Thursday, June 29, 2006

Belated birthday dinner

On Tuesday DH brought us out for dinner at an English pub in Cyberjaya. Funny 3 years spent in UK, I've never been to a pub, now like 15 years later, ( my god has it been like 15 years since, well not exactly, went there in 1998 for a few days), went to an English pub in Cyberjaya. We had tenderloin. DH was dissapointed that they didn't have T- bone.last time he'd go there he said..mine too judging on the saltiness of the thingy. It was reasonably priced compared to San francisco steakhouse, i first thot tapi upanya comelnya steak dia. I prefer San francisco Steakhouse. The steak at the Pub was extra salty, the brown sauce was salty and so was the french fries. Could feel my stomach bloat.

Read in the Star today that they banned paper plane in a school in uk. Kelakar.. takut masuk mata katanya..papers must be extra sharp.

Foodwise I have improved since the weekend in Sepang, where I had three days of nasi lemak sponsored by dear Mashita. I made sure I woke up early to do T-tapp every morning. I've decided to stop tapping for two days and restart again tomorrow..just give the body a rest as I was constantly sleepy for the past few days. Today I feel ok.

Yesterday I overate Almonds, u just can't stop munching the thingy. And started to feel the cylone in the body and the migraine 'aura'. Went out and bought honey ginger, halia sira with gula. Sedap. Then went burping all evening. Great !!
Here's a few facts about ginger:

1. Prevent vomiting.
2.Prevent migraine- I can vouch to this.
3. fight off colds and discharge mucus and help boost immune system- I can vouch to this.. Last few years I have been drinking ginger tea every day and when the whole family had flu, I did not get it at all.
4.scientists discovered that ginger's antibiotic qualities killed the salmonella bug in test-tube trials
5.tonic for digestive disorders and the female reproductive system
6.ginger has an effect on blood clots that is similar to that of aspirin.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Japanese GT chicks

I am solah sleepy today. Been working for a week in a row. from like 7.30 in the morning to 8.30 in the evening. Suppose today half day. I need to get some sleep.
Sunday was all right. Penat but went to see the formation lap. Ambik gambor japanese chicks, and cars. Enjoyed it. Meeting with the stewards went ok as well. Support race finished early but since the person who was suppose to help with the main race had an eye infection had to stay till 8.30. Don't know if I should work during other race, since my leave are all spent working with SIC. Photo I managed to send from my handphone to my email..(hehehe baru tau boleh buat ni..kahkah techno savvy.. dah guna about 2 years and about to get a new phone baru pandai guna).. mm ok jugak since it is only vga. Would have posted more tapi tak arrive lagi at the mail box.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Japanese Gt Support Race

Have not been blogging as busy with registration of the Japanese Gt Support Race. I'm the secretary of the meeting for the Support Race. Solah many categories. We have Super 16, Supersaloon, Supercars, Classic cars, Formula Renault, Formula V6 and Integra Cup. A total of 142 entries. Phew!! The registration was at the support Paddock with monoxide fumes all around. Short of breath and went back with a splitting headache. People do commit suicide with monoxide gas. Was also sleepy, maybe effect from the monoxide gas(?) that I did hoe down infront of the toilet. Was caugt by a person, who probably thot I was bonkers. All in all it has been ok. One day to go.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bitten by the Tze tze fly

Yesterday I was so sleepy that I couldn't open my eyes. I thot I'd probably go to sleep as soon as I reached home. But then I was preoccupied with the dvd on sewing received from Amazon. I wondered whylah lambat sampai. The stamp on it said that it was released by customs on June 6th. The courier boy said it was at the reception for days. Reviewed the first tape and half of t he second. oklah..many things that you cannot get just from reading a sewing book tapi her voice is so monotonous rasa like falling asleep. Next is paying for the pattern or buy other patterns which are similar to the one she taught.

After maghrib did Basic plus, my fourth day yesterday. oklah ..I tried to torque a bit more, deeper KLT.

Today I am less sleepy, tho I kept waking up every half and hour in the morning. Tried a few bajus and lost the track of time. ( fascinated that I can wear dresses I can't wear two weeks ago) I'm losing inches but my weight did not budge. I'm ok with that as muscles do weigh more than fat.Went downstairs to drink LLC. Went down after bath dah lambat. Blended the black berry smoothie terlupa minum, lemon juice.

On the way to work hujan lebat giler. In the office the temperature was even worse. I don't know why we must have US climate inside the office as well. Tho it is probably less cold in US now.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Kenduri Arwah

On Saturday after work, I went to Justlife and bought rosa damascena essential oil. Best giler bau dia.. Even tho it's diluted it is still good. Reached home and made perfume oil with it. Mix it with Argan oil and pour it into the empty bottle of camelia oil I bought from rosayfruta. Next pour argan oil plus a bit of myrrh essential oil, frankinese, grapefriut essential oil and the rose for my antiageing serum. Smelled heavenly. Put the rose oil in my liquid soap too. Sampai ampang received a bouquet of roses from Shila. Beautiful bouquet. I must say my birthday this year from head to with rose. Best giler. Rushed to make trifle for tomorrow.

Morning, went down finished the final part of the trifle. Went with mak and adik to buy breakfast. Had tosay and tomato chutney best betul. At about 12, guest started to come for the kenduri arwah of my late aunty. Ok jugak.. as there were cousins I haven't seen in ages, ada a few with even grand daughters/sons. My dad said he has at least a hundred gransons/daughters. It is good that we have the get to gether which we don't get often nowadays since so many have moved away from linggi. Menu was masak lemak cili padi daging salai ( absolutely yummy, my fave), Ikan bakar, sambal mangga, ikan masin, sayur campur. makan semua!! Bila lagi.. then after 30 minutes rushed upstairs to do hoe downs.

I wanted to do basic plus in the evening , tak jumpa bilik free. So I have to add an additional day to it. On saturday I reread this article on hoe downs..

Hoe Downs seem to blast the blues away, as well as increase mental clarity. Many women have also reported that Hoe Downs seem to help control hormonal mood swings often experienced with PMS and menopause. Preliminary testing has also shown that Hoe Downs can effectively drop glucose levels quickly. Test results verified an average drop in glucose from 62 to 85 points upon completion and an average rate up to 100 points at 10 minutes post completion. Talk about a sugar buster! But even though Hoe Downs can help patients with diabetic concerns, they're also great for anyone who wants to burn off excess glucose before it converts to fat.

Met Etty's mum who commented that I've lost weight and look good. Asked me what I did I told her I did fat flush and ate organic whenever I can..
At night, brother amy said, his mum in law always compliment people she meets by saying they look slimmer.. Amy ni mmglah..

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Big day

Didn't blog yesterday. Busy layaning the auditors..yeah they are still here. Exercise wise I'm on schedule, makan wise ok except that I still eat sambal ikan bilis, now and then..

Why is today a big day, well I'm a year older. Camtu jugaklah..have to work today as the admin exec scheduled my saturday duty next Saturday, but I promised SIC I'll be work for them for Japanese GT.. Additional pocket money kan.. so I exchanged with a colleague of mine. So far it's been quiet today. I didn't go into my room sebab no air cond on Saturday and Usually sat duties angkat phone aje..better dok luar at the customer service's desk copek sikit. And it is less stuffy luar ni. Rasanya boleh balik cepat today.

I'm thnking of going to the Justlife Organic shop to get the rosa damascena essential oil. I just love it. Tho expensive, it smells heavenly. Getting it today will be cheaper as the store gives an additional 10% discount on b'days. I also have to get the cranberyy juice, nearly finishing mine, and also kalau cukup spirulina..

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Redoing T-tapp and Jessica Simpson

Yesterday, went straight home from office..well I stopped by Petronas, minyak tak ada so decided to try their Primax 3. Wow.. I can feel the difference.. lagi smooth and laju.( I'm not advertising for Petronas, selama ni pun dok guna Esso because it's near and also because I can exchange points for minyak..)
But by the time sampai umah still around half seven, do magrib then did T-tapp Basic plus. ( basic plus is just 20 minutes as opposed to 30-45 minutes I usually do) I'll try to do the basic plus for at least 7 days in a row and the every other day. Plannyalah..

Last night supposed to go to pasar malam but at 9 DH called and said he'd be late.. pukul 9 baru call kalau awal lagi dah makan dah.. Anyway had squid with lettuce plus a bit of sambal bilis.. (can't resist them) Pagi semalam had black berry smoothie, macam masam sikit daripada other berries.

This morning heard on hitz how jessica simpson asked Pamela Anderson How did you guys run so slowly in the show's opening scene. You know, where you're running down the beach?" Anderson, who played the CJ Parker in the long-running series, was rendered speechless, but after an awkward silence, patiently explained: "It was shot in slow motion. I was laughing out loud, I think the drivers around semua ingat something wrong with this woman.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tailors ,Restarting bar method , T-tapp and fat flush

I was suppose to start again last Monday but Monday had an appointment with an ex colleague at the Masjid KLIA. She returned the smocking books and magazines borrowed. When I came back it was almost half seven and abandoned the idea. Actually I could have done maghrib and do it then, but browsed the books instead. Then I tried to do the ribbon thingys and CSI was on, that was that.

Yesterday, Went to Alam Sentral, wanted to go during lunch time but it was raining cats and dogs , so went in the evening instead. Picked out a tailor that I thot would not be expensive, based on the look of the shop. Ada pulak she asked me whether I've sent to them before and that I know what her charges would be. Eksyen nye.. Apparently they were not the actual tailor, org tengah aje, patutlah weird semacam suruh I try contoh baju aje. Sebab maleh nak pi anywhere else, actually I should as there were so many tailors there or I could have gone to the tailor one floor below. Funny thing is she asked me how much I think it'll cost, I told her the rate the tailor quoted. And she said did I sent to kedai biasa2.. I told her tailor kat bawah.. Where is the PR of this people? I should have just walked out.

I could have sent the fabric to Catherine, the tailor I had since I was small ( she looked exactly like she did dulu..pompuan ni makan apa entah). Tapi her tailoring sometimes inconsistent especially during raya time, but other times more than ok. Her designs are also ok. except that she sometimes need PR course too. If you've gained weight she'd comment, ada ke sekali she commented someone's tush bigger than her mother, dahlah mengamuk kawan. The amount tailors nowadays charge you'd think, baik you jadi tailor aje..

Hantar baju to tailor, went to Cold storage for my blueberries, black berries. I found out that the blackberries in one large box was cheaper than the small box. Apa lagi.. Beli berries ni bukan apa, I thot since I'm missing some of my fav food, I'd splurge on something nutritious, exotic and tasty. Balik dah kul 9, tengok desperate housewives then tido. Sempatlah jump sekejap on t he rebounder, tho my kids joined in and dah ...

Foodwise, I 've been ok.
Monday brought jikama aka sengkuang to nibble on, mushroom omelette. Tapi dok munch sengkuang, suddenly it was lunch time, so went out to buy to buy ayam percik ayam kampung with barely covered kuah, lots of sayur and sambal ikan bilis..I know I've got to ditch the sambal ikan bilis but I love my sambal. Half way thru dah kenyang. Had the omelette for dinner.
Tuesday, brought more sengkuang and raspberry smoothie for breakfast and snack. Finished them at 11 am. At 12, went to get ikan percik and lots of sayur with a bit of sambal belacan..sambal belacan is a better alternative to sambal oil. Dinner had my favourite dish, the ceasar salad and grilled chicken at Nando's. Best and pedas giler.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Things to do for izan's wedding

1. Hantar baju tailor- must do it today..sibuk kita org lain kahwin kita pun nak melawa.
2.Flower girls' dress trimmings..I've bought ribbons and while watching CSI yesterday tried to do flowers out of them.
3. headress for flower girls must try to find headband and decorate it with bunga stokin and/or ribbons

Diet Challenges

I find it difficult to find food that is reasonably healthy to eat in Malaysia.
1. Nasi Lemak.. Who created this nasi lemak. It is such a delicious food. Coconutmilk rice, coupled with sambal tumis ( combination of santan and sambal tumis ni mmg mengancam, try curry with sambal belacan/tumis..potent combination , air liur pun meleleh.) fried anchovies, fried peanuts and cucumber or the kangkung - for 197 g it has 297 calories.
2. Roti Canai.. Luckily I tak suka this oil laden food. Made from white flour , soaked with oil and fried with oil- for41g ( 1 portion) -122 calories , curry-330g 450 calories well may be 40 g, about 2 tablespoon with roti canai around 60 g you'll have this curry. Dhall curry 153 g 121 calories
3.Bubur nasi- Chicken porridge.595 g 211 calories.
4.Curry puff- white flour with chicken curry filing -wow this small thing is packed with it..246 calories. for one portion.
5.Pisang goreng- Fried banana fritters coated with flour- Once upon a time, when I was in my teens I love this thing.( still do but..1 piece 197 calories. )
6.Jemput Pisang - Banana plus flour and fried made into small balls-1 piece 220 calories baik makan nasi lemak at least kenyang.
7. Capati - I love this thingy tho1 piece 144 calories with curry ( 2 table spoon) 60 cal. Maybe if you make it yourself the cal will be less as it is only made with wholemeal flour and water( dah lama tak buat )

Tu dia.

Blom lunch lagi.. So difficult to get a decent lunch without it being packed with oil- Go to the malay foodstall and there will be a spread of dishes with like 2 inches of oil on it. even vegetable soup. You want to eat salad and you'll like have to pay so much of it when, if you make it it'll cost 1/4 of the price if of course you have t he time.

Have you ever wondered why you consume the same amount of stuff, if not lesser than you did in your teens but you are gaining weight like nobody's business. Here is why accoording to researches.

1. Men/women after age of 35 gain 1 pound of fat due to muscle loss caused by inactivity which cause drop in metabolism.

Muscle decrease, Metabolism decrease fat increase. Increase metabolism fat decrease.

how to increase metablosm:
. Don’t skip meals
Skipping meals causes metabolism to slow down, as the body burns fewer calories to compensate for a reduced food intake. Additionally, eating food helps you to burn calories, since the body uses energy for digestion. Research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that the more frequently people ate-that is, the greater the number of eating occasions, the lower the risk for obesity. ( but of course choose the less fat variety)
This is why of course people who diet without exercising gain what they lost and more when they start to eat normally. reduce intake reduce metabolism reduce muscle.
2. Include protein with each meal and snack
Protein can help to keep metabolism at an optimal level, especially on a weight loss diet. Protein sources including fish, poultry, dairy and eggs contain leucine, an amino acid that may play a role in preserving muscle mass during weight loss, which ultimately helps to keep metabolism at full speed. Try to include at least 20 grams of protein with each meal.
3. Try drinking green tea
Research from Switzerland has shown that individuals who consume green tea extract, in combination with caffeine, have a 4% increase in metabolic rate. (Those consuming only caffeine did not experience any change in metabolism). Catechins are chemicals in green tea that are thought to be responsible for changes in metabolism.
4. Start pumping iron
Lifting weights helps to build more muscle mass, and muscle is more metabolically active (burns more calories) than fat. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn throughout the day, even when you are not exercising.
5. Or do /yoga/bar method/pilates or any other exercise which increase lean and long muscle mass by exhausting the muscle fibers without bulking.
6. Aerobics is good for burning fat but doing it alone will not increase muscle.

There easier said than done. Now to start doing it

Monday, June 12, 2006

So lah Sleepy

I am so lah sleepy today. DH came in late to sleep last night entah buat apa in front of the computer. I for one will wake a few times at night sampai dia masuk. I always have that problem. To make matters worse, one of the lights was on. Grr..

Kakak and Adik won't be going to school today as DH had to go to Singapore for two days. Dapat extended school holiday pulak. Must call the maid not to cook tonite. Ok jugak at least taklah i meratah benda2 mengarut.. Anyway I've got to do at least some form of fat flush this two weeks.

Also must do Bar method today.

Saturday and Sunday happenings


Maid wanted to go to to Kuantan to see her brother. Told her off for twice failing to come back on time. Selalu come back on Monday and menyusahkan semua org. Told her if she didn't come back on Sunday, will not allow her to ever go to Kuantan again.

Planned to go skating at Sunway Pyramid with BIL, Shila and family. They picked Kakak and Adik from my parents and went to Ablen's (mimi's bertandang). Dh had to work so stayed with Qisty. Jahit Dahlia's surprise b'day dress. Qisty was bored.. dah lah tu main mama ( moi nose up the sewing machine since 8 am, determined to finish the dress). Abandoned the idea of giving daya the dress, upanya awful giler... Qisty has taken a liking for it tho..yelah tak nampak senget2 jahitan mak dia..I don't know why I keep doing it tho..I 'll get it right.. I hope..( meranapkan a few fabrics on the way)

Dh came back around 5 something and rushed to Sunway Pyramid. There was a construction therefore had to make a u turn and parked at the Masjid and climbed the jejantas with Qisty.
Rushed to Parkson to buy Dahlia a dress hahaha..Daya sure glad I bought the dress rather than sew one. Semua went skating. Adik and kakak had to hold the sides while I entertained qisty who wanted to go in. Finally distracted her by buying her corn in a cup. Later went to Mc Donalds with Lana. Lana asked me about being on diet.. I told her weekend tak diet. Actually I was on the binge for the whole week entah kenapa.. I have this lets gain what you've lost week. I 've got to restart on Monday.

Then suddenly Qisty went missing. Lana and I searched at the playground area of mc D tak ada panik jugak.. suddenly Lana lari. Apparently she was near the car park exit ready to go out. Ish geramnya. I was so angry with her that I scolded her and pinched her a few times. She didn't cry but have this bersalah look on her face. Semua org pandang, anak kena abuse. Panic betul. Thank you so much lana for running after her. Mcmmana she got off tak perasan as we were busy sorting out who is to carry which bags. She was suppose to be in her push chair. Lain kali kena tengok her, lantak pi the bags. How she could have walked that far beats me..I would have thot she'd be at the playground area.. Pandai aje budak ni..

Cooked nasi lemak. Went out to shop for zip. The zip I used for baju-daya-bagi-tina too small. Bought entah apakebende like threads, more storage for my sewing thingys, and another of my favourite instrument- the seam ripper..hahaha..I have to have and extra one, in case the current one goes's the current most used instrument. DH said he wanted to go to Nilai 3, while waiting sewed kakak's almost finished dress from Damansara Perdana class.

At about 6 the maid came back. We went out to Nilai 3 to search for qisty's rocking horse. Jumpa..lah tak payah pi jauh2.. found gorgeous teak four foster bed...I don't know why I have this thing for four posters, and a few things on my want list. I told DH I want to create a sewing corner in the room and want to get a new table. But didn't find any yg boleh fit that particular corner, not that I have the budget for it this month.

Friday, June 09, 2006

8th June - Date for birthdays and anniversaries

So fixated was I with my anniversary, I forgot to wish Iji, the second in the family, who turned thirty five yesterday. Happy Birthday Iji!! And also it is my brother Amy, (the fourth and youngest and Etty's 4th anniversary). 8th June is really a popular date in our family. Iji always say that his b'day is eclipse by our anniversaries. Sorrylah iji. I actually sms him at 9 last night.

DH planned to take me to see Da vincci Code last night, but I was reluctant, yelah 2 hours plus movie and the next day have to go to work. So we went to San Francisco Steakhouse instead with Qisty.

Let me tell you about our first date. We went to Bangsar Shopping centre, Restoran Rasa Utara. I had my contact lenses on and my eyes was watery. Dh said I winked at him and that did it. From that day on, he came down all the way from Johor every Friday and went back on Sunday night until the day we married. Tu dia.. I pun terkejut.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

10th Anniversary

I can't believe we've been married for 10 years. Let me story you our courtship..yelah sempena anniversary nikan.

We met through Shila and mak buntat's effort. Of course I have met Epi, BIL, whenI was in UK. I always had some minor diagreement with him on little things like Natwest business hours and the Southern line of the underground.. both occasion I was right as I went banking at Nat west at the time he said it closed and I always use the Southern line to see my friend zi but Epi tak nak mengaku salah.

I even met Daus there, Shila said said he had chicken pox and Epi sd no, it turned out shila was right.

At the time my mum was worried dok menjaja to everyone she met to find me a boyfriend, punyalah malu macam tak laku.. Aunty Leha match makekan I with this 31 yr old guy, muka boleh tahan, he called and we met at Pizza Hut. On the phone he putihkan, as if, even if I was ugly, if I was fair somehow it'll be bearable..ade ke.. Yucks..

Anyway, he was intimidated that I was a manager ( tak tau ke company comel), and an accountant. His background was advertising. Paling I tak suka mamat yg tak ada self-confidencei. The next morning, he brought me to see his family. Dekat betul rumah dia, dekat Jalan Kolam Air lama belakang SPCA aje. Alamak..Must have succumbed to my charms..but it was way too fast for me. After that we met a few times. I was busy at the time, new job and also the accounts was messy so I had to work on public holidays even, so I had to decline a few dates ..dia marah .. he said my work is much more important than him..Lepas tu.. Sorrylah... Nobody can control my life like that..dahlah tak ada apa2, So I ended it. He wanted the photograph back, eh(?) apparently he has given a photograph to aunty Leha which I have never seen.

After that I met this Internal audit guy, ( whose colleague I met recently at Mimi's wedding, aunty Rokiah's sedara), who seemed interested but punyalah penyegan nak talipon. After coming to my parents house lagilah..( I had two other guys who backed out after coming to our house-who thot our house was big). Always I had to be the one making the calls. At the time Epa and I dated, I stopped calling him, fed up dah, taulah partner of an accounting firm, takkan tak boleh spare time. When I gave him the wedding invitation, one of his ex colleague came down from MISC, told me he was really crushed. Too badlah kan, sampai bila nak jadi macam tukul and pahat.

Dates with Epa(DH), let me tell you honestly, boring giler..Sorry sayang!! The first question he would ask, never fail is, Siapa ada kat rumah. After a few dates rasa macam nak jerit kat dia. I heard Uncle Mail lent DH, shirts to wear and even iron them Thank you uncle Mail. Once he smelled lika mak buntat..sebab silap ambik perfume..hahaha. Masa tu jugak I dapat chocolates and roses, sekarang tak ada lagi..

The first time I heard his voice, I thot he sounded like Epi..nak ke I jumpa, would he be as obnoxious as Epi was. When I met him..lah..compact version of Epi. Tho lacking charms he managed to capture my heart.

Through the 10 years I must say I was happy. Although material wise, anniversary pressie tak pernah dapat (only jewellery wedding ring and engagement ring) he surprised me in different ways. Thank you sayang!! (sorry kalau korang rasa macam nak muntah)..

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

666 Sign of the beast

Yesterday, 6th June 2006. New remake of The Omen was out yesterday. Yes I remember that movie, scared the living daylights out of me but too young to remember the story though.. maybe I should watch it. I don't like watching horror movies, I hate being terkejut. Malay horror movie I like watching, just to see whether it should have been categorised under comedy and whether it succeeds in making us scared .

