Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wedding and Monster House

On Saturday was cousin Roha's, who is my age, wedding in Linggi. DH had to take the Bukit Pelanduk way, nearer he said but if we hadmy maid in the car she would have filled the car with her barf. We reached there around 2.30 late considering we were juat 30 minutes away. Lots of slow moving lorries on the road.The Bride looks ok. Congratulations Roha and Husband.
Later at night we went to see Monster House. Oklah. The children liked it. One character reminded us of adik~ no front teeth!!

Sunday mum and dad came over on the way from KLIA~ their maid had to go back, father was not well. Brother Amy and family came over. At around 7 something we sent them to the airport. They were going to Melbourne. Qisty wanted to follow Trisya and Trisya wanted Qisty to follow her. Tina nak naik Plane Baba!! To pacify Qisty we went to the playground with plane model. When asked again, nak naik plane.. she said Tina dah naik plane.oklah..

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Seremban Revisited

At least once a year we will visit Seremban. One of the reason would be to renew the maid's passport. Since the nearest Fomema is there we'd go there.

Let me tell you about Seremban. Capital of Negeri Sembilan, Seremban was where I was born. Both mum and dad were from Linggi, Negeri Sembilan. The old hospital I was born in, now house mentally challenged patients. My youngest brother too was born in Seremban ( two siblings in between born in Selangor). I remember when we were small every time we passed by the old hospital, mum and dad would say' look the hospital Along was born, now hospital orang gila and then proceeded to show the new hospital where brother Amy was born. Sigh.

My first primary school was Convent Seremban, my headmistress then was my mum's class teacher. Yesterday the building ~ no longer there, instead there's an oxidation pond.

After form three I was offered a place in MRSM Seremban. Now, memories there are precious. First time I went there, culture shock jugak, first coed school.

All I remember about Form Four and Five is the big crush I had on this one guy. Of course I also remember the hysteria. About 10 girls screamed and later on fell unconcious, supposedly possessed by the spirit of the tree near the library. Chaos at that time ~ boys were seen in the girls hostels as the girls had to be restrained. I remember, a prefect Rohaida said.. the boys being in the hostels was catalyst for the hysteria .

Had a great time during A level. Yours truly, couldn't do without sambal belacan would bring lesung and buy cili padi from a supermarket in Wisma Punca Emas ( sad place now) . Later we had cili padi tree just outside our room, the seeds from our sambval belacan. When we were hungry, we would pool instant noodle, Maggii and pass round the bowl ~ two tablespoons each.
I found my old diary- day to day journal of life there, quite boring on weekdays, no wonder I resorted to finding someone to admire. We would write the name of the boys on the wall and everytime we decide to change to another boy we would put up a tally mark. I had the most tally mark.

A levels was the time I bemoaned when I would find a boyfriend, when suddenly towards the end of the year I found out I had five admirers. Terkezut!!One sent the La is La Bonita Song by Madonna.One approached. I agreed to meet but later on did not want to go on as I thot the boy was suffocating me but he was persistent so I turned my attention to one of his bestfriends. Hell broke loose. He wrote a few things on the door of his room for all to see.

I remember during Ramadhan, makcik dapur would cook something for girls who were not able to fast. Balik from the kitchen, we were teased by the boys, as they knew where we've been.

The main activity for us during evening would be mengintai. There were holes on the curtains, some are made, to peep through, as the boys would play just opposite of our rooms. Some of my friends from other rooms would come to our room to peep as well.

Those were the days. DH went to SDAR which was in Seremban too. During orientation form four, we had to go to SDAR to cheer the hockey players.

One of our dating venue was Seremban.

Seremban then and now. Not much has changed.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Today woke up with a headache. Called office ~ medical leave. A few calls followed from office, I decided to go. Bad decision, no aircon- therefore circulation's bad, causing pounding headache. I don't mind the heat, it's the lack of oxygen ~plus, when I opened the window, I gained therapeutic aromateraphy from the nearby rubber factory.

Of course today is the big or shall I say Mega Day for our celebrated singer. I just can't get the song ' Lelaki- buaya Darat ' by ratu out of my head.


Told my husband, school holidays and our kids are spending it at home. Kesian, he suggested we go out to Bangi to see a movie. But later on decided to see what's at South City plaza. Only two floors were occupied. We went to Popular for books. Not much fiction there- I prefer Kinokuniya and Borders. Kinokuniya for fitness and craft- they even have Inspiration and Smocking magazines and Borders for its wide range of fictions especially the Crime section. Dh bought mr midnight for kakak, Adik two workbooks and sticker books for Qisty. We suddenly got a call from Mum In Law that DH's cousin's husband Abang Jeman passed away. We went to dinner and later on to Vista Commonwealth to visit. Takziah kak yah.


We decided to go to Ikano as Elena from Mermaidia will be appearing. I told Dh, we have to go out by 1.30 taking account of the time we would have to search for parking. We reached there at 3.30` DH had to go to Seri kembangan to withdraw money, which I did not anticipated and he stopped at BHP wanting to clean his car. Elena has since long gone. She was supposed to appear from 3-3.30 and we were 5 minutes late.. Geram. Gaji tak masuk, in my case, browse aje lah..kesian budak2. Went to Borders and bought 4 books. Finished the ones I bought at Kinokuniya and I finished rereading Sidney Sheldon on Saturday. Found Mr Jefferies series which are thin books, I should go to Ampang rent a book, or at Pay less, they may have the series.

Tomorrow I'll be taking the day off to settle my maid's permit with Immigration.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Busy bee

Haven't been updating my blog lately been busy as the director is coming down to visit from USA. Worked on Saturday as DH said he'd be working last weekend. I assumed Saturday, when my colleague said he wanted to swap with me, I said yes. Upanya his convo was on Sunday. What did I do on Sunday. Curled in bed with my books. Out of the four today I'm in the middle of the third book. Sigh... Should have taken thicker books but I wanted victorian mysteries and they are all thin. Interesting books tho, I found a few new authors with series of novels. Some of the books are difficult to find here tho, especially the earlier editions. May be after I've finished the books I'll raid my father's library. He would have new books.

I have a few things badly in needed of attention. 1 my car needs to be serviced. 20k already - I've lost Proton's guarantee , it also needs a bath and vacumming. 2 My garden- needs weeding and fertliser, should have done it on Sunday but after spending a whole day at work on Saturday, I wanted to spend Sunday not doing anything. 3. My legs- I need a specialist to look at it. But now it's getting better and I'm restarting t-tapp again.

Merdeka millenium Endurance is coming up. Don't know if I should work. Lots of things to do in Shah Alam and can't afford to take 4 days off.

DH's coughing is driving me crazy. Yes I have to tolerate his snoring, teeth grinding plus nak tercabut tekak coughing. May be I should give him my concoction of raw garlic, raw onions, aloe vera, lemon, ginger, honey. hahaha

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fever week

Kakak demam on Friday. In the evening Qisty's temperature rose. On saturday adik has fever as well. Mum(me) wanted to go to Kinokuniya having reserved Teresa's book. Dragged kakak and Qisty along, by then both of them had their fever medicine and wanted to go. Adik stayed at home. Ida permed my hair. Turned out quite ok and she's now gotten the bug. Asked anyone else wanted thier hair permed. BIL ,Epi came over and spent the night editing dvd of his surgery. Qisty looked at it and said ewww...that's a belly button.

On Sunday
Got the kids ready for mak zah's tailor. Got there around 12 jugak, She said 11-12. Typicallah kan. Went to Jaya Jusco IOI to look for adik's MP4 player. My legs got worse. Can't walk far. Dh wanted to go to Tesco too.. but I had enough. Got home, the maid had fever.. La hai.. went out to Bangi for dinner. I brought my citrine-peridot- white quartz-multi coloured stone along. The band holding them together broke and the band I bought a few days ago was too big for them And bought an all white quartz bracelet. Didn't plan on that. The lady wanted to sell me the all citrine or the all peridot bracelet costing about 400-500 on installment. Not this time I said. Got to go away before I spend away all my gaji, I've got a few things to pay towards the end of the month.

Didn't go to work. My children, Dh and the maid still demam. And my leg was giving me problems. Sigh..

Friday, August 04, 2006

T-tapp revisited

I am starting T-tapp again. Today will be my fifth day. I've checked in the 31/7 to 6 weeks thread in the t-tapp forum. I figure if I were to check in I will be more consistent.

