Thursday, November 30, 2006

The month that was

Haven't been blogging for a month. Busy bee. Saturday 11th Nov, had to work till about 5. Drama there. Cousin kak uji invited us to her house for lunch. As I was working I told her I'd come around 4.30 and told DH to come to Shah Alam at around 4.30. Called DH 4.30, he's in the office believe it or not. Had to wait till 5 still there was drama meeting up with DH. We planned to meet at my makcik A's house at Sect 3 near Mc Donald's .Asked DH where he was he said he was near ITM, I thot I'd go to Mc dona'd's. Half way thru the queue I thought, I'd better go and see if he was at my aunty's. Nipped there and he wasn't there. Called him, he was at Mc donald's. Went to McD, he was not there, apparently at aunty's. In the end I bought some nuggets and went to aunty's house. My sister called to say the way to k U's house jammed due to floods. Cousin Suria took 5 hours to arrive from KLIA. Decided to go to Mak uda's house in Subang instead, left car there. After that baru to kak Uji's house. From k u's house around 11 pm, to tired to drive back. The next day went to Mazda showroom. DH test drive the new mazda 6.
The following week, Mak cik A and family wanted to visit Ida's house. So went there, brought chocolate coated donuts. After that went to Mak z's house and the kids had whale of a time singing karoake. Sunday busy day. Morning adik's concert. Pictures later. She enjoyed it. She sang nasyid, danced a malay joget and an english pop song. She did great!! After the concert went to Neighbour's do and off we went to my colleague's wedding. The wedding was near the playground, so there kids went to play there instead of eating. There was still a house to go to in Rawang but we were too tired. Sorry Zi.

On the 22nd November was DH's b'day. Happy birthday sayang!! We went to San Francisco Staeakhouse at The Summit. Later pi splash kat Pay less Bookstore.

The kids are OK cuti sekolah ni. Kakak of course watch TV all the time. I bought a new game for kakak's Gameboy advance console and new batteries for the V tech game. So they were busy playing games. Qisty love playing with the v tech game, for a 3 plus year old she can manipulate joystick and mouse quite well.

They are of course very excited to go to Bismiland ( as qisty pronounce it). I hope I can make it. My leave is still not approved till tomorrow. Got to finish up the work fast.