Friday, December 28, 2007

PD, restarting exercise routine, etc

Christmas 2007

Went to PD. We stopped by PD weeks ago on the way from funeral and bought the floatie looked like life jacket for Tina but it was too tight for her so camarina got it instead. When at the Cyberjaya pool kakak borrowed it and liked it very much so DH decided to go to PD again. ( I really must enroll the kids for swimming class)

Off we went at 11. PD is so near Sepang but we always passed through on the way to Linggi.The day looked promising- not so hot - mendung a bit. On the way it rained, but cleared up as soon as we reached PD. The kids brought a small pail which I thot should be left at home by the looks of it- pail was for sea shells. Kids played with the sand made sandcastles and played kite. I have never actually flown a kite before. My first time ever. DH and the kids each had their own. Tina and adik lost theirs. The wind was quite strong. Bought adik a new one.

Dh's kite

Had tea there and came back home around 5 -exhausted.

Hydrosol Shipment problem

I have been waitig so long for the hydrosol to be shipped from USA that I almost given up. I would have thought courier would take a week the most- I had to wait nearly a month Pakai US post pun 10 days. Nak pengsan rasanya. Almost every day darah naik tracking the parcel. They've given me a tracking number and it stops in hongkong.. of course no one tells me why. I called rupanya kena called back to the USA for custom inspection. Huh? Bukan inspection before send off.. and then it took around two bloody weeks and they gave me a new airway bill. . The new airway bill showed that it went for inspection and cleared and scheduled to move~ the old airwaybill shows it has left US from the date in the new airway bill and stuck in hongkong for a week. I called the blardey rep and she said it's still on inspection in the US and told me to ignore the old airway bill. But the new airwaybill has not been updated since. The rep said that Mine is not the only shipment stuck with FDA or customs. That of course got my hackles up. I can't be sitting twiddling my thumb.

I emailed US and they say they'll look it up and lo behold it arrived the next day with a note from Manager in US to Manager in Hongkong with subject red flag. Then I looked in the system- the old airwaybill number shows that it arrived in Malaysia. I wonder what is the tracking number for. I have signed up for their service but haven't used the account yet dah jadi macam ni.

I understand these things happened, you can't blardeywell predict when and how long the US custom is going to hold my package etc but what made me mad was because the rep promised to call me twice but did not and that she did not do her best to solve my problem and of course My parcel is not the only one stuck and condescendingly told me that what I saw between the two airwaybill was not right.

I intent to learn from this experience. Why would I want to import from the US beats me, I could have gone direct to the supplier. I thot I'd save shipping costby buying various ingredients at one place and the company in US has already done testing on the products. When it said certified organic then it is. Maybe I should turn to Europe instead.

Exercise Routine

I last did t-tapp in September and did a bit of yoga somewhere in November . I thot I was pregnant but still continue with the yoga then dapat heavy period coupled with backache, a bit of cramping . I usually don't have problem during menstruation, kalau sakit belakang means I'm pregnant. My sister lectured me.. Dah tua dah .. bukan senang nak lekat.. kalau dah lekat janganlah buat yoga..yadayada.. Anyway, I thot I'll start trying again in a couple of months so in the mean time startlah balik the exercise routine. My previous entry on t-tapp

Sya.. see under friends and family .. introduced me to t-tapp. Kelakarnya I went to the website recommended by a forum on The firm- exercise routine combining aerobics and weights- . I was game to try any type of exercise except steps solah tak coordinated but thot it was quite expensive but most important thing is will it work?. Tengok2 in the forum, search for Malaysian.. jumpa nama Sya. And after sending email back and forth- Sya lives in Sepang lah dekatnya- small world kan. And I can confirm if you diligently do the routine to the tee- you'll reduce inches.. After getting and trying them I bought a few . Ada two women in the old tape looked quite - you know - unfit but in the new DVD wah transformation dia.... And of course the operative word here is diligently..

Monday, December 24, 2007

Selamat hari raya korban

For Hari raya korban, we went to my mum's. I went there bawak perut. Baby Eylan was there along with his sister, mummy and daddy. Sis Ida and family were there too. Around 2, went to Ca***f*** and met Zi there. Had my tourmaline necklace restring- beli like eons ago tak pakai sebab the clasp dah berkarat. At 4 we went to SIL Shila's house. Bawak perut jugak.. Sorry Shila. Mak M was there with Irman and Idwan. Later on Mak Z and uncle Y came. Promised Ida we'd come bake by 8 tapi sampai around 9. She was leaving.