On Monday was all right no problems there. Did Basic Plus. On Tuesday, DH's car broke down. At 7 o'clock, my appointment with T-tapp, he wanted me to follow him to the airport to rent a car. Grumbled all the way. When we reached home it was around 8.20. Maghrib then Basic Plus- had to do it or what will I report to the forum.

Dh phoned and asked me to come home early as his car's ready , the workshop will close at 6.45pm he said, have to be there early. No problems. Came out around 5, reached Sepang around 6. No sign of him. At around 6.20 went to the workshop, had to wait till about 7.. Grr.. Then had to send the hired car to the airport. Reached home around 8. Magrib, basic plus then off to Pasar Malam- night market for dinner and groceries.

No drama, could have started the workout at 7 but got distracted by a new gossip magazine..interesting ..Lindsay Lohan and boy friend, Avril Lavigne got married, mr Jessica Simpson missing her still and even JJ and Rudy of the hitz fm. Did Basic plus and arms after magrib around 8. hehehe..

Called Kinokuniya and they have Teresa's new book. Yay! Reserved the copy. Will definitely go to kinokuniya this weekend. I am also out of fictions, reducing to kakak's goosebumps, hardy boys(both english and malay version- pathetic..), Mr Midnight and rereading Harry Porter. Masaalah bookworm ni.

Told DH that I was out of books and am currently rereading harry porter for like 6th time. He said I could have written a novel when I was unemployed in Malacca ( as Ms Rowlings did). I don't know whether cerita tahyul..fairy tales, witches and goblin by local author will sell here. I thot of writing something like Clive Cussler's novel but about historical Malacca or Anne Perry's mystery set in the 19th century Malacca. Would be interesting. I do love historical mysteries..hate historical romance tho.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Too hard on the kids

A few days ago, Monday I think, my children and I discussed about the meaning of our names again. This came about when Camillia (kakak) practised her new Khat mechanical pencil,( ada rupanya benda ni). Her mama has never leant jawi.. may be i did when I was in std 1 or 2 and I do know how to read, merangkaklah but to write, mmg weak. Nowadays I learnt from kakak. Dulu I taught her the basic, now she's even better than me, thanks to sekolah ugama ( which I tak pernah masuk, even tho I was in Johor, went to sultan ibrahim girls school- when I was in std 1 and 2.)

Kakak's name means flower, qisty's means justice and adiks's moon. Everytime we discussed this adik will say she doesn't like her name. It is not pretty and it sounds like a boy. Her name Camarina does sound pretty but she is not happy with the meaning. Sigh...I told her that moon is a girl, that's why we have the saying pungguk rindukan bulan- owl miss the moon and P ramlee even sings about the moon.. Engkau laksana bulan...tinggi di atas kayangan..you are like the moon high in heavens... She was inconsollable.. too late kakak said. I took the easiest way out..I blamed on the father. I wanted to name her Adriana..altho it means balance , it sounds nice.. (but Dh vetoed the name.) .and I didn't want to have a common alphabet for my children.. which is what happenned now. Qamarina spelled with a C and Qistina spelled Cqistina. I was shocked when DH came back with the birth certificate of qistina. Now she has to explain to people that the C is a silent id or people will call her si -qistina. Dh and I chose kakak's name, he vetoed adik's and qisty's was commonly agreed upon altho I wanted Qaisarah.

Yesterday we brought up the subject again, and I told adik that bulan, the moon is important. When we don't have lights at night we can depend on the moon to see our surroundings. She's ok with it. I think I'll dig out articles/songs and poetry about the moon.

Sometimes I think I'm too hard on kakak. That's what my sister would say. I know kakak is very responsible, sweet and ready to help when asked or sometimes volunteer but I always thought she can do better in her studies. She stayed top ten 90% of the time, but sometimes she does careless mistakes. I know she probably missed the topic on divison, as she was sick for a whole week when the subjact was taught, and teachers in school today never checked the students work, and when they do check, they'll mark the wrong answers right and the right answers wrong without explaining. I want her to understand the basic, which to me is important as the syllabus will be more difficult as the years progress.

May be I should explain to her why sometimes I am hard on her. I want her to suceed. My nephew afiq thinks I'm too strict, mak long tu asyik marah aje but my intentions are good. Kalau bising sangat of course i marah.. sounds like a wet blanket, but kena berpada2lah. I don't want people to think my kids are indiscipline and what's wrong with instilling manners.