in the evening instead. Picked out a tailor that I thot would not be expensive, based on the look of the shop. Ada pulak she asked me whether I've sent to them before and that I know what her charges would be. Eksyen nye.. Apparently they were not the actual tailor, org tengah aje, patutlah weird semacam suruh I try contoh baju aje. Sebab maleh nak pi anywhere else, actually I should as there were so many tailors there or I could have gone to the tailor one floor below. Funny thing is she asked me how much I think it'll cost, I told her the rate the tailor quoted. And she said did I sent to kedai biasa2.. I told her tailor kat bawah.. Where is the PR of this people? I should have just walked out.

I could have sent the fabric to Catherine, the tailor I had since I was small ( she looked exactly like she did dulu..pompuan ni makan apa entah). Tapi her tailoring sometimes inconsistent especially during raya time, but other times more than ok. Her designs are also ok. except that she sometimes need PR course too. If you've gained weight she'd comment, ada ke sekali she commented someone's tush bigger than her mother, dahlah mengamuk kawan. The amount tailors nowadays charge you'd think, baik you jadi tailor aje..

Hantar baju to tailor, went to Cold storage for my blueberries, black berries. I found out that the blackberries in one large box was cheaper than the small box. Apa lagi.. Beli berries ni bukan apa, I thot since I'm missing some of my fav food, I'd splurge on something nutritious, exotic and tasty. Balik dah kul 9, tengok desperate housewives then tido. Sempatlah jump sekejap on t he rebounder, tho my kids joined in and dah ...

Foodwise, I 've been ok.
Monday brought jikama aka sengkuang to nibble on, mushroom omelette. Tapi dok munch sengkuang, suddenly it was lunch time, so went out to buy to buy ayam percik ayam kampung with barely covered kuah, lots of sayur and sambal ikan bilis..I know I've got to ditch the sambal ikan bilis but I love my sambal. Half way thru dah kenyang. Had the omelette for dinner.
Tuesday, brought more sengkuang and raspberry smoothie for breakfast and snack. Finished them at 11 am. At 12, went to get ikan percik and lots of sayur with a bit of sambal belacan..sambal belacan is a better alternative to sambal oil. Dinner had my favourite dish, the ceasar salad and grilled chicken at Nando's. Best and pedas giler.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Things to do for izan's wedding

1. Hantar baju tailor- must do it today..sibuk kita org lain kahwin kita pun nak melawa.
2.Flower girls' dress trimmings..I've bought ribbons and while watching CSI yesterday tried to do flowers out of them.
3. headress for flower girls must try to find headband and decorate it with bunga stokin and/or ribbons

Diet Challenges

I find it difficult to find food that is reasonably healthy to eat in Malaysia.
1. Nasi Lemak.. Who created this nasi lemak. It is such a delicious food. Coconutmilk rice, coupled with sambal tumis ( combination of santan and sambal tumis ni mmg mengancam, try curry with sambal belacan/tumis..potent combination , air liur pun meleleh.) fried anchovies, fried peanuts and cucumber or the kangkung - for 197 g it has 297 calories.
2. Roti Canai.. Luckily I tak suka this oil laden food. Made from white flour , soaked with oil and fried with oil- for41g ( 1 portion) -122 calories , curry-330g 450 calories well may be 40 g, about 2 tablespoon with roti canai around 60 g you'll have this curry. Dhall curry 153 g 121 calories
3.Bubur nasi- Chicken porridge.595 g 211 calories.
4.Curry puff- white flour with chicken curry filing -wow this small thing is packed with it..246 calories. for one portion.
5.Pisang goreng- Fried banana fritters coated with flour- Once upon a time, when I was in my teens I love this thing.( still do but..1 piece 197 calories. )
6.Jemput Pisang - Banana plus flour and fried made into small balls-1 piece 220 calories baik makan nasi lemak at least kenyang.
7. Capati - I love this thingy tho1 piece 144 calories with curry ( 2 table spoon) 60 cal. Maybe if you make it yourself the cal will be less as it is only made with wholemeal flour and water( dah lama tak buat )

Tu dia.

Blom lunch lagi.. So difficult to get a decent lunch without it being packed with oil- Go to the malay foodstall and there will be a spread of dishes with like 2 inches of oil on it. even vegetable soup. You want to eat salad and you'll like have to pay so much of it when, if you make it it'll cost 1/4 of the price if of course you have t he time.