The next day Shila and I planned to go swimming with the kids. Brought mango juice and garlic bread. Oklah.. my kids tak tau berenang sibuk nak pi the deep end. Occasionally jerit at Cqistina. After a while, the kids reasonably tanned, we went to Beryl's Chocolate kingdom. Had a wonderful time eating chocolate on the pretext of sampling them. The kids enjoyed the tour. Pics taken from Shila's . Hehehe sorry lah copyrighted ke?

Kids listening to lecture on how Chocolates are made.
Then we went to Pavi**ion. First visit. Thot of going to the famous doughnut shop but line was so long. So went to Girls, Miss whatever etc. Had to buy a skirt at the Pump**n P**ch for Tina due to accident. Susah jugak nak bawak-- 8 kids. Each had a buddy, senang sikit.
We then went to Ti**s. Shopping would not be complete without going to bookstores.
We then went to Epi's new 6 star hospital . Wah..
Then we went back exhausted.
The next day pi shopping lagi. Beli baju, tudung and kasut sekolah at Ju**o . Adik had her heart set on a bag from Girls but changed her mind when she saw a power puff girl bag in her favourite colour red.. Phew we managed to get all in a shopping complex.
Morning after nasi lemak breakfast terpeleot kat rumah. Around 5 went to Cy** J*y* Community Centre Pool. Swimming lagi.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Two weekends at a go

I've been wanting to learn how to do gift bags ( you'd think apakebende zu ni- just buy onelah cost 1 ringgit aje). Bukan apa - this is for my product- I've been buying the off the shelf gift bags and thot of printing personalised ones but the minimum quantity required - 500 bags. Not wanting to incur more cost- reduce cost saving kan passto customerkan, I learnt how to make one.

Top card and bag made by camarina/ adik
bottom Qistina's bag- Tina's favourite characters
Tried to download off the net. Complikataknya, in the end office mates and I opened one bag and reproduced using the A4 cover paperlah G***d*** bagslah. Dapat pun!!

Came back home excited- bought coloured paper , wrapping papers and A4 papers of different thickness to try on. The result. Each my kids has one and all 4 shila's girls pun dapat. Packed the whole stuff kononya nak buat craft weekend at Cherakah.

Had to work on Saturday, Rushed home, packed bags got a call from Epi, black out and no durian. I don't mind the no durian bit as sure malam ada a few yang jatuh/drop but no electricity agak susah sikit. In the end we all went to Uncle Fuad's. Thank you Mimi and Aunty Rokiah!!

Mum called on Thursday. Al Fatihah Pangkat granduncle passed away. He was quite young early fifties. His sister Ashariah Badar was one year my senior at MRSM Seremban. Apparently he was hospitalised quite a while. He was a collegemate of Mak Z.

On Saturday Pak Ncik passed away. I was at Shila's at the time waiting for MIL and FIL. Pak Ncik has been ill for quite some time. Mak Ncik/Mak cik Tum who looked after him passed away last year see this entry

We went to Linggi on Sunday for the funeral. His spot was just next to the Mak cik Tum's, coincidently. Alfatihah to Arwah. Also visited Abah's grave.

Yesterday Izreen Mak b , Nadiah and Uncle M flew off to Nottingham. DH and kids sent them off. Moi ? Sorry Izreen Migraine. Have a safe journey!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Hedychium coronarium/ Ginger lily/ Butterfly Ginger

It's confirmed. The flower that I bought last week is the Ginger lily. I have fallen in love with it and will definitely plant more. How can I describe the smell.. well it smells like lily.. a bit like t he jasmine/ melur but sweeter and fresher. Apparently comes in pink and coppery colour too click here for other colours

It can be found near Mekong River and is used in local medicine to treat cold, headache, arthritis, and injuries. It is also the National flower of Cuba.The native Hawaiians refer to white ginger as 'Awapuhi', using the juice of mature seed head as a hair and skin treatment.Its fragrance can be extracted by "enfleurage". Yay This is what I want to hear.

And its essential oil has antifungal as well as antibacterial effects. The antimicrobial activities of the essential oil were individually evaluated against four microorganisms, including two bacteria and two fungi. It was found that the antimicrobial activity was higher in the fresh sample than the dried. Both samples showed a better activity against Trichoderma sp. and Candida albicans than against the bacteria Bacillus subtilis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Reading Shopping Gardening

My favourite hobbies. We didn't have anything planned for Saturday. Two kids are still at mum's. I 've ordered a book from Bookxcess and planned to go there but Dh said since we are going to Damansara on Sunday, might as well pi semua sekali in a day. Besides he has his usual or shall I say the only, workout, schedule that day- mowing the lawn.

I thot yