Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I always thot how lucky it is to be rich, beautiful, and successful. Nowadays I'd settle for happiness. I think we should be thankful for what we have and if we don't appreciate the moment/ day we would never be happy. I know someone who has a loving, generous husband, but always seemed unhappy. First she wanted a husband, she got one who doted on her, criticised her family for not including her in the wedding preparation. Next she wanted follow her husband to where her husband lives, I figured that's fair. When she moved, two weeks later she wanted to go back to her mum. Next she wanted a baby and moaned about it. Got herself a baby and then moaned about being bored and wanted a car. This woman will never be happy. Problem is she gives out negative vibes to her husband taking both her baby and husband down.

Looking at her, how good, generous and tolerant her husband is, I wonder what's with her. When she merajuk, the husband will always pujuk. Her husband planned to give her something for their anniversary , things some of us never get, she gets quite an allowance from her husband for staying at home.

My husband never realised when I merajuk so I never bother. He rarely give me anniversary pressie, allowance when I was a housewife. Missed my b'day..I would membebel but leave the house? No. I once told my colleague, my husband never gives me roses and he told me be thankful he never give me thorns. I am thankful I've got a loving husband absent minded /preocuppied/inattentive at times. I am thankful for the lovely three daughters that I've got, for our health and what we have. Alhamdulillah.

I found some poem of the net on Thankful.

Be Thankful
When you get what you want as your struggle for self
And the world makes you queen for a day,
Just go to the mirror and look at yourself,
And see what that woman has to say.
For it isn't your father or mother or husband
Who's judgement upon you must pass;
The person whose verdict counts most in your life
Is the one staring back from the glass.
She's the person to please,
never mind all the rest
,For she's with you clear up to the end.
And you've passed your most dangerous, difficult test
If the woman in the glass if your friend.
You may fool the whole world down the pathway of life
,And get pats on your back as you pass.
But your final reward will be heartache and tears
If you've cheated the woman in the glass.

Be Thankful
Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
Be thankful when you don't know everything,
for it gives you the opportunity to learn.
Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.
Be thankful for your limitations,
because they give you opportunities for improvement.
Be thankful for each new challenge
because it will build your strength and character
.Be thankful for your mistakes.
They will teach you valuable lessons.
Be thankful when you're tired and weary,
because it means you've made a difference

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


When I was an auditor, I always thot I wouldn't treat my fellow auditors badly. Hah! How can you not treat them badly. First they'll ask you stupid questions, and you know they've never done any accounting before, the stupidest question I was asked..Why is the 2005 opening balance different from the 2005 closing balance? What kind of question is that? What exasperated me today was one auditor asking for the same thing that an auditor asked yesterday which I have given to another colleague (who happened to be in the same room they are now) like last week. Grr..

Last year I had a huge quarrel with an auditor who asked me for a list of things which I've given bit by bit. Problem is she kept on asking for the things I have given her plus nagging me for t he things I haven't given her and not looking at the things I have given her. I was so angry that we had a shouting match...and my sister said I was too soft to the auditors..( she was an auditor for a longer time than I was)..


Don't feel well yesterday and today. Driving back from work I was really really sleepy. Did not do any exercise at all as too tired, (I have to do Bar Method today tho). Tertidur pulak tu.. after browsing IKEA catalogue. After dinner did my children's nail and taught kakak how to do cross stich. It looked ok, don't look behind, well I had to teach her how to get the basics right.

This morning had a really had time keeping my eyes open, it was raining heavily. As it was school holiday, I was able to wake up later than usual and prepared breakfast( blue berry smoothie) and lunch (Prawn Tomyam). Thot of doing rebounding but it was late so scrapped the idea.

On the way to work felt like nodding off until I heard from Hitz FM that they are planning to build Disneyland in Johor. Can we move to Johor? I always thot they should have done in Sepang next to the F1 circuit so that the father can go to watch F1 and the mum and kids can go to Disneyland. Actually I always thot they should have build Disneyland in Sepang rather than the circuit. At least you have people coming all year round rather than once a year but of course Malaysia get more recognition when they built the circuit.

We planned to go to Hong Kong disneyland in December but last Saturday, brother Amy said if we go in September he might join us. He originally planned to go to Gold Coast, 2nd trip, but would consider Hongkong. Sister Ida said she'll join us too and shelve her plan to go to the UK. All of course depends on DH and his project.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Birthdays celebration and Lana's engagement

Went to Chili's KLCC to celebrate Ida's, Tisya's Qisty's and mum's b'days. Have gotten the birthday kids pressie but not the org tuas. I have gotten my bday pressie from mum, very early considering her b'day is tomorrow and mine's in June.Bought three books from Kinokuniya my favourite bookstore. A book on soap making that I've been meaning to get from Amazon, nasib baik ada I checked with mph tak ada, a book on Ribbon Embroidery and and Inspiration magazine. Went to Toysr us to search for Tina's rocking horse, DH planned to buy tapi tak ada. I bought two 5 metres Thai silk low grade fabric, want to make the kid's dresses with them.. should have bought kakak's kain as well.

Went back to my mum's so that the kids can play. Tisya missed Qisty and Afiq missed kakak and turned atuk and nini's house upside down. Later evening went to Ampang Point to get Qisty's bottle teats. Dah ternampak the salt crystal lamp and quite reasonably priced, so far at Alamanda and Summit I saw ~ twice the price. Bought two. Bought ingredient for trifle from Giant. Balik Sepang around 10, and rush to the kitchen to do the trifle..susu just bought from Giant basi so had to use powdered milk instead.

Woke the girls and Dh up around 7. Prepared the Jelly for the trifle and rushed to Mak zah's. Minyak tak ada so kena pi Esso . Minyak Esso pun habis and had to drive all the way to Taman Tun with nearing empty tank. Reached at mak zah 20 minutes passed the agreed time. Mak Buntat's family, parents in law were there plus they've already started the yasin.

Lana looked so lovely. Her dress is so lah cantik..Very nice coulour- pink lilac. House was done up nicely.

Mak mas lost 8 kilos, wow.

Went to One Utama in search for Tina's rocking horse. Saw rocking fish, horse that Qisty thot looked like a dinosaur etc. Bought Kakak and Tina dresses. Bought coconut oli for the sabun. Went to Ikea and the Curve cari rocking horse lagi.. Tak jumpa. Came back around 9, parents in law and Ati dah lama sampai. Went to Bagan around 10. Camillia and I was really sleepy by then. Nasib baik today cuti sekolah.. Did not bother pack food for lunch. Too tired to wake up early..

Friday, May 26, 2006

Exasperating DH

This morning I woke up late and had to rush to send kakak to school, she has to be there before 7.30 or she'll have to stand in front of the whole assembly..stupid school..carilah different punishment.. anyway, I always feel stressed out in the mornings because of this. therefore I had to abandon the idea of making breakfast and lunch then. Sent them off to school and came back to prepare for breakfast , lunch and snack to bring to work. Made the cranwater , put egg in a pan of water to boil, make the raspberry smoothie, make the IGG plus for DH and rushed up to wake him up.

He drank the milk, went down to make his nescafe. I told him that he has to wait at least half an hour then drink the nescafe as the thing wouldn't work. With IGG plus you have to use room temperature water and plastic spoon. And he has to spoil it by drinking the hot nescafe.

Why the fuss you ask? Well he has been coughing for quite sometime and it was really loud, hard and sounded scary. ( he told me me that he thot, he has problem in the toilet, pulled a nerve probably, as result of coughing too hard. Naturally I am quite concerned and also because I have problem sleeping hearing him cough, (being a light sleeper). I rarely get cough or runny nose as I always either drink hot lemon, take honey or echinesea, or drown ginger tea on the on set of flu. For my kids when they do get them I'd burn essential oil in their room and give the IGG plus ( to boost their antibody). So I try to get Dh to take this thing.. but..sometimes I feel lantaklah..Like I ask him to stop smoking for a while until the cough stops..deaf ears..

Last year he warded as he had difficulty breathing, lying down. Stopped smoking for a while now he's back puffing the same amount of cigarette as before. With a scare like that, he still goes on smoking..what..he 'd stop when he can't breathe sitting up?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bought a cake for Qisty on Tuesday and as I was near the Mamak's, bought Tandoori for dinner and roti canai for the kids. Called Dh several times for the candle blowing and cake cutting but he was too deeply absorbed with the computer. He faced it at work and at home. I'd have to turn into a computer to get attention. Anyway we cut the cake without waiting for him as the candles were beginning to melt. Qisty did not finish the cake but finished the roti canai. Adik had second helping of the cake but left out a bit and declared she'd vomit if she ate more but happily ate the roti canai. Lana came over with a friend had dinner and was entertained by Qisty.

Yesterday, the internal auditor came, hence no time for blogging. At night we brought Lana to Aunty Aini's for dinner, where I blew my diet, 1st time in a month I ate rice for dinner. It was the masak lemak cili padi daging salai that did it. I did say I have weakness for it. Anyway my diet journey has been good. The first week that I followed (close to the program) I lost 2 kilos. The following weeks the loss was not so good as I included nasi lemak for Sundays and a a favourite food on Saturdays but no rice during dinner. Four weeks and I've lost like 4.5 kilos. I thought I'd rather lose a bit and stay to the diet rather than lose a lot and then lose interest because of the rigidity of it. Exercisewise I have been ok 3 days of Bar Method and 2 days of T-tapp a week plus cardio in the form of either belly dancing or rebounding. Except this week I started exercising yesterday absorbed was I with Qisty's potato sack dress. I dont know why is it that I find it easier to exercise during weekdays with coming home late and preparing dinner than weekend when I have like a whole day. I'd be a couch potato during weekends..curl up with a book and catch up with the zzz espeacially after lunch. Mmm. This weekend, Saturday would be the combine b'day party of sis, Tisha, Tina and mum. Sunday will be Lana's engagement.

Weight loss Journey

Bought a cake for Qisty on Tuesday and as I was near the Mamak's, bought Tandoori for dinner and roti canai for the kids. Called Dh several times for the candle blowing and cake cutting but he was too deeply absorbed with the computer. He faced it at work and at home. I'd have to turn into a computer to get attention. Anyway we cut the cake without waiting for him as the candles were beginning to melt. Qisty did not finish the cake but finished the roti canai. Adik had second helping of the cake but left out a bit and declared she'd vomit if she ate more but happily ate the roti canai. Lana came over with a friend had dinner and was entertained by Qisty.

Yesterday, the internal auditor came, hence no time for blogging. At night we brought Lana to Aunty Aini's for dinner, where I blew my diet, 1st time in a month I ate rice for dinner. It was the masak lemak cili padi daging salai that did it. I did say I have weakness for it. Anyway my diet journey has been good. The first week that I followed (close to the program) I lost 2 kilos. The following weeks the loss was not so good as I included nasi lemak for Sundays and a a favourite food on Saturdays but no rice during dinner. Four weeks and I've lost like 4.5 kilos. I thought I'd rather lose a bit and stay to the diet rather than lose a lot and then lose interest because of the rigidity of it. Exercisewise I have been ok 3 days of Bar Method and 2 days of T-tapp a week plus cardio in the form of either belly dancing or rebounding. Except this week I started exercising yesterday absorbed was I with Qisty's potato sack dress. I dont know why is it that I find it easier to exercise during weekdays with coming home late and preparing dinner than weekend when I have like a whole day. I'd be a couch potato during weekends..curl up with a book and catch up with the zzz espeacially after lunch. Mmm. This weekend, Saturday would be the combine b'day party of sis, Tisha, Tina and mum. Sunday will be Lana's engagement.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Qisty.

Qisty is three today. When asked how old is she, she'll show three but with both hands. Lately she is very particular about what she'll wear . We have problem especially at night. She refused to wear pyjamas or anything with trousers. As she has limited nightgowns, we'd pacify her by letting her wear her sisters' t-shirt night gown/ caftan. I went to Nilai Square determined to make her a night gown, how..well I'll try. I bought her a few caftans and a nightgown ( spent like almost three hours..whylah org tak jual..

I tried to make the nightgown using the pattern easiest Yoke dress by ginger snaps. Luckily I have a bit of basic from Damansara Perdana classes although the instruction was quite good. Measuring Qisty is another matter, she refused to stand. So I had to measure her when she's lying down. And when I constructed the skirt and wanted her to try she refused. Adik was willing so she became the model. I've yet to decide whether I should give to her or adik. May be when it's ready. or may be she knows it will look like potato sack. Well I have to practice right. I've bought two more fabrics so adik and kakak will be my next victim. Now if I could just master how to do the sleeve...

Friday, May 19, 2006

Cat Lover? Not.

I hate cats. I will change my virtual pet to something else. Why hate cats? I used to be a cat lover. My parents used to have like so many cats and I think at a time we had around 20 plus. Yes our house reeked of it.

I remember our first cat, Pancho ( from the chips tv programme). He was a mixed persian and we got it from uncle/abang atai. I loved that cat. We had him and then found another siamese cat called chiki ( of Cumi and Ciki). Ciki mati kejang don't ask me how, we found him the next morning. Chiki was an intelligent cat. Toilet trained even. He'd go to the toilet and do his business there. I think having one or two cats is ok but when you have many mana ada qualitynya. When we had Pancho, he was the cat in the house. We lost him once in Jelebu and found him sick. He went through I think three operations in his lifetime. My sister used to bring him in our room to sleep on her bed but felt irked the next morning when found Pancho in my bed.

One day when I was at MRSM S'ban I felt like I had to see Pancho ( never felt the need before)and phoned my mum. My mum told me he has just had his operation and dying. I cried that day and went back the weekend. I went straight to the clinic and found him struggling to breathe. I called him and he tried to meow..Then he was gone..

My Dad refused to take other cats after that. But my mum, sister and I pooled and bought a persion cat from Aunty Zaharah and Arwah uncle Jamaluddin. We called him Linda ( Dad named her) as in Linda Grey from Dallas. LInda was the mother , grandmother of all the 20 odd, probably more cats that we had. We wanted to mate her with my mum's friend's persian cat. But she wasn't interested.. the male cat was so lah lazy. She was more interested in the cat outside and one day the window was opened.. A few months later we got kittens exactly the same colour as the cat outside.

From Linda we had Tyson and Louie ( My dad either name them after Tv stars or tennis players, atheletes), then Isabella, Annabelle ( who was kidnapped), Flo Jo, Agassi, Becker, Jon, Steffi Graf, Hingis, Goran, Sabatini, Sanchez, Monica seles.. I can't remember them all. Sometimes when we go to the vet, my sibs and I would pretend its name is Tompok or Blackie, embarrased to say the actual name of the cats. Our father would find out and marah.

Then why do I hate cats? Eversince I move to our Sepang house our front cat is the jamban for the next door neighbours cats. Whenever I caught their cats I will hose the cats out not caring whether the owner is nearby . Hey.. bela kucing jagalah berak kuching. My other neighbours apparently had the same problem. One of them actually throw one cat out..Emmm..

I've tried to find ways not to let the cats do their thing there..I 've put clorox..surfed the net and found out that lemon/orange scented thing, cats don't like..but to no avail. And today dah lenyek dah..I don't mind if it is my cat WHAT IRKS ME IT IS SOMEONE ELSES!!! May be I should throw their cats one by one.. Only solution I can think of..

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I don't know why I have this fascination for making dresses or bajus and embellishments on dresses. I feel I just want to sew.I have bought books on sewing for beginners, for dummies, on ribbon emboidery, beading, smocking, bullions, patterns for dresses from US and list goes on. Looking back my sewing skills has never been good. During Primary school my sewing projects were either not finished or among the worst in the class (typical of gemini not finishing anything) but typically of gemini.. I love challenges. Why is this one skill I can't master.