Have you ever wondered why you consume the same amount of stuff, if not lesser than you did in your teens but you are gaining weight like nobody's business. Here is why accoording to researches.

1. Men/women after age of 35 gain 1 pound of fat due to muscle loss caused by inactivity which cause drop in metabolism.

Muscle decrease, Metabolism decrease fat increase. Increase metabolism fat decrease.

how to increase metablosm:
. Don’t skip meals
Skipping meals causes metabolism to slow down, as the body burns fewer calories to compensate for a reduced food intake. Additionally, eating food helps you to burn calories, since the body uses energy for digestion. Research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that the more frequently people ate-that is, the greater the number of eating occasions, the lower the risk for obesity. ( but of course choose the less fat variety)
This is why of course people who diet without exercising gain what they lost and more when they start to eat normally. reduce intake reduce metabolism reduce muscle.
2. Include protein with each meal and snack
Protein can help to keep metabolism at an optimal level, especially on a weight loss diet. Protein sources including fish, poultry, dairy and eggs contain leucine, an amino acid that may play a role in preserving muscle mass during weight loss, which ultimately helps to keep metabolism at full speed. Try to include at least 20 grams of protein with each meal.
3. Try drinking green tea
Research from Switzerland has shown that individuals who consume green tea extract, in combination with caffeine, have a 4% increase in metabolic rate. (Those consuming only caffeine did not experience any change in metabolism). Catechins are chemicals in green tea that are thought to be responsible for changes in metabolism.
4. Start pumping iron
Lifting weights helps to build more muscle mass, and muscle is more metabolically active (burns more calories) than fat. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn throughout the day, even when you are not exercising.
5. Or do /yoga/bar method/pilates or any other exercise which increase lean and long muscle mass by exhausting the muscle fibers without bulking.
6. Aerobics is good for burning fat but doing it alone will not increase muscle.

There easier said than done. Now to start doing it

Monday, June 12, 2006

So lah Sleepy

I am so lah sleepy today. DH came in late to sleep last night entah buat apa in front of the computer. I for one will wake a few times at night sampai dia masuk. I always have that problem. To make matters worse, one of the lights was on. Grr..

Kakak and Adik won't be going to school today as DH had to go to Singapore for two days. Dapat extended school holiday pulak. Must call the maid not to cook tonite. Ok jugak at least taklah i meratah benda2 mengarut.. Anyway I've got to do at least some form of fat flush this two weeks.

Also must do Bar method today.

Saturday and Sunday happenings


Maid wanted to go to to Kuantan to see her brother. Told her off for twice failing to come back on time. Selalu come back on Monday and menyusahkan semua org. Told her if she didn't come back on Sunday, will not allow her to ever go to Kuantan again.

Planned to go skating at Sunway Pyramid with BIL, Shila and family. They picked Kakak and Adik from my parents and went to Ablen's (mimi's bertandang). Dh had to work so stayed with Qisty. Jahit Dahlia's surprise b'day dress. Qisty was bored.. dah lah tu main mama ( moi nose up the sewing machine since 8 am, determined to finish the dress). Abandoned the idea of giving daya the dress, upanya awful giler... Qisty has taken a liking for it tho..yelah tak nampak senget2 jahitan mak dia..I don't know why I keep doing it tho..I 'll get it right.. I hope..( meranapkan a few fabrics on the way)

Dh came back around 5 something and rushed to Sunway Pyramid. There was a construction therefore had to make a u turn and parked at the Masjid and climbed the jejantas with Qisty.
Rushed to Parkson to buy Dahlia a dress hahaha..Daya sure glad I bought the dress rather than sew one. Semua went skating. Adik and kakak had to hold the sides while I entertained qisty who wanted to go in. Finally distracted her by buying her corn in a cup. Later went to Mc Donalds with Lana. Lana asked me about being on diet.. I told her weekend tak diet. Actually I was on the binge for the whole week entah kenapa.. I have this lets gain what you've lost week. I 've got to restart on Monday.

Then suddenly Qisty went missing. Lana and I searched at the playground area of mc D tak ada panik jugak.. suddenly Lana lari. Apparently she was near the car park exit ready to go out. Ish geramnya. I was so angry with her that I scolded her and pinched her a few times. She didn't cry but have this bersalah look on her face. Semua org pandang, anak kena abuse. Panic betul. Thank you so much lana for running after her. Mcmmana she got off tak perasan as we were busy sorting out who is to carry which bags. She was suppose to be in her push chair. Lain kali kena tengok her, lantak pi the bags. How she could have walked that far beats me..I would have thot she'd be at the playground area.. Pandai aje budak ni..

