Monday, July 31, 2006

The weekend that was

Maid wanted to go back to Kuantan, Apparently sprained her ankle and had to go to Kuantan to urut..(rolling my eyes). Sprained because she was carrying a 19 kilos toddler. Yes, Qisty is 19 kilos, same weight as adik. Morning bought roti canai, brought out the sourdough starter konon nak buat bread. Malam went to Alamanda for dinner.

My soap has separated. Used the urine strip to test for ph. The top soap is neutral but the bottom part, high alkaline. Will have to cut of the bottom part. Will try again next week.

Usually sundays we would have nasi lemak but since we were going Ida's house for Briyani lunch, cooked sausages. The kids had like 4 each. The kids baked brownies for Afiq. I wanted to bring bread but my bread still did not rise, so brought sambal ikan bilis instead. Reached at Ida's at around 1 .20. Ida called to pick iji atKLIA but we were already at kinrara. Ate nasi about 4 ,Afiq cut his cake. Sorry no photo. Still have not received the camera. Didn't use my Vga camera.

Reached home around 9. The sourdough has not risen but there were water in my dough. Did kak ti tip the water in I wonder. Should have put it under the tudung saji. Will do another starter today and do the bread immediately after the starter start to rise.

Rainy monday morning. What else can I say. Kakak will start her test today.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Fahim Hafiy

Another addition to the Adom clan. Pictures courtesy of Mazran, father of Fahim Hafiy. Congratulations Ann and Mazran.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy birthday Afiq

Hit by a truck. That's how I felt yesterday. I 'm sure I have bruises everywhere. Yes.. Went to Kak Kesum's for massage. Tell me again why I was there.. I don't remember it being that painful. I've got so many twisted vein you'd think. My hump still hurts but I could turn my leg without pain.

I first went to Kak Kesum's early this year when my neck hurts. When to the dr and he gave muscle relaxant..tak baik.. so in the end went to kak kesum.. boy she's one strong lady.. sakit giler mcm nak terkencing. the next two days felt like being hit by the truck, then the pain dissappeared.

Before kak kesum, I always went to mak cik urut in ampang, right now can't remember her name. She urut.. so lah lembut( at least not like kak kesum), rasa but taklah sampai nak ter... I went to her for my post natal uruts ( for babies no 1 to 3) and also sometimes just for lulur.. can fall asleep one..With kak kesum....

My sour dough has gone yeasty.. the lactiapakebende wild yeast is in the dough.. I'll probably do the bread on Saturday.. Sunday will be Afiq's b'day celebration. Given him the poweranger suit for his b'day but got to buy something else this weekend.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Creaky Leg

My right leg is still giving me problems. On Wednesday called the mak cik urut. She's in Malacca, I wanted to make appointment for Saturday. She said too far ahead call her on Friday. Tried all day friday couldn't get her. On Sunday morning someone picked up the phone, she's gone to Kuala Pilah. Today handphone not answered phoned her house, have to call her around 1.30. Mengalah menteri. Sigh..

Did the sourdough starter on Sunday. Sourdough starter is wild yeast, the way org2 dulu make bread. They ferment the dough for a few days until it bubbles and gives out a sour puke like smell, then they make bread with it. I am going to try this and by tuesday or wednesday my starter would be ready.

at around 5 went to Equine Park 's Aeon ( former JJ) shopping centre. Parking is still free, quite a small JJ, 2 stories but I quite like it. It's organic section is larger than the one in Bukit Raja. I was able to buy millet and quinoa, no amarith and I forgot to buy rye and no spelt either, I just have to make do with what I have..

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Insurance Drama

Monday tired. Eyes still red. Decided not to put in the eye drops as my eyes became worse. Mum suggested that i tried the habatussauda and yemen honey. Oklah..I have tasted habatussauda before and I have tried dad's yemen honey. Boss not around went to India. Found out loads of work mainly tax. Sigh. Kakak and adik ponteng.

Tuesday I'm allright tho my right leg is giving me problems. Especially when driving and sujud. And also I found something that made my blood boil. My car was insurance cancelled effective from March 06. &**%%& X insurance!!