I have ventured in cross stiches..never finish them.. Knitting..(Shila should remember this, we went the class at the Mall together). After SPM I enrolled into sewing class somewhere in Chow Kit Road and dragged my mum along too. Having no experience with the machine, (come to think of it why didn't the teacher let me practice with the machine first), I always sew out of line and had to unpick. This went on until she sew it., I think she probably sewed the whole dress ..hehehe. Then I had to go to Kuantan for English course in preparation for A levels. Mum continued with the class.

My sister and I wanted to enroll the course which Bernard Chandran took, we have already registered but abandoned the idea as we found it too expensive.My sister and I had planned to open a little girls boutique.. I even have a name for it. But of course..first I need to know how to sew. We went to Damansara Perdana to learn. Imagine travelling from Sepang to Damansara Perdana. I had no car at the time and had to rely on either Ida or DH. WE almost finished one baju and I quit. Travelling to Damansara Perdana was no go for me.. too far and I had to impose on DH or Ida's time.

Next my friends and I planned to go to Olak Lempit ( not so far from my home) for classes. But the class has moved but we managed to find a tailor who is willing to teach us. But till now we couldn't agree on the time.

I browsed through internets, magazines for classes. Found one in middle of KL, I know I'll never finish it as it will be too far. Found one in Puchong, was tempted with the idea and even told my brother and sister last week that last Saturday I'd start the class and not to plan for that Saturday but still can't make to the class. I surfed the net again and found a distance class.. with a certificate. Sounds good at least I don't have to drive anywhere. Cost around 700USD but I can pay like 20USD per month installment interest free. Sound OK. Then I found videos or DVD on how to sew.. That is all right at least I can rewind them when I can't get certain instructions. Reviews were good too.

This is what I gathered from going to classes.It is good to go to an actual class where they have notes or you can make notes and a proper schedule way of teaching rather than sew this and let you be. I found the lesson in Chow Kit not proper, in the sense they don't actually teach you the basic, just as long as you finish a dress , the same with Damansara Perdana class. I have bought DVD and am seriously considering enrolling to the distance learning course. Let's hope I can make proper dresses at least for my kids in time for raya.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Teacher's Day

Yeah the day when we have to get our kid's teachers presents. I spent the whole of lunch time yesterday looking for a present for a colleague who is leaving and looking for cheap presents for my daughters' teachers. I don't remember giving anything to my teachers ( my mum lagilah tak bother, she was a teacher), and I don't remember celebrating teacher's day at all. Have I forgotten, having left school eons ago? I glanced at today's Star and CBN celebrated teacher's day yesterday at PWTC. Mmm I would remember a day not doing anything. What I remember in CBN was the Everybody's Day, where everybody get to do their own thing on the stage. Now that's a different story. What I remember about MRSM S'ban was the constant revision.

Speaking of teachers. I especially remember Puan Rosnani, my physics teacher, who always bullied me. Well looking back, it for my own good actually bcoz I looked forward to her classes for the wrong reasons and may be she noticed. It was in her class that I had my first real big crush with the guy in the next class. She loved to ask me questions, anticipating that I would not be able to answer them. She said I got the lowest marks in class and when she checked it was not me, there was at least three other persons having lower than I. She'd ask me if I understand, when I said yes she'd ask me to relate to the whole class what I understand and if I don't she'd still want me to relate to the whole class what I didn't understand. Grr. You must understand the environment in that MRSM was different. Before MRSM, my schooling days was with girls. Convent Seremban, then SIGS Johor, then Convent Bukit Nanas. So after like 9 years in girls school and suddenly to a co ed boarding school..There were unwritten rules to be observed. Girls cannot talk to boys and if they did, they'd be teased. I remember asking a classmate a question and suddenly, the whole class like teased us. Eh? But I did have platonic boyfriends during the time, or so I thought, because apparently one of them had different idea. One, I was close to because Shila likes him and the other was friendly.

Looking back.. although at the time, I was really irritated with Puan Rosnani, I wouldn't have gotten the result that I got if she had not do what she did, what with my head always in the clouds at that time. At the time I even wanted to teach her daughter the way she taught me to get back at her.

My mum was a teacher and so was my Dad at one time, My Dh is a teacher( lecturer), My BIL is a professor, My parents in law are teachers. Happy teachers day to all the teachers in the world..

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My weekend ( very original title)

Now how did I spend my last weekend?

Friday Happy Birthday Tisha. 12/5
Morning went to buy frozen food and santan for the cili padi rendang I planned to cook. Had to hurry as Shila, BIL and kids plus Nor(SIL) , husband and kids were coming over at around 10. Shila called to say she'd be late, and Nor came juat when I got back from shopping and yes..DH did his disappearing trick. He'd always do that when we are ready to go somewhere. While waiting for him jerang the rendang then off to Nilai Spring. I couldn't swim, it was my second day, which would be the heaviest. It was very hot and the kids had to venture into the slightly deep pool as it was shaded, but of course the slide beckoned and later they went there. We came back at around 1, slightly tanned, as the fathers would have to go for their Friday prayer. Just then Shila, BIL and kids arrived. Made the kerabu mangga and as soon as the fathers came back from prayers, we ate lunch. Foods served..kerabu mangga, rendang cili padi, terubuk bakar, soup tulang, ayam pandan, sambal mangga and ikan masin. Had them all..hehehe.. there goes my diet. The ayam pandan ( bought frozen) was very good. Then nap time for the fathers, while the mothers watched exercise DVD, t-tapp, bar method and later on belly dance..while the kids belly danced.

Around five, we went to Nilai Spring to bowl but apparently DH had a different agenda..he wanted to play tennis, Shila and I protested but they won. The kids will swim..he said..where are the suit I asked.. he brought them...hmmm so this change of plan was planned..
I wouldn't mind minding the kids in the pool if I can swim, but on that day both shila and I were indisposed. And qisty was really naugty. Everytime I turned my back, she wanted to jump into the adult pool. She even tried to go through the bar in between the pools. Nor's kid was good tho. She just sit next to her mom in the water.

We went back for maghrib prayers and off to Bagan Lalang for ikan bakar, kerang rebus, sotong. It was very good. Shila and family slept over.

On Saturday, Reheated frozen roti canai and cooked waffles for the kids. Shila and I finally got to go to Nilai Square to shop. Bought baju kurung for Qisty and dahlia, ordered the same pattern for rest of kids. After magrib went to Ampang.

Dad who just came back from New Zealand brought back chocolate, fruits, manuka honey and 2 big tubs of evening primrose oil. I got the lipsticks from Living Nature that I wanted and a T- shirt.

Sunday. Went out to buy nasi lemak but the nasi lemak lady that we liked was not there so I volunteered to make them. After breakfast waited for Tisha and sis in law and went to Toys r us to get presents for Tisha and Tina. Bought Tina a pop up country house and Tisha a fairy house from Mermaidia. I suggested that my brother buy the Ellina doll from Mermaidia for Qisty and when we got home, Qisty said her present was only Ellina the house is not hers..ek eleh..
Bought mum a multicoloured crystal bracelet for mother's day. Kakak got a colour set and playdoh for get- number- 5- present. Went back home around 6pm.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Inna lillahi wa innah ilaihi raji'un!!

May Allah Grant her a Place in Al-Jannah Amin. My aunty, Che Tum passed away on Thursday. In the morning, I got a call from sister who told me she passed away. I called cousin Surya, whose family can be depended on the latest going ons, and she said Che tum has not passed away, and I 've got to call back and forths to confirm. The actual scenario is that Suria's family didn't want to inform her yet as she was driving to KLIA ( quite the opposite of me, I have to travel from KLIA to Shah Alam and she has to travel from Shah Alam to KLIA). After settling where the the bathing and kapan will be and where the funeral will take place, I went to Surya's mum's place (Mak cik Asmah's) to be lead to Kak Yan's ( Che Tum's daughter) house in Bukit Jelutung.

Washing and Shrouding
In preparation for burial, the family or other members of the community will wash and shroud the body. (If the deceased was killed as a martyr, this step is not performed; martyrs are buried in the clothes they died in.) The deceased will be washed respectfully, with clean and scented water, in a manner similar to how Muslims make ablutions for prayer. The body will then be wrapped in sheets of clean, white cloth (called the kafan

I assisted in the washing and Shrouding the body and later went back home. Kakak, adik, DH and then went to Linggi for the burial. We got lost going to Linggi as Dh took the wrong turn. Luckily we reached there in time for the burial.

Allahyarham Che Tum was a kind and generous person. She was my dad's older sister and lived in Linggi a village off Port Dickson, my Mum and Dad's kampung. Her house was the station for our visit whenever we go back to Linggi for Hari raya or other festivities. We will miss her..

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My neglected garden

I came home from work yesterday and saw lalang knee high. I have not been putting baja for almost 2 months. My canangas, jasmines and champakas are not flowering. My roses are flowering but in need of dead heading and clearing of its anphid infested leaves. And Yay, my tuberose aka Sundal malam is flowering.

I love fragrant flowers. I plant rose because I never get roses ( only when we were dating~bet it was mak buntat's or izreen's idea) and because the smell of roses. I don't quite like jasmine, its too strong but in gardens or wear it on your hair(natural perfume )smells good. Cananga smells exotic and tuberose heavenly. Champaka smeels good as well.

Ylang Ylang/Cananga
Botanical Name: Cananga odorata
Common Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
Color: Clear with a Yellow Tinge
Consistency: Medium
Perfumery Note: Middle/Base
Strength of Initial Aroma: Medium - Strong
Aromatic Description: Fresh, floral, sweet, slightly fruity, fragrant yet delicate.
Possible Uses: Antidepressant, anti-infectious, euphoric, aphrodisiac, relaxant, antiseborrhoeic, antiseptic, hypotensive, nervine, regulator, sedative (nervous), stimulant (circulatory), tonic.

Ylang-ylang oil has a euphoric and sedative effect on the nervous system and helps with anxiety, tension, shock, fear and panic while the aphrodisiac qualities is useful for impotence and frigidity.
It is particularly useful with rapid breathing and rapid heartbeat, it can also help with reducing high blood pressure and useful for intestinal infections.
On the skin, ylang-ylang oil has a soothing effect and its balancing action sorts out over-dry as well as overly-oily skin by balancing the secretion of sebum, and has a stimulating effect on the scalp which promotes more luxurious hair growth

Tuberose/ Sundal Malam
Botanical Name: Polianthes tuberosa
Common Method of Extraction: Solvent Extraction
Color: Deep Orange
Consistency: Medium
Perfumery Note: Top
Strength of Initial Aroma: Strong
Aromatic Description: Complex, exotic, sweet, floral.
Possible Uses: Used primarily in perfumery and aromatics

The Healing Powers of Tuberose:In France and India, old folks warn young girls should not breathe in its fragrance after dark for fear that it would put them in a romantic mood. In Ayurvedic medicine, Tuberose is known to improve one's capacity for emotional depth. By opening the crown chakra it improves psychic powers, amplifies artistic inspiration as it stimulates the creative right side of the brain, brings serenity to the mind and heart. Tuberose essential oil is expensive.

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena
Common Method of Extraction: Solvent Extracted or Steam Distilled (called Rose Otto)
Color: Deep Red for the Absolute, Light Yellow for the Steam Distillate
Consistency: Thick for the Absolute, Thin for the Steam Distillate
Perfumery Note: Middle
Strength of Initial Aroma: Strong
Aromatic Description: strongly floral, sweet.
Possible Uses: Depression, eczema, frigidity, mature skin, menopause, stress.balancing sensual romantic calming

Anicenna, the 10th century Persian physician, used the rose as his first plant to distill and a rose distillery existed in 1612 in Shiraz, Persia.
Rose petals were scattered at weddings to ensure a happy marriage and are still a symbol of love and purity and are also used to aid meditation and prayer.
It takes about 60,000 roses (about 180 lb) to make one ounce ( 29.57 ml) of rose otto - or to put in a different way 40,000 kilograms to make 1 liter of rose otto

Damask rose oil soothes and harmonizes the mind and helps with depression, anger, grief, fear, nervous tension and stress and at the same time addresses sexuality, self-nurturing, self esteem and dealing with emotional problems.
It is most helpful for poor circulation and heart problems, which would include heart palpitations, arrhythmia as well as high blood pressure and is also used to boost the liver and gall bladder.
For the respiratory system Damask rose oil assists in cases of asthma, coughs and hay fever, and in the digestive system for liver congestion and nausea.
Rose otto oil has a clearing, cleansing, regulating and purifying effect on the female sex organs and can be used for regulating and balancing hormones, irregular menstruation, functional infertility, leucorrhoea, menorrhagia, uterine bleeding and other uterine disorders, while having a general toning effect on the uterus.
On the skin it is most effective for moisturizing and hydrating the skin, while having a general stimulant and antiseptic action, which is good for all skin types, but especially so for dry, mature and irritated skin. It is used to repair broken capillaries, inflammation as well as skin redness and is useful in eczema and herpes. Rose water can be used for conjunctivitis

Jasmine / Melur
Botanical Name: Jasminum officinalis
Common Method of Extraction: Solvent Extracted
Color: Deep Brown with a Golden Tinge
Consistency: Medium
Perfumery Note: Middle
Strength of Initial Aroma: Strong
Aromatic Description: Warm, floral, exotic.
Possible Uses: Depression, dry skin, exhaustion, labor pains, sensitive skin,Analgesic (mild), antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, carminative, cicatrisant, expectorant, galactagogue, parturient, sedative, tonic (uterine).

It is a valuable remedy in cases of severe depression and soothes the nerves, producing a feeling of confidence, optimism and euphoria, while revitalizing and restoring energy.
Jasmine oil facilitates delivery in childbirth: it hastens the birth by strengthening the contractions and at the same time relieves pain. It is effective in post-natal depression and promotes the flow of breast milk.
Because of its deeply soothing and calming nature, jasmine oil helps with sexual problems such as impotence, premature ejaculation and frigidity.
It has a very beneficial effect on the respiratory system, by soothing irritating coughs and helping with hoarseness and laryngitis. It furthermore helps with muscle pain, sprains, and stiff limbs.
Jasmine oil tones dry, greasy, irritated and sensitive skin, increases elasticity and is often used to assist with stretch marks and to reduce scarring.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My kids

People have different characters. I don't have to look far, look at my kids.

Kakak is soft, responsible and so lah like kakak. She's one sister I would like to have. Of course sometimes she does get exasperated with her sisters but most of the time she is so sweet to her sisters. Her sisters will go to her for comfort when scolded by dad or mom. And when I had tina, adik turned to her for friendship and love. She loves fish, my maid said she'd have to marry a fisherman(?), but dislikes spicy food and loves the white part of hard boiled eggs. Kakak loves books. She'll be nine in july.

Adik is demure and she loves dressing up. I love dressing her up. I would buy her earings, bracelets and necklaces and she 'd wear them all ( kakak will wear a while and then when reached home she'll take it off) , once I gave her a watch, she'd even wear them when she bathed. Character wise she's a bit wingy and tend to cry easily when critisized and always think she's right. She loves curry so much that once we call her currymina. She also love masak lemak cili padi and egg yolk. Adik turned six last month.

Tina, well tina is all pipi. Put your nose to her cheeks and you can't breathe. She was the smallest born baby of the three and we called her Thumberlina, now we call her Tembamlina. Kakak said she smells like cheese. She loves to dance and sing and pantang tengok stage. Once at Noni's wedding, there were a few tables covered with white papers, she insisted going up the tables to dance. Her gelek is so good. She'll be three this month. Tina is stubborn, typical of May babies. She sleeps late, always later than mama, ..Mama sleep ok..she'd say every night. She loves milk, ikan bilis, breaded chicken, soup and omellete. She never fail to make me laugh.

There.. three girls. Once when I was pregnant with Tina and we found out that she will be a girl, kakak asked me..why can't I have a brother now, I told her so we'd have power puff girls/ fazidin's angels.. My doctor said I still can try for another (mine are all ceassarian) but solah malas to get pregnant again..1st 3 months of morning sickness, then last 3 months of backache..

Monday, May 08, 2006

Gambo Atty's engagement

Stolen from Izan's blog

Atty's engagement & Adik's Sports Day

On Thursday night, we went back to Kluang. The plan was to go back on Friday but DH wanted to go back with his brother, we took Friday off. We stopped by Alai and had ikan bakar.. yummy just as we remembered it. But the children was a bit dissappointed as there were no steamed fish and chicken.. funny kids.. we could have steamed fish or chicken at any of the tom yam stalls. But they ate quite a bit. Tina had two nasi lemak, adik had one, kakak had three..baba well.. tak mengaku berapa.. it was quite small actually. All in all with big prawns, ikan pari, lala, ikan siakap and 9 nasi lemak cost us about RM 60. I think it was quite reasonable.
We reached Kluang about 2, I wanted to sleep but tina.. wanted to go out to aunty atty who has already gone to sleep.

Friday, prepared the telur asin to be given to guests, did a bit of cleaning. Went to the swimming pool with the kids. As it was Epi's birthday and also Tina would be three on the 23rd, we had a small bithday do. Cake was really nice.. opps..

Saturday, everyone woke up early, as the majlis was supposed to start around 11. I went to see Atty dolled up by the pak andam..fascinating stuff.. and got stuck in the room when the marhaban started. All it all, it went well. Atty looked lovely, with tiara and all..After the engagement, the men terbongkang and zzzz of course leading the flock was DH, who, after nasi berani gam will find a corner somewhere for zzz. Lana showed us how to do bunga stokin, flowers made from multi coloured panty hose.. fascinating stuff. Went back around 11.. We should have gone back earlier as Adik will have her sports day.

Sunday morning woke up adik, who protested.. I understand she was tired from the night's journey. She whined and complained the whole morning..mana lah dapat leter anak aku ni...
Just when the sports started DH's tape in the camera finished and he went off to buy the tape. When he came back it was all over.. ( roll eyes.. of course then I started to membebel..) Adik did quite well. First event..she has to balance tray with a cup of water, she looked tensed and was quite slow but the second boy was brilliant and her group came first. The second event she has to jump with a ball in between her knees, she was quite slow.. tapi the second boy was brilliant, the her group came second. The third event jumping in a sack, she was good..better than the second boy and they got first. Great.. tak rugi bangun awal... She was very happy.. And we did not have it on tape or film ( hint hint).

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Soap story

You'd think this is trivial but I've finished my soap. I am a bit particular on skincare and bodycare. No parabens or SLS in my skincare/bodycare. So I've got limited choice in Malaysia. The only Malaysian produced products without all that is from I green but I don't quite like them because the have tea tree in almost all their product and they smell a bit like dettol. Well tea tree is good no doubt I use it for blemishes and for douche. But I've fallen in love rose bulgarian smell and I want it in my soap. The supplier that has it sell it for 40USD for 8 oz. Expensive, well the pure rose otto cost USD 70 for 3ml and may be more if you want it organic and steam distilled like me. So I've decided to make my own skincare/bodycare. Starting with soap and moisturiser. I've ordered the product from nature's gift and can't wait for them to arrive. And I am going to make my own soap. Before this, I would buy qisty I green products since she's smaller. Kakak and adik (no 2 is called adik), I would buy the usual shamppo because they tend to finish shampoo and soap fairly quick. Main sabun bila mandi. So if I were to make my own, everyone can use it.And I may choose whatever ingredient in the soap , all natural stuff no chemical except potassium / sodium hydroxide to make soap, which will not be there once the soap is made. I will give free samples to family and friends..

Why the fuss about paraben and SLS.
There are a few research confirming paraben and breast tumours and its adverse effect in male production.

Preservative chemicals found in samples of breast tumours probably came from underarm deodorants, UK scientists have claimed.
The new research was led by molecular biologist Philippa Darbre, at the University of Reading. She says that the ester-bearing form of parabens (para-hydroxybenzoic acids) found in the tumours indicates it came from something applied to the skin, such as an underarm deodorant, cream or body spray.
"One would expect tumours to occur evenly, with 20 per cent arising in each of the five areas of the breast," Darbre told New Scientist. "But these results help explain why up to 60 per cent of all breast tumours are found in just one-fifth of the breast - the upper-outer quadrant, nearest the underarm."
More info

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Historian

I have just finished a book called The Historian. Quite an interesting book. I usually don't go for books on vampire, Anne Rice's books are probably interesting, but I don't like them, (I mean how many else you can write of a certain topic) then why the Historian? It's actually my dad's ( I always go to my parents for books as my dad and I have similar taste in books.).except Robert Ludlum or Forsthe.. too technical for me.. I don't want to know how the submarine works for goodness sake. Books by David Badacci we both like ( usually when a new Badacci comes out I will tell him, so that he'd buy the book..then I can borrow hehe). Recently I've gotten the historical bug and I thot The historian sounds interesting.

My favourite books are always mysteries.. since my first Enid Blyton's Famous Five and Secret Seven, to Agatha Christie ( I always go back to her books), Ruth Rendall, PD James, then to Elizabeth George and finally my favourite author, Anne Perry, who combines mystery and and the 1800's Victorian England. My preference would be British authors or like Elizabeth George, an american writing on British mysteries.

Now I've moved to historical books, my last two books before were about Henry the Eight's wives ( divorced, beheaded, died, beheaded and outlived him), and an interesting book by Iain Pears, An instant of a finger post- England 1600,A fellow of New College is found dead in suspicious circumstances. A young woman is accused of his murder. The story was about the death from four witnesses: an Italian physician intent on claiming credit for the invention of blood transfusion; the son of an alleged Royalist traitor; a master cryptographer who has worked for both Cromwell and the king; and a renowned Oxford antiquarian. Each tells his own version of what happened. Only one reveals the extraordinary truth. The master Cryptographer and the Oxford antiquarian existed in real life. Quite a good book I must find his other titles.

The Historian is about Vlad Tepes or better known as Dracula( son of dragon..his father's name was Dracul), who in real life does not show any vampiric tendencies but he was the cruelest king ever ( Impaled everyone his heart desire.young, old,.infants and mothers together- killed around 50 to 100 thousand people). The Historian did portray Vlad Tepes as Vampire like Bram Stoker's book, and in the former, he was alive in 1960s. In the beginning, it was hard to put down but towards the end it got quite heavy and the ending was a bit of a disappointment. But what I got out of it is, the History of Vlad Tepes..of the 15 century and I browsed on vampires and found out these interesting facts ( medically proven).

In 1727 a young soldier, by the name of Arnod Paole, returned home to a village near Belgrade, after completing his service. He had enough money to but some land and a house, and though he was a wonderful neighbor, his social skills were a little less than desireable, as he always had an air of sorrow about him. He finally fell in love with a neighbor girl and they married, though his malencholia still persisted. His wife finally managed to get the reason for his sadness out of him. Arnod admitted to her that while on duty one night, in a far town, he was attacked by a creature who bit him and tried to drain his blood. He managed to fight the thing off until dawn, when the body fell lifeless and he was able to stake and burn the body to ashes. Before doing so he drank a small amount of the vampire's blood, but being unfamiliar with the local territory, he was unable to find the vampire's grave to extract and consume the dirt from it. Arnod told his wife that he was fearful, since he had not competed the ritual, that he would become a vampire upon his death.
Not long after his confession, a loaded wagon of hay fell on Arnod one day in the field and crushed him to death. About a month after his burial, townspeople reported seeing Arnod wandering around the village, and those whom he came in direct contact with died within a few days. After ceaseless nightly attacks, the villagers decided to raise Arnod's body. His case was made unique in that government officials were called out to inspect the body and an official report was made of it. In attendance at the public exhumation were two military surgeons. When the sexton finally raised the coffin and pried open the lid, they found Arnod's body, in the ground some 40 days, fresh and in a vampiric state. The sexton exclaimed over the fresh blood at his mouth, "Ah, you didn't wipe your mouth after last night's work." A young attendant of the surgeons fainted at the sight. Arnod's body, however, was staked and burned to ash, the ashes being replaced in the grave. Several others who were have believed to have died from Arnod's attack were also exhumed and similarly reduced to ash.
However, the nightly attacks resumed some five years later, and another official investigation was conducted and many more graves were open, some being in a vampire state and others being in a normal state of decomposition. Burning the suspected vampires, and returning the others to their graves, the vamprie plague finally ceased once and for all. The report given by witnesses-- military surgeons, ang various officals-- was sent to the highest authorities and still remains intact to this day.

Peter Plogojowitz
Ten years after the death of one Peter Plogojowitz, his village in Hungary reported seeing Peter wandering the streets by night. In some instances, he came into people's houses and choked them, causing them to die in less than 24 hours. Even the widow Plogojowitz reported that her deceased husband had appeared to her, demanding his shoes. The villagers asked the local military officials for permission to disinter the body. Though reluctant, they ageed. One officer and a minister were present at the exhumation, upon which they found Peter's body intact, despite his being dead for a decade. His body was staked-- a great amount of fresh blood flowing from it-- and burnt to ash, wherein the deaths in the village ceased.

Taken from

A veritable epidemic of vampirism swept through Eastern Europe beginning in the late seventeenth century and continuing through the eighteenth century. The number of reported cases rose dramatically in Hungary and the Balkans. From the Balkans the plague spread westward into Germany, Italy, France, England and Spain. Travelers returning from the Balkans brought with them tales of the undead, igniting an interest in the vampire that has continued to this day.
Philosophers in the West began to study the phenomenon. It was during this period that Dom Augustin Calmet wrote his famous treatise on vampirism in Hungary. It was also during this period that authors and playwrights first began to explore the vampire myth. Stoker’s novel was merely the culminating work of a long series of works that were inspired by the reports coming from the region.

History never fails to fascinate me..