This morning, Jay jay and Rudy of hitz fm talked about what happened yesterday. In US, a guy said if there is a god, then he would not be hurt and jumped into the lion's den..kena maul to death..Of course the lion was being a lion. In Philipines, the mummies there postponed the birth of their children takut nanti besor jadi mcm damian. Then jay jay and rudy asked the listeners what weird thing happened to them yesterday. Me.. I terlangsung the KLIA tol and went out Nilai's tol instead, cost 1.80 more and minyak almost nak habis ( just filled in 30 in the morning) Tsk tsk tsk.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Kakak's and adik's holiday trip and Mimi's wedding


In the morning tried to use my serger or the mesin jahit tepi which I bought eons ago but afraid to try. After dealing with the berbulu2 edges of kain which I actually hand hemmed like the old fashion baju kurung, I thot I have this machine which will make my life easier but why aren't I using it. So I experimented until finally after an hour or more, I got it right.

Kakak and adik packed their bags for a week with atuk and nini's. Dad just came back from Kelantan and bought us caftans, keropoks and the thai mattress thingy which cost around 50 ringgit in Kelantan as opposed to 120 in Yow Chuan.

Showed ida the pattern from the Ato Z ribbon emboidery and wanted to buy more ribbons at Cottage Patch tapi tutup pulak. Went to KLCC, bought two nightgowns for qisty and one each for kakak and adik. DH bought qisty new shoes. Qisty will not wear pyjama to sleep nowadays hence more for her. Speaking of nightgown, I nearly finished hers but I'll give to adik instead. She appreciate more. Next would be finishing kakak's dress which almost done from Damansara Perdana Class and project after, their dresses for Izan's wedding.

Had pizza for dinner to celebrate bro Iji's b'day which will coincide with Amy and My 10th anniversary.


Mimi's wedding. DH, Qisty and I arrived around 1. Kakak, adik and parents came later. Mimi looked radiant. Very beautiful dress she had on. Pictures from izreen's photopages .. Sigh.. wish I have camera to capture.. DH said I have to wait till July.

Planned to watch MI3 tapi dah tak tunjuk kat wayang. Parents in law at home, cooked kerabu mangga, pais.


Diarrhea- stayed at home..watched episodes 3-8 of the desperate housewife, 13 and one weird b movie on cheerleaders..jadi couch potato for a day.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lana's engagement photo

Curi dari hypersagichick.

E filing frenzy.

That time of the year again, where everyone does their income tax filing. Last year I managed to fill the tax form and asked a colleague to put it in the box for me. I got the form back as it was unsigned . This year as they have e filing I thot that it will be easier, I can do it at the comfort of my home/office plus bcoz they extended the date for e-filing. I went to register on the 28th April. The guy who registered for me offered to do it for me then since I have my EA forms with me, I told him I'll do it later as I wanted to study the thing.hehe wanted to get into the last minute frenzy. Last monday I set the alarm in my handphone to remind myself to do it. On Tuesday filled in the form and try to send but nothing happened. No message saying either way. Studied the FAQ and retried a few times but to no avail. Tried again yesterday sama jugak. In the end, saved it into my thumb drive ( thank heavens for thumb drives). printed out a copy, sign and went to LHDN Shah Alam.

I told them my problem and was ushered, along with I think 8 other persons, to the deputy director's room. We waited...after a while they told us the server was down and we could come later. No way I'm coming back at night, I've got to go back to Sepang. We suggested that they just take the soft copy instead and give us a receipt. I understand them having teething problems..Some guy was telling us that amazon usa handled like 20 million transaction a day.
After waiting for two hours, they finally said they'dl take a hard copy and issue out a receipt, I mean we can't wait the whole night waiting for the server to be up. Luckily I have a copy with me..

Then went to Alam Sentral and spent the hours exploring the mall. Sent a baju to the tailor, Bought fabrics for the girls.. hahaha yg kat rumah pun tak berjahit lagi, and a lime green baju moden for kakak, too big for her, I have to do alteration.

Next year I'll file the tax earlier..hahaha