Storynya camni.. All the years I have been using Lon Pac car insurance with the Satria. So when I bought the Gen2 I referred Lon Pac for the NCD. Yelah dah bertahun driving, sure NCD banyakkan. In March I received a letter from X insurance saying I short paid them the NCD amount. Of course I don't want to pay , I should have a some NCD. It was 55% the last time I renewed. I know it goes down every year that I don't renew so it might be less than 55% but some sort of a deduction should be there. Apparently the last year I renewed was not with Lon pac. I went to this Nilai insurance agent and she did not use lon pac. I thot she did. But never fear lon pac had my records, after all these years and they said my NCD was with Royal Sun ( of which they informed this x company). I called Royal Sun, but unlike Lon Pac, they can't fax confirmation of NCD over to me, X insurance has to write in to them. Then on the 28th April I received a policy from X with 55% NCD. I thot well banyak jugak NCD aku ni and dah settle upanya. Then on tueday I received arefund from X insurance saying they've cancelled my insurance since March and informed the Pengarah JPJ.

What the....

I fumed ...., wrote nasty letter to X company and decided to go to Nilai agent for insurance. I wanted to cover from now to end of the year so that I can do the road tax together. Expensive she said. I wouln't be able to use my NCd as it was less than a year. In the end she calculated with reduction of NCD 25% comes to around 1k plus. What!!!

and there will be a diffrent timing of the road tax bla bla bla.. Complicated.

Meanwhile, X insurance apologised and after investigating, said I have like 38% NCD from Royal Sun and Id have to return them the refund cheque and pay around 400. That's more like it. And I don't have to worry about timing of the road tax. Phew...

Itulah dia the insurance drama. Not covered since March dahlah bawak keta daily from Sepang Shahlalam...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Auditioning for pontianak harum Sundal Malam

I've got the Conjuctivitis. Excellent substitute for Maya Karin Eye double - without the contact lense, and I even have the streaming of tears bit and more thingy (may be irrelevant to the script unless you want to portray the vampire freshly awake) in the corner of my inner eye. Pontianak Sundal Malam, the movie acted by Maya Karin, regarding a female vampire.

I was given medical leave from Wednesday onwards. And I had the package, high fever with sore throat that seemed to go on for ages. I usually have my remedy of honey, lemon ,vitamin C ,ginger and two days tops it'll go back to normal but this time around the thingy came with a vengence. I recovered from fever in just about two days last fortnight, then Qisty had her bouts of fever then I got this, triple of what I got from last fortnight.I threw in everything in the mug fresh ginger, fresh garlic, fresh onion, lemon, honey, aloe vera..nothing worked. Finally on Saturday, no fever but my eyes were still red.

Altho having fever I had to finish the girls' dresses, hoped no one scrutinise the sewing as my eyes sekali sekala went blur.


Added ribbons at the waist, near collar and sleeves.

Sunday, Izan's wedding was spectacular . Mak Buntat is really a good wedding planner. The Hall was beautifully decorated. Lots of Sundal Malams, white frangant lilys, jasmine, roses, daisies, crysanthemums. Izan wore a beautiful dress with a train like the late princes diana. I'll story you about that later, got to catch up with work but let me post photos of of two beautiful daughters.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Monday Blues

Monday morning rasa macam malas nak bangun, tak cukup tido as Qisty was still feverish. Had to give her fever medicine at 3 am. Maybe I should be the Nurefen thingy just for minum malam, then mama would have uninterrupted sleep till six. Solah malas.. I had to alter like three agreements, which put me further to sleep. Bought bread at apekebende BHP, Boustead's Petrol?, wanted to buy toast'em tapi tak ada had to make do with just plain wholemeal bread. This weekend nak try to do sourdough, if I can finish the flower girl dresseslah. No mood even to eat lunch, so kirim instead laksa, which taste oklah but I would prefer it to be more sour. Wanted papaya but they didn't sell 'em today, so had guava and mango instead.

Reached home at around 6.45pm. Wanted to do T-tapp but was distracted with the dresses so spent time on them instead. Managed to finish embellish adik and kakak's. Will start on the other two today.

Today, feeling ok. Qisty's fine. No fever. Mama also woke up refreshed. Went down stairs to roast beef. Then mandi, subuh buat PBS a bit and went downstairs to cut lettuce, make blackberry smoothie, potong sengkuang , did kakak and adik's hair and got in car.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Congratulations Izan and Husin

Picture taken from izreen's fotopages.
Clockwise, Johan, Adik, Kakak, Sophia, Nadine, Sara, Dahlia.