Cooked nasi lemak. Went out to shop for zip. The zip I used for baju-daya-bagi-tina too small. Bought entah apakebende like threads, more storage for my sewing thingys, and another of my favourite instrument- the seam ripper..hahaha..I have to have and extra one, in case the current one goes's the current most used instrument. DH said he wanted to go to Nilai 3, while waiting sewed kakak's almost finished dress from Damansara Perdana class.

At about 6 the maid came back. We went out to Nilai 3 to search for qisty's rocking horse. Jumpa..lah tak payah pi jauh2.. found gorgeous teak four foster bed...I don't know why I have this thing for four posters, and a few things on my want list. I told DH I want to create a sewing corner in the room and want to get a new table. But didn't find any yg boleh fit that particular corner, not that I have the budget for it this month.

Friday, June 09, 2006

8th June - Date for birthdays and anniversaries

So fixated was I with my anniversary, I forgot to wish Iji, the second in the family, who turned thirty five yesterday. Happy Birthday Iji!! And also it is my brother Amy, (the fourth and youngest and Etty's 4th anniversary). 8th June is really a popular date in our family. Iji always say that his b'day is eclipse by our anniversaries. Sorrylah iji. I actually sms him at 9 last night.

DH planned to take me to see Da vincci Code last night, but I was reluctant, yelah 2 hours plus movie and the next day have to go to work. So we went to San Francisco Steakhouse instead with Qisty.

Let me tell you about our first date. We went to Bangsar Shopping centre, Restoran Rasa Utara. I had my contact lenses on and my eyes was watery. Dh said I winked at him and that did it. From that day on, he came down all the way from Johor every Friday and went back on Sunday night until the day we married. Tu dia.. I pun terkejut.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

10th Anniversary

I can't believe we've been married for 10 years. Let me story you our courtship..yelah sempena anniversary nikan.

We met through Shila and mak buntat's effort. Of course I have met Epi, BIL, whenI was in UK. I always had some minor diagreement with him on little things like Natwest business hours and the Southern line of the underground.. both occasion I was right as I went banking at Nat west at the time he said it closed and I always use the Southern line to see my friend zi but Epi tak nak mengaku salah.

I even met Daus there, Shila said said he had chicken pox and Epi sd no, it turned out shila was right.

At the time my mum was worried dok menjaja to everyone she met to find me a boyfriend, punyalah malu macam tak laku.. Aunty Leha match makekan I with this 31 yr old guy, muka boleh tahan, he called and we met at Pizza Hut. On the phone he putihkan, as if, even if I was ugly, if I was fair somehow it'll be bearable..ade ke.. Yucks..

Anyway, he was intimidated that I was a manager ( tak tau ke company comel), and an accountant. His background was advertising. Paling I tak suka mamat yg tak ada self-confidencei. The next morning, he brought me to see his family. Dekat betul rumah dia, dekat Jalan Kolam Air lama belakang SPCA aje. Alamak..Must have succumbed to my charms..but it was way too fast for me. After that we met a few times. I was busy at the time, new job and also the accounts was messy so I had to work on public holidays even, so I had to decline a few dates ..dia marah .. he said my work is much more important than him..Lepas tu.. Sorrylah... Nobody can control my life like that..dahlah tak ada apa2, So I ended it. He wanted the photograph back, eh(?) apparently he has given a photograph to aunty Leha which I have never seen.

After that I met this Internal audit guy, ( whose colleague I met recently at Mimi's wedding, aunty Rokiah's sedara), who seemed interested but punyalah penyegan nak talipon. After coming to my parents house lagilah..( I had two other guys who backed out after coming to our house-who thot our house was big). Always I had to be the one making the calls. At the time Epa and I dated, I stopped calling him, fed up dah, taulah partner of an accounting firm, takkan tak boleh spare time. When I gave him the wedding invitation, one of his ex colleague came down from MISC, told me he was really crushed. Too badlah kan, sampai bila nak jadi macam tukul and pahat.

Dates with Epa(DH), let me tell you honestly, boring giler..Sorry sayang!! The first question he would ask, never fail is, Siapa ada kat rumah. After a few dates rasa macam nak jerit kat dia. I heard Uncle Mail lent DH, shirts to wear and even iron them Thank you uncle Mail. Once he smelled lika mak buntat..sebab silap ambik perfume..hahaha. Masa tu jugak I dapat chocolates and roses, sekarang tak ada lagi..

The first time I heard his voice, I thot he sounded like Epi..nak ke I jumpa, would he be as obnoxious as Epi was. When I met him..lah..compact version of Epi. Tho lacking charms he managed to capture my heart.

Through the 10 years I must say I was happy. Although material wise, anniversary pressie tak pernah dapat (only jewellery wedding ring and engagement ring) he surprised me in different ways. Thank you sayang!! (sorry kalau korang rasa macam nak muntah)..

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

666 Sign of the beast

Yesterday, 6th June 2006. New remake of The Omen was out yesterday. Yes I remember that movie, scared the living daylights out of me but too young to remember the story though.. maybe I should watch it. I don't like watching horror movies, I hate being terkejut. Malay horror movie I like watching, just to see whether it should have been categorised under comedy and whether it succeeds in making us scared .

This morning, Jay jay and Rudy of hitz fm talked about what happened yesterday. In US, a guy said if there is a god, then he would not be hurt and jumped into the lion's den..kena maul to death..Of course the lion was being a lion. In Philipines, the mummies there postponed the birth of their children takut nanti besor jadi mcm damian. Then jay jay and rudy asked the listeners what weird thing happened to them yesterday. Me.. I terlangsung the KLIA tol and went out Nilai's tol instead, cost 1.80 more and minyak almost nak habis ( just filled in 30 in the morning) Tsk tsk tsk.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Kakak's and adik's holiday trip and Mimi's wedding


In the morning tried to use my serger or the mesin jahit tepi which I bought eons ago but afraid to try. After dealing with the berbulu2 edges of kain which I actually hand hemmed like the old fashion baju kurung, I thot I have this machine which will make my life easier but why aren't I using it. So I experimented until finally after an hour or more, I got it right.

Kakak and adik packed their bags for a week with atuk and nini's. Dad just came back from Kelantan and bought us caftans, keropoks and the thai mattress thingy which cost around 50 ringgit in Kelantan as opposed to 120 in Yow Chuan.

Showed ida the pattern from the Ato Z ribbon emboidery and wanted to buy more ribbons at Cottage Patch tapi tutup pulak. Went to KLCC, bought two nightgowns for qisty and one each for kakak and adik. DH bought qisty new shoes. Qisty will not wear pyjama to sleep nowadays hence more for her. Speaking of nightgown, I nearly finished hers but I'll give to adik instead. She appreciate more. Next would be finishing kakak's dress which almost done from Damansara Perdana Class and project after, their dresses for Izan's wedding.

Had pizza for dinner to celebrate bro Iji's b'day which will coincide with Amy and My 10th anniversary.


Mimi's wedding. DH, Qisty and I arrived around 1. Kakak, adik and parents came later. Mimi looked radiant. Very beautiful dress she had on. Pictures from izreen's photopages .. Sigh.. wish I have camera to capture.. DH said I have to wait till July.

Planned to watch MI3 tapi dah tak tunjuk kat wayang. Parents in law at home, cooked kerabu mangga, pais.


Diarrhea- stayed at home..watched episodes 3-8 of the desperate housewife, 13 and one weird b movie on cheerleaders..jadi couch potato for a day.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lana's engagement photo

Curi dari hypersagichick.

E filing frenzy.

That time of the year again, where everyone does their income tax filing. Last year I managed to fill the tax form and asked a colleague to put it in the box for me. I got the form back as it was unsigned . This year as they have e filing I thot that it will be easier, I can do it at the comfort of my home/office plus bcoz they extended the date for e-filing. I went to register on the 28th April. The guy who registered for me offered to do it for me then since I have my EA forms with me, I told him I'll do it later as I wanted to study the thing.hehe wanted to get into the last minute frenzy. Last monday I set the alarm in my handphone to remind myself to do it. On Tuesday filled in the form and try to send but nothing happened. No message saying either way. Studied the FAQ and retried a few times but to no avail. Tried again yesterday sama jugak. In the end, saved it into my thumb drive ( thank heavens for thumb drives). printed out a copy, sign and went to LHDN Shah Alam.

