Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cameron Day 2

Woke up feeling cold. Ate yesterday's cold mee hoon. The children had milo balls and bread with chocolate spread. Healthynyalah.. Packed our bags and checked out around 10ish..

First stop, Strawberry farm. We chose the pick your- own- strawberies farm. we had to climb solah high concrete stairs with nothing to hold on to, termengah2 and then had to cross a stream with solah small titi/bridge, enough for one foot. Try crossing that holding a 19 kg toddler. Masa pi Dh was around, but he disappeared when we wanted to cross back so Shila and I had to hold Qisty's hand.. Ish..ish.. strawberry picking ke concrete/stream tracking?.. DEkat Uk, Chester..yes, Idid I go with shila then, or not..anyway I reme ber picking the strawberries from ground tapi kat sini dalam compost bags..hahaha..

Next to the Boh plantation. Ooops di sebabkan the road was narrow we had to stop on the side and we spotted a rose garden. We went up..aik someone's house. We were shown around the house. Bestnya .. Banyak exotic plants like..kakak jumpa white and pink camelia, her namesake, Nadine Azalea found Azalea and Dahlia found hers. Ada forget me nots- dok Uk tak pernah nampak this flower, apple tree, rosemary herb, raspberry, roses, lady's slipper macam2 lagi. For minah bunga macam I of course went crazy. The owner Mrs Robinson came to Malaya in 1934 from Scotland. She sells raspberry jam and rose syrup.

Our next stop The Boh Plantation. We went to the Tea factory and Tea shop. Bought Ice lemon tea and Peach tea. The kids love them. Menyesal tak beli banyak. Then balik..

On the way singgah waterfall. Sempat mandi bebudak ni. We enjoyed the trip. Thanks Shila n Epi for making arrangements. Mana kita nak pi the next trip?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cameron Highlands 16 Sept Day 1

On Friday 15 Sept went to my parents' house as DH said it would be nearer if we started from Ampang. Dh and BIL, Epi made plans to start the journey at 5 and to wake up at 4. Whaaat. ade ke I have to wake up at 4. To me it would be better if we started after suboh but DH wouldn't hear of it. I thot they were pretty ambitious. SIL, Shila wondered if dh could wake up that early. I refused to wake up at 4 , DH making a statement that he can wake up at 4, put the lights on. I didn't want to wake up early only to find my -always-late in laws not waking up yet , so I called them. I was their wake up call. Sigh..Ambitious betul orang2 ni.

Any way, I took my time dressing up the girls, Suprisingly they could wake up early and pagi2 lagi dah mandi. While waiting for us to dress up , Dh went to buy roti canai for breakfast. We had roti canai(cereal for me..can't take the stuff), and after suboh prayer we started out.

I was slept in the car, Dh said it was refreshing starting out early..yelah tu, mengantuk jugak in the end. We reached Tapah and waited for Epi-shila and family. As we had breakfast before we left, I went to the petrol stations to get a few things.

Qisty went with Epi-shila, dah besar baby, tak nak dengan mama..I was worried yelah..what if she wanted her milk-yoyo. Menangis ke dia. But she was ok thruout.

On the way up , we saw lots of strawberry farms, stopped at one. Salah pilih upanya because al tho they sell strawberries, they were more like kedai runcit. I bought dried fresh strwberry , got headache instantly. Next time just stick to fresh ones. Dried pun ada preservative yg made my head ache. They also sell petai tea.. hehehe..petai pun tak makan...nak beli tea?

Next stop.. Butterfly farm Farm. outside not very impressive but bila masuk wow..Butterflies were really jinak, they were everywhere. They even had scorpions, geese, rabbits, snakes, lizards of all sizes, birds and the flowers, cantik..Sigh.bestnya boleh grow flowers yg exotic ni.

Then we went to the Strwberry Park Resort. The last time I went to Cameron Highlands was with Shila's family and I remember Strawberry Park. I Thot then, cantiknya..bila lah boleh merasa.The three bedroom apartment was spacious. DH, Qisty and I took the master bedroom, Shila and Epi the other room with double bed and Nadine and Sara took the single bedroom. Kakak and Adik and Sophia slept in the living room on carpet and quilt brought by moi. Dahlia slept in the little house that I brought.

We went out to lunch, lebat giler hujan and ..grew colder.We later went to a strwberry farm but this one didn't let you touch the fruit. Ada ka?

Then we went to Ye olde Smokehouse, bergambar sakan. In the rain. I was drenched. The Smoke House is an authentic-looking Tudor-style with a 2-storey building. It was built on 1939. The garden looked lovely and it looked charming outside, they say the cheapest room is 300 ringgit. The most expensive one may reach till RM 800++. Yikes. But the review on this hotel not so good, threadbarelah, leakage, musty , smelly. Yelah kan it is the same age as my dad.

Dah penat berjalan we went back to the hotel . As it was very cold , we decided not to go out again. we went to the restaurant and packed food. One complain about the room- the floors -wood, therefore terasa sejuknya. I should have brought socks. Day two tomorrow

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Been busy lately. No time to update. We had a lovely tima at Cameron Highlands last weekend with BIL & wife shila and the kids had a whale of a time. More of this later

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I am so nervous. I feel a knot in my stomach. The fact that the air con is so cold does not help.

We are having some visitors from Dubai and there will be a finance presentation later on.

The last time I felt this nervous was when I was with Sepang Circuit and I had to go to the first procurement meeting with HQ. I didn't have a car so I had to hitch a ride with a colleague. I was so nervous that I brought the Asmaul husna book along and recite some of the verses on the way. Ya awwal for job to run smoothly, Ya Muta'ali zikir when faced with someone of power and so forth. I remember holding the book and recite them together with Bhai. After a while the meetings ceased to make me nervous. As time goes by the chairmans understood our problems and were very supportive. One particular chairman, Datuk K was always cracking jokes. On my last day at Sepang ( a year ago), I asked the question. At that time rumours about Datuk K and Siti was the talk of the town. So I asked this Datuk K if he was the one, He said~ sadly no.

Looking back I was glad I was made the secretary for the meetings. I learnt a lot from them.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Weekend at Sepang and Nilai

We didn't go anywhere far last weekend. Spent the weekend reading Mrs Jeffries novel. I love the series. Housekeeper and the servants of Inspector Witherspoon help the blur Inspector solve mysteries. The storyline was set during victorian times in England.

Saturday evening went to Nilai Square to look for fabrics for raya. At first we agreed on turqouise, ( I have recently fallen in love with this colour) but now we've decided to chang the colour to follow lana's wedding scheme. Dh bought fabric for father in law, mum in law. For the kids we usually get them cotton. When they were small we would go to cottage patch to buy American cotton, lovely and durable but expensive. When kakak was small it was around 20 plus per meter, now its nearly forty. If the kids wear it often ok but the traditional baju kurung is worn occasionally, I feel it is not worth spending that much. Unless they are made into dresses. I have dresses handed down from kakak to adik to qisty and they still look ok. For the past few years we've been going to Nagoya to buy the Japanese cotton. Oklah lembut. But dekat Nilai Square. Tak jumpa. I once asked them why they don't sell Japanese cotton, katanya expensive, nanti tak ada orang beli. But they do sell kain2 rm50-70 a metre, kain2 lace and silk. In the end bought for adik and kakak viscouse silk.

While there I thought we need to change our curtains. It's more than three years now, tua dari Qisty. But solah malas plus of course ongkosnya ngak ada. May be we'll do it after raya.

Sunday evening went back to Nilai Square to buy qisty's and mine Sukanya. I found the fabric like 2 months ago, fell in love with it but didn't want to fork out that much. This time showed Dh, he said Ok. Sayang husband I. Malam cooked laksa Johor. This is my second attempt. First attempt DH kata tak sedap , not as good as mum in law's and merajuk. Refused to cook laksa johor for a while. But my kids love laksa johor. Kakak and adik both. They rarely have same taste in food. This time around asked DH the trick question again. I thot it lacked dried shrimp but DH said it was ok.

One of the reason why I don't cook much laksa johor or mee bandung is because I don't like them much. I prefer laksa Penang just my taste kot ,kurang berminat dgn the heaviness of laksa johor. Mee Bandung sebab I don't like mee kuning much. Probably because the noodle is slippery like and not like mee hoon or the vermicelli , which is made with rice and it sorts of blend with gravy. Usually the things I like I would try to learn making them like nasi kerabu.. Mmm... dah lama tak buat.

Diet and exercise.. Well I've not been dieting, taking Teresa's advise to the heart. No dieting for a month or two when doing t-tapp. My legs are ok now, no problems since last week, so I've continued. Today would be a week. I plan to do it for 10 days in a row and then every other day for four weeks. Plannyalah. Putting it into action ni kekadang susah sikit.

I'm feeling great , more energetic but more hungry than usual.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Independence Day - Merdeka

Selamat Merdeka

I remember when I was in Form four when I was in Convent Bukit nanas, we practiced for the Merdeka Procession. But I was offered a place at MRSM Seremban, and I did not get to do the apakebende thingy. After I got back from UK , a few friends and I decided to watch the Merdeka procession in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad building. Lots of people there, we had to climb onto something to see the procession, the fact that I am petite made it difficult for me to see the procession. Anyway, while watching it suddenly I felt someone's hand merayap .. Apa lagi.. I squeezed his hand and pinched him and later on stared. Buat deque aje..

What did I do yesterday

Cooked spagetti for the family. Kakak liked it, had second helping and also ate it during tea. Adik didn't like it. Tak sedap mama..Sigh..Should have cooked curry mee instead. Adik love curry so much that we sometimes call her currymina. The funny thing is, I couldn't stand curry when I was pregnant with her. The very thot of coconut milk or curry made me want to throw up.
Dh washed my car.. thank you so much.. haven't washed it for like 2 months now or may be more. In the evening pottered around the garden weeding. I haven't done this for like two months and the weeds were as tall as the trees. also put fertilisers.

I am so happy that- all my flowers are flowering. The roses have not stopped, the jasmines are flowering and the kerak nasi/ kesidang is finally flowering. The last time kesidang flowered was like a year ago. Ingat dah merajuk. The smell of this flower is so sweet like daun pandan only sweeter. I will make perfume oil out of it.

Bilalah hot fm nak call ni. I spent most of the days listening to hot fm and waiting for the dj to call me. Yesterday RM 6900 was claimed. I was glued the radio the whole day and at about 3 someone claimed it. Today RM 5400 went to a lucky winner. Sigh.. Now I'm listening to the budget. PM is talking about the price of oil rising and subsidy by the government.