Izan's wedding

Friday nite

Called Dh and reminded him that we have to go to Ampang tonite as Izan's nikah at 11 in the morning. He said he has a meeting at 6.30pm so lambat sikit. I busied myself altering kakak's lime green dress for Izan's nikah.. Teruknya workmanship, I hope nobody belek the dress. I had to shorten like about12 inches.. yelah baju budak 11 years old and she's quite short for a 9 year old. Did a few ribbon flowers for their flower girl dress and got ready the dresses they were suppose to wear tomorrow.


Woke up early and went with mum to buy breakfast. Woke DH up and readied the kids. Qisty still has fever and refused to take her medicine. We thot of going at 10 but Qisty had poo. After washing her and put her in her lime green organza beaded baju kurung ( saje nak emphasise sebab what happen next..), she threw up all over her dress. Luckily mum found a brown beaded strap dress. Dah lari colour scheme.. Reached there the akad nikah was on and ustaz was giving a sermon.

Izan looked lovely in her dress. The pelamin was very nicely done and so was the hantaran. Shila and I discussed about the flower girl dresses and found fresh ideas on a dress worn by another girl.

Qisty altho sick was very active. She couldn't stay in a spot. While everybody was watching the bersanding ceremony she went in and out from one end and to another. After a while she slept on the couch, tired I supposed. Collected toll from the best man at the door, then watched the ambo2, whre mak mas threw coins and chocolates. Kakak got RM2.50, banyaknya, wondered if some of them are Dahlia's, since she lost hers.

Got back and left DH asleep at mak buntat's.He missed the bersanding ceremony typical... when consuming nasi minyak. Ida and I worked on kakak and adik's hair. Adik's curl was lovely, Ida did a wonderful job and adik was very happy with her hair. she calls the perm-.. style pronounce as sty -yel. Kakak's hair was equally nice but looked frizzy , maybe because her hair is finer than adik's.

Then I was overcame with a tremendous migraine. I couldn't eat. Put in a spoonful of rice and it went all out. Plus Qisty has high fever and wanted to be in my arms. Si tembam.. after a while penat jugak. Mak buntat called for supper. Had to decline but DH, kakak and adik went. Qisty and I went to sleep.


Worked on the ribbon flowers. Taught Tin, brother amy's maid how to do it. She was relaively quick with it and the flowers were nicely turned out too. I was not bothered about the size of the flower, it is handmadekan. Had to go to the clinic as Qisty's fever medicine dah habis and she has a whole lot of other illnes such as diarrhea, red eye and complained of stomach ache since last night. While I was gone Tin did quite alot of them flowers and I had to add just another two to make it 40.

At around 4 Shila came over and we mulled over how to arrange the flowers and sewed on two samples. The dresses were transformed. Mak Buntat came with two other dresses from Husin's side.

At around 9 went back to Sepang. Dh stayed up to watch the finals. I couldn't sleep, worried about Qisty's fever.


Kakak and adik didn't go to school, mum too tired to wake up early to send them.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Qisty has high fever.

Since yesterday Qisty has fever. Quite high judging from the warmth of her forehead. My Dad has reminded me a few times to buy a thermometer. My sis, Ida has the one where you poke in the ear, very the canggih, even some doctors in clinic used the strip thermometer My brother amy has a similar one as well. Me entah bila nak beli. (eh lupalak yg the ones I usd for making soap hahaha)

Yesterday morning around three, I gave her (Qisty) the nuerofen apakebende, cepat jugak the fever went down. Stayed up a few times tried to bring down her fever with a wet towel, in the end bagi ubat aje. At about 6.30 had to get up but was really sleepy. Grabbed something to wear and suddenly Qisty sat upright and asked..mama pakai baju princess ( any long dress is considered a princess dress). I carried her down, and when kakak and adik readied to go to school, Qisty too put on her shoes. In the end I took her along. When we reached kakak's school, she wanted to get down as well. At adik's school we got out. Had to wait for the principal to pay for the fees. She seemed active, mama had to spent the day at work feeling sleepy.

Last night her fever tinggi jugak lagi. Slapped on the cool fever thingy on her forehead and fell asleep. At about 12 woke up to find her still watching Rapunzel with the cool fever thingy missing. Gave her another dose of the fever medicine and insisted that she wear the cool fever thingy. Susahnya nak convinced. In the end she said ok.

Yesterday went to pharmarcy to buy the some cream ,hairspray and curlers to set kakak and adik's hair. Did Tina's even. But the hair went limp and sticky

Today went to JJ, thot of buying the hot curlers thingy bought perm solution instead.. Phoned Ida for a date to perm.

Funny things: Jasin MP wanted to buy compresor mercedes but didn't get what he wanted and bad mouth the customs. Funny man. Wonder why we have this kind of MP putting his needs first above all macam budak tak dapat his favourite toy.

World Cup.. Italy vs France. Rooting for France. DH before the quarter finals said that he would be rooting for the Italian, I thot Italy? no way.. tiba2 kalahkan Germany the team I thot would win the World cup.

Also panicking about the dresses the girls are going to wear at Felda Perdana. and their head dress. And I've got to shorten kakak's baju kurung for tomorrow. Wah!!

Just now I wore the ring that is suppose to betray my emotion. It went blue on me indicating that I'm stressed or depressed or something. I thot..benda ni menipu.. now I'm not so sure.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Soap Opera and kakak’s 9th bday.


Spent the whole day making soap. Went out for last minute soap ingredient and mould shopping. Bought a rectangular mould and palm oil. I have bought some cute shaped moulds but I‘d probably use them once the soap is cured, as it won’t be caustic then.

I have read the instructions like a hundred times and from different sources. Must remember the most important points – Not to pour water into lye and oils into lye as it may explode. Must wear goggles and gloves.

First measured water and poured into a jug. Next measured lye and poured into water. Then take the temperature of the lye water. Measured Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil and non organic Palm oil. Difficult to get Palm Organic Oil here at least certified ones.. how sad and we are producing palm oil. Heated up the oils and as it got to around 60c , leave it to cool. When the oils and lye water reached to about 40c combined them. Stirred them. And stirred , showed light trace. Stirred again sampai naik bosan. Read the instruction that it can take days with vegetable oils. Didn’t want to spend the weekend stirring as had to go to mum at night. Read further, two methods to hasten, either use a handblender, which I don’t have or cook it to get the ‘trace ‘ that I want , which should look pudding like. Cooked it I did. It did look like pudding.

Then as I removed it from the heat they separate, the oil and the soap like thingy.. help… I read other sources on tracing. Some advise pouring the fragrance and super fatting oils anyway and pour into the mould.. So I put a bit of sunflower oil for moisturizing properties, argan oil for antioxidant, Vitamin E for preservative and 10% Bulgarian rose otto for that heavenly smell. And poured them in the mould. Yikes Mould too big.. Hahaha..had to use Tupperware instead. Darn should have bought a smaller one instead, tapi tak pandai agak. Note to self, buy a stick blender.

Went to parents’ house. Dad watched football , malehlah tengok England lawan apakebende Portugal ni, so tido. DH dah berdengkur. At about 3, DH went to the toilet terjaga. A few minutes later had to go to the loo but he was still in there therefore went out. Then tossed and turned a few times, decided to join abah to watch Brazil and France, my first world cup ever. Enjoyed the game, was rooting for ze French. Brazil mmg tak ada taring. In the end French won.


Woke up at about 8. Ye awalnya.. went to Pasar to buy ingredients for nasi lemak and cooked the sambal sotong. After breakfast dah sleepy giler. Had to shout at the kids a few times for being noisy. Later went to Ampang Point to buy kakak’s bday dress.Nini and atuk bought for kakak a dress and apair of jeans and t-shirt, I bought a 12 ringgit K mart dress and a T-shirt for her. Dresses yg lain tak berkenan, have to buy her dress lain for birthday dress. Or maybe make her one. Entah bilalah dia nak dapat if I were to make her one. Bought her chocolate cake, and a magic kit, balloons panjang yg clown use and a book on how to shape the balloons and also a Art attack book.

At about 4 Kakak cut the her cake.
Spent the evening jadi clown shaping balloons into poodles, rhino, giraffe. The kids enjoyed it. Cooked nasi Briyani using the package bought from my clerk. Shila and family arrived. Showed her my plans with the flower girl’s dresses. Ate nasi briyani.. Went home.

Demam. Went to clinic, picked up the girls sleep.

Demam. Same as the day before.