I told them my problem and was ushered, along with I think 8 other persons, to the deputy director's room. We waited...after a while they told us the server was down and we could come later. No way I'm coming back at night, I've got to go back to Sepang. We suggested that they just take the soft copy instead and give us a receipt. I understand them having teething problems..Some guy was telling us that amazon usa handled like 20 million transaction a day.
After waiting for two hours, they finally said they'dl take a hard copy and issue out a receipt, I mean we can't wait the whole night waiting for the server to be up. Luckily I have a copy with me..

Then went to Alam Sentral and spent the hours exploring the mall. Sent a baju to the tailor, Bought fabrics for the girls.. hahaha yg kat rumah pun tak berjahit lagi, and a lime green baju moden for kakak, too big for her, I have to do alteration.

Next year I'll file the tax earlier..hahaha

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I always thot how lucky it is to be rich, beautiful, and successful. Nowadays I'd settle for happiness. I think we should be thankful for what we have and if we don't appreciate the moment/ day we would never be happy. I know someone who has a loving, generous husband, but always seemed unhappy. First she wanted a husband, she got one who doted on her, criticised her family for not including her in the wedding preparation. Next she wanted follow her husband to where her husband lives, I figured that's fair. When she moved, two weeks later she wanted to go back to her mum. Next she wanted a baby and moaned about it. Got herself a baby and then moaned about being bored and wanted a car. This woman will never be happy. Problem is she gives out negative vibes to her husband taking both her baby and husband down.

Looking at her, how good, generous and tolerant her husband is, I wonder what's with her. When she merajuk, the husband will always pujuk. Her husband planned to give her something for their anniversary , things some of us never get, she gets quite an allowance from her husband for staying at home.

My husband never realised when I merajuk so I never bother. He rarely give me anniversary pressie, allowance when I was a housewife. Missed my b'day..I would membebel but leave the house? No. I once told my colleague, my husband never gives me roses and he told me be thankful he never give me thorns. I am thankful I've got a loving husband absent minded /preocuppied/inattentive at times. I am thankful for the lovely three daughters that I've got, for our health and what we have. Alhamdulillah.

I found some poem of the net on Thankful.

Be Thankful
When you get what you want as your struggle for self
And the world makes you queen for a day,
Just go to the mirror and look at yourself,
And see what that woman has to say.
For it isn't your father or mother or husband
Who's judgement upon you must pass;
The person whose verdict counts most in your life
Is the one staring back from the glass.
She's the person to please,
never mind all the rest
,For she's with you clear up to the end.
And you've passed your most dangerous, difficult test
If the woman in the glass if your friend.
You may fool the whole world down the pathway of life
,And get pats on your back as you pass.
But your final reward will be heartache and tears
If you've cheated the woman in the glass.

Be Thankful
Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
Be thankful when you don't know everything,
for it gives you the opportunity to learn.
Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.
Be thankful for your limitations,
because they give you opportunities for improvement.
Be thankful for each new challenge
because it will build your strength and character
.Be thankful for your mistakes.
They will teach you valuable lessons.
Be thankful when you're tired and weary,
because it means you've made a difference

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


When I was an auditor, I always thot I wouldn't treat my fellow auditors badly. Hah! How can you not treat them badly. First they'll ask you stupid questions, and you know they've never done any accounting before, the stupidest question I was asked..Why is the 2005 opening balance different from the 2005 closing balance? What kind of question is that? What exasperated me today was one auditor asking for the same thing that an auditor asked yesterday which I have given to another colleague (who happened to be in the same room they are now) like last week. Grr..

Last year I had a huge quarrel with an auditor who asked me for a list of things which I've given bit by bit. Problem is she kept on asking for the things I have given her plus nagging me for t he things I haven't given her and not looking at the things I have given her. I was so angry that we had a shouting match...and my sister said I was too soft to the auditors..( she was an auditor for a longer time than I was)..


Don't feel well yesterday and today. Driving back from work I was really really sleepy. Did not do any exercise at all as too tired, (I have to do Bar Method today tho). Tertidur pulak tu.. after browsing IKEA catalogue. After dinner did my children's nail and taught kakak how to do cross stich. It looked ok, don't look behind, well I had to teach her how to get the basics right.

This morning had a really had time keeping my eyes open, it was raining heavily. As it was school holiday, I was able to wake up later than usual and prepared breakfast( blue berry smoothie) and lunch (Prawn Tomyam). Thot of doing rebounding but it was late so scrapped the idea.

On the way to work felt like nodding off until I heard from Hitz FM that they are planning to build Disneyland in Johor. Can we move to Johor? I always thot they should have done in Sepang next to the F1 circuit so that the father can go to watch F1 and the mum and kids can go to Disneyland. Actually I always thot they should have build Disneyland in Sepang rather than the circuit. At least you have people coming all year round rather than once a year but of course Malaysia get more recognition when they built the circuit.

We planned to go to Hong Kong disneyland in December but last Saturday, brother Amy said if we go in September he might join us. He originally planned to go to Gold Coast, 2nd trip, but would consider Hongkong. Sister Ida said she'll join us too and shelve her plan to go to the UK. All of course depends on DH and his project.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Birthdays celebration and Lana's engagement

Went to Chili's KLCC to celebrate Ida's, Tisya's Qisty's and mum's b'days. Have gotten the birthday kids pressie but not the org tuas. I have gotten my bday pressie from mum, very early considering her b'day is tomorrow and mine's in June.Bought three books from Kinokuniya my favourite bookstore. A book on soap making that I've been meaning to get from Amazon, nasib baik ada I checked with mph tak ada, a book on Ribbon Embroidery and and Inspiration magazine. Went to Toysr us to search for Tina's rocking horse, DH planned to buy tapi tak ada. I bought two 5 metres Thai silk low grade fabric, want to make the kid's dresses with them.. should have bought kakak's kain as well.

Went back to my mum's so that the kids can play. Tisya missed Qisty and Afiq missed kakak and turned atuk and nini's house upside down. Later evening went to Ampang Point to get Qisty's bottle teats. Dah ternampak the salt crystal lamp and quite reasonably priced, so far at Alamanda and Summit I saw ~ twice the price. Bought two. Bought ingredient for trifle from Giant. Balik Sepang around 10, and rush to the kitchen to do the trifle..susu just bought from Giant basi so had to use powdered milk instead.

Woke the girls and Dh up around 7. Prepared the Jelly for the trifle and rushed to Mak zah's. Minyak tak ada so kena pi Esso . Minyak Esso pun habis and had to drive all the way to Taman Tun with nearing empty tank. Reached at mak zah 20 minutes passed the agreed time. Mak Buntat's family, parents in law were there plus they've already started the yasin.

Lana looked so lovely. Her dress is so lah cantik..Very nice coulour- pink lilac. House was done up nicely.

Mak mas lost 8 kilos, wow.

Went to One Utama in search for Tina's rocking horse. Saw rocking fish, horse that Qisty thot looked like a dinosaur etc. Bought Kakak and Tina dresses. Bought coconut oli for the sabun. Went to Ikea and the Curve cari rocking horse lagi.. Tak jumpa. Came back around 9, parents in law and Ati dah lama sampai. Went to Bagan around 10. Camillia and I was really sleepy by then. Nasib baik today cuti sekolah.. Did not bother pack food for lunch. Too tired to wake up early..

Friday, May 26, 2006

Exasperating DH

This morning I woke up late and had to rush to send kakak to school, she has to be there before 7.30 or she'll have to stand in front of the whole assembly..stupid school..carilah different punishment.. anyway, I always feel stressed out in the mornings because of this. therefore I had to abandon the idea of making breakfast and lunch then. Sent them off to school and came back to prepare for breakfast , lunch and snack to bring to work. Made the cranwater , put egg in a pan of water to boil, make the raspberry smoothie, make the IGG plus for DH and rushed up to wake him up.

He drank the milk, went down to make his nescafe. I told him that he has to wait at least half an hour then drink the nescafe as the thing wouldn't work. With IGG plus you have to use room temperature water and plastic spoon. And he has to spoil it by drinking the hot nescafe.

Why the fuss you ask? Well he has been coughing for quite sometime and it was really loud, hard and sounded scary. ( he told me me that he thot, he has problem in the toilet, pulled a nerve probably, as result of coughing too hard. Naturally I am quite concerned and also because I have problem sleeping hearing him cough, (being a light sleeper). I rarely get cough or runny nose as I always either drink hot lemon, take honey or echinesea, or drown ginger tea on the on set of flu. For my kids when they do get them I'd burn essential oil in their room and give the IGG plus ( to boost their antibody). So I try to get Dh to take this thing.. but..sometimes I feel lantaklah..Like I ask him to stop smoking for a while until the cough stops..deaf ears..

Last year he warded as he had difficulty breathing, lying down. Stopped smoking for a while now he's back puffing the same amount of cigarette as before. With a scare like that, he still goes on smoking..what..he 'd stop when he can't breathe sitting up?