Friday, April 28, 2006

Lost 2 kilos

I have lost two kilos. And can wear the baju kebaya that the last time I wore ~ to the present work interview .. as I was getting out of the car, 5 top buttons opened, tight that it was. Today not one of the buttons opened. hehehe..
Does it take willpower to lose weight?May be it does.. I have been trying so the past month, getting the PDA, so that I could track my food intake and exercise(using the software My Personal Diet and My food training). I ate brown rice instead of white but still ate sambal tumis, an occasional masak lemak cili padi and nasi lemak..esp sambal tumis ikan bilis..cant resist 'em ikan bilis, but I was doing exercise 5 times a week(45-60 mins), aerobics plus weight. I could feel my muscle beneath those layers of fat, but it was slow. Slow but surely? I don't know. I was doing some form of fat flush, the 3rd phase without doing the 1st. Finally when my sister,Ida said she'd start.. now that i have a buddy, I started off, this time staying almost true to the programme while doing 20-45 minutes of T-tapp and a wonderful programme called The Bar Method. Teresa of T-tapp is in her 40s while Burr is in her late 50's they both look wonderful. I've had these (fat free and designer sculpting- bar method) tapes for ages bought them when I read review at collage video ( or at videofitness (, but restarted after recently rereading the review. I'd be itching for new videos/DVDs when reading reviews at collage or videofitness. How many have I got?..well I make an inventory list later. I love exercising to videos, it's like having life instructors ( t-tapp, bar method, the firm, pilates, yoga, belly dancing, latin dance) in front of you and I've got to have varieties or I'd get bored. Hence the collection. I've enrolled myself at gyms but I got bored..well the gyms in the jin bertendang Sepang are kinda small.. treadmills, a couple of steppers, bicycles, rowers, a few free weights ~ first few weeks oklah but after a while.. now which equipment do i start with today... is the change to the routine.. sorrylah no go.. perhaps if it has yoga, pilates, aerobic or tai chi.classes then it would be interesting. But, I'd prefer my own instructor..I can do whenever I please without having to really dress up for it.&. drive to it. How do I stick to the routine someone asked? Well first you've got to start slow.. If you've been sedetary, it's advisable to start slow, start with beginners programme and start with 20 minutes, then increase 10 minutes thereafter.. Creater of the Firm exercise videos suggest you aim for 3 times a week and gradually increase to 5-6 times a week. Aim for 20 and then 50 and then 100 exercises.. Once you've done it for like 25 times you'd get used to it and whenever you do not do it you'd feel lethargic. May be I sound like I'm preaching, sorrylah kekawan usually what I write here is like reminder to myself.. Yelah write it down, it'll stick to my brain or something.

Dieting.. I would advise if you follow well known nutritionist like Ann Gittleman of the Fat Flush, Dr Sears from zone diet, Dr Atkins, Dr Agatston's South Beach Diet or the man made, god made Diet from Teresa Tapp. You need to have some form of protein, carbo and fat, well balance instead of taking teh tarik in the morning with biscuits, and then lunch biscuit and dinner bread. Sugar in the teh tarik and biscuit will spike your blood sugar and by lunch time dah rasa ravenously hungry and consume more bread by dinner.

Why I chose fat flush.. Atkins I thot macam weird..yelah..all that fats and proteins and miss out fruit and good vegetables and legumes.
Zone is all right but you've got to maintain the protein, carbs, fat ratio 40%, 30%,30%, I found it tedious calculating the many blocks of protein , carb and fat,I know the rule of the thumb is one fist full of protein and three fistfulls of vegetables, but still.. calculating everymeal - breakfast, snack between breakfast and lunch, lunch, snack between lunch and dinner and then dinner.. phew.. I've tried this.. it's good but tedious.

South beach diet works on the idea that carbs cause weight gain, which is similar to the Atkins diet, however the South Beach diet does not eliminate carbs completely. It divides them into 'good' carbs (e.g. high fibre cereals, wheat breads) and 'bad' carbs (e.g. biscuits, pasta). 'Bad' carbs make you feel full temporarily, but cause your blood sugar levels to rise sharply. When they fall again they leave you feeling lethargic and hungry. The South Beach diet also differentiates between 'good' fats (monounsaturated) and 'bad' fats (saturated). You eat 3 healthy balanced meals a day and snacks are allowed, however, by eating the right kinds of foods you will feel fuller for longer. It is almost like Fat flush as it has three phases, but I've never tried this diet... may be read more about it. Sounds reasonable. Apparently Bill and Hilary tried this diet.

Teresa Tapp's easier, you eat god made food for 4 days and the next day man made and repeat. God made, everything..except potatoes and corn but no processed food, all natural.. meaning, sugar is no but honey is ok, no kicap, oil one teaspoon for every meal, no white rice but brown is ok, nothing processed, all in its natural form no white flour, white bread,.protein will be lean beef, chicken, fish etc... and the man made day you can eat everything pizza, hotdogs.., chocolates what ever your heart desire for that one day and back to god made . And you'll have to do T-tapp, the exercise. 14 days in a row and every other day, (EOD) thereafter if you want to lose 2 dress size, 7 days and EOD for one dress size and 4 days and EOD for maintaining. As with Fat flush and other detox programme, Teresa recommends that you dry brush everyday. What is dry brushing.. that later.. ( T-tapp exercise..introduced by sya is really good)

Shila, you can do it.. I'm sure.. if not fat flush, any of the diets above perhaps you tak payah diet pun ok aja i tengok. Intan has done fat flush and she loved it. Nani said she wants to try.. Jom kekawan...towards a healthy life.. As I said I write all this as a reminder to myself..

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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1. Convent Seremban
2. Sultan Ibrahim Girls School ( primary) JB
3.Covent Bukit Nanas Primary 2
4 Convent Bukit Nanas Secondary
5. MRSM Seremban
6. Mara College of Higher Education

I was the last minute hero. I remember when I did my first year, I'd go around asking people how they'd do their assignment and stayed the night finishing them, the next day hand over and zzzzz but I have never asked for extensions...
Neither but I remember exasperating my modern maths teacher. She told the class that parabole is curved but there are still people in the class who drew it like jaws teeth.. I laughed aloud...and glanced was me..hehehe
English! I was exempted from attending the class. and
.3 TEACHERS THAT I REMEMBER MOST (FOR VARIOUS REASONS) Izreen~ Puan Ashariah is my 'grandmother"

1. My Add Maths teacher- She was never around.. I was cursed being in the same class with Math geniuses this teacher always ponteng..kesian my add maths.
2. Mr Ho- My music teacher in CBN taught me musics from Disneys and movies...last year, I was watching a movie called the lost horizzon..suddenly I remember singing it in Mr Ho's class.
3. Mr Dick Coggins - My Accounting lecturer in Seremban and later Sheffield.
For helping us a lot in Sheffield.

1. Sya laain2 dah kena tag dgn Izreen

Fat Flush Prt 2

I have done a week of Fat Flush..yay.. Let me tell you a bit on Fat Flush..

It is a detox programme created by Ann Gittleman, a wellknown nutritionist in USA. There are three phases.
Phase 1 Detoxification of the Liver
According to Ann ~Liver supports the digestive system, controls blood sugar and regulates fat storage. It stores and mobilizes energy, and produces more proteins than any other organ in the body. It also regulates your blood flow and, if you're a woman, keeps your menstrual cycles running smoothly.One of your liver's most important functions, though - and the one most crucial to your weight loss - is chemically breaking down everything that enters your body, from the healthiest bite of organic food to the poisonous pesticides that linger on your salad; from the purest filtered water to a cup of coffee; from your daily vitamin and mineral supplements to your doctor-prescribed blood-pressure medication.It's your liver's job to distinguish between the nutrients you need to absorb and the dangerous or unnecessary substances that must be filtered out of your bloodstream. But when the liver is clogged and overwhelmed with toxins, it can't do a very effective job of processing nutrients and fats.

Phase 1 is for minimum two weeks and more if you have more to lose. You may eat 8 oz of protein ( fish, beef, seafood,chicken )a day plus two eggs, unlimited vegetables and 2 portions of fruits, no salt ( except those with low blood pressure), no sugar except stevia (a natural sweetener with 0-2 calories), no oil except flaxseed oil and evening primrose oil. No rice, bread. She also recommends cranberry juice for flushing the toxins, milk thistle and dandelion for the liver, psyllium husk for the digestion.

Phase 2 gradually increase carb like sweet potato and Multigrain bread made with sourdough.

and Phase 3 is the lifestyle program which include brown rice, sweeteners like honey, fats like coconut cream , olive oil among others.

Of course like other diet programmes Atkins, South Beach and Zone ,white flour, white bread aand white rice has no place in this diet.. I'll write more on why we must banish these whities..

How was my week? It was ok except for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday dinner I cheated as I was at mak buntat's had 2 cubes of lontong- no dinner for that day and Sunday I had 2 tablespoon of nasi lemak and at night I had ikan bakar etc.. no rice but still you never know what preservatives or flavours they put.. but other than that my clothes are getting looser and I feel great.. When hungry I'll grab jicama ( sengkuang`~ veggies are unlimited and it is the only vegetable that does not taste like other veggies).

Ok.. Easier said than done..banish whities go natural..for an orang nogori like me it is extremely difficult to go without masak lemak cili padi my absolutely fav dish, (lucky I may have it in Phase3), and nasi lemak and sambal belacan/ tumis. ( nasib baik I may have cayenne powder in all phases) aand the Adom clan has engagements,weddings line up for May, June and goodness nasi minyak..( not that I like them) but...

Monday, April 24, 2006

More photos from party ~Courtesy from Izreen

Top to bottom, The donkey pinata with gypsy girl, kids rushed as the pinata fell, 70's girl, b'day girl,izan,izreen and the best dressed, the japanese couple

Friday, April 21, 2006

Photos from the party~ Thanks Lana

Top Hideous witch & violet,Right the superheroes, Mr Incredible, Superman & mum, Spiderman and Buzz lightyear without costume
Below Lana with adik, qisty and violet

Qisty's antics and Being techno savvy

Of late, eversince the birthday party,(.L mana gambar? ), and eversince Mak Buntat's announcement that we will have a fancy dress party in June, my family and I discuss almost every day, what we will dress up as. Qisty, who will be three this May, for the past few days said she wants to be Dash of the Incredibles, we think she would be perfect as Edna Mode of the incredibles with her hair and all or Bibbles from Fairy topia. DH thought she would be perfect as Gloria from Madagascar.Two days ago she said she wanted to be a vampire..traipsing around with my scarf tied on her neck. Last night she wanted to be a rock star.
Qisty is the life of parties. She entertained the guests at adik's birthday party, danced around on her tippy toe, singing.

Speaking of gambar, I told DH that I want the latest Samsung camera phone for my birthday ( he owes me two birthdays present). Why would I want another phone when mine is reasonable new compared to his, he asked. Be thankful I don't ask for jewellery. I told him since I don't have a camera, and since he doesn't have a camera that works and since my phone sometimes hang, a new camera phone would be appropriate, especially one with 3.2 megapixel camera.

I am a gadget dear brother would say. Yelah any new gadget, PDA, MP3 player, I must have. Always I'd think after I've got this, I wouldn't buy anything else but sigh.. technology change so fast.. I remember having the monophonic phone, when I bought the polyponic, they came out with mp3, GPRS , then there's blue tooth then there's 3g.. You just can't keep up. But not keeping up would mean you're you know, ketinggalan zaman. I remember a story my dad told me. My Dad will be 67 this year. His friends were impressed when he could use the sms feature on his hand phone and dial up the phone using the phone book feature in the phone. He said his friend had to copy the number they were going to call from their little address book.

I remember lesson I learnt from Corporate strategy, from my university days, a company would have to change with the environment or they will not survive.

Hehehe Justifying the need for a new camera phone.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fat Flush

My 1st day of re fat flushing. I bought the essentials of fat flushing ~ cranberry juice, psyllium husk, flax seed oil, cayenne powder etc at Just life USJ last Tuesday but did not start till today.. Yesterday was hari melantak before fat flush day..nasi lemak in the morning, munchy's wafer cube..(I've huge carvings for this thing), twisties and mamee for snacks and yong tau foo at nite.. I just hope I won't have a headache today when flushing out the toxins.

I was so afraid I would be late, not too work, to send kakak to school, she has to be there at 7.25 or she'll have to stand in front of everyone during assembly.. stupid stupid school. Woke up when my PDA played azan subuh.. went down, made cranwater, the life long cocktail, breakfast- scramble egg with mushroom, lunch ~ concoction of prawns, ACV, green and red peppers, cayenne powder.

I reached office a bit late as I went back home after sending kakak ~ forgot to take the lemon juice. Had breakfast and as I washed it down with the cranwater...kua kua kua...found lizard's dropping in it.. and additional ingredient Ann Gittleman missed when she created fat flush... I had to do without cranwater today...

What is fat flush.. well it's a detox program, link on the side.. My sister, my friend Intan and I have tried this programme and we have succesfully reduced a few kilos. So my sister and I am restarting it . I hope I will stay true to the programme. Intan may join us..too..

Adik's Birthday Party

Still waiting for the photos..L has not emailed me. My girl's birthday was yesterday on 19th April but we had a fancy dress party (adults included) on the 15th April (shila's b'day). The night before made Peach trifle without jelly and morning at eight started the make the jelly for trifle and mushroom sauce for the barbecue, then the mee hoon kari, apple crumble, garlic bread and potato salad. Plus supervising and hanging balloons outside the house.
Kakak was so excited and wanted to wear her costume early but I told her at 2. By two she was dressed as violet from the incredibles, b'day girl as fairy and qisty as a ballerina with wings.
Selalunya by the time the guests arrived 90% of the dishes dah ready but this time around the barbecue bara baru nak panas , my husband ( who is Mr Incredible) was busy doing pinata , shaped like a donkey , filling the pinata with -baru nak beli junk food and sweets (I have reminded him to do this earlier and he had been busy the whole week) . So when the neighbour arrived.. masa tulah baru nak buat the macaroni and fry drummets..
In the end she went back for Asar prayer, leaving her son with us. A few minutes later another neighbour came.oh well.. at least the mee hoon kari, macaroni and trifle were ready.. but of course people were waiting for the barbecue. Later my sister arrived with ice cream. Parents , brother, sis in law and Tisha arrived with more ice cream and fruits. Bro and family were dressed from the 70's..complete with medallions (tisha's cute) and John lennon like sunglasses. Sis and her little girl dressed up as gypsies, her sons as cowboys, and bro in law as pak arab.. Later on my husbands cousins and aunties arrived, not in fancy dresses except Izreen who wore a hairband with rabbit ears.. a pregnant playmate..
Shila and family arrived later, kids were out of the van but parents tah -buat- apa -dalam- van came out an hour or 45 mins later. Nadine came as a korean girl, sophia as a princess, Sara a small witch, Dahlia a showgirl/fairy, and johan, batman.
Mak Mas judged the contest and placed adik, the b'day girl as first prize, sophia second and Dahlia third. Shila and hubby as the creative couple and I ( a hideous witch) for adult 2nd prize. I told her that our family cannot be included in the contest only for party guests and gave prize out to others . We wanted to have a pin donkey's tail game but abandoned the idea as the donkey was too high up. The kids whacked the donkey instead. As the donkey fell, the kids rushed up to the donkey and grabbed sweets/choc /mamee/ twisties.
All in all it was a fun day. Later on Odi, Zul and Aishah - Ron and family came.

Mak buntat wants to have a fancy dress party on her b'day in June... Now what shall I wear...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jumping into the blogwagon

My first blog ever. Decided to join in the bandwagon..I'll continue later once I've got photos for my little girl's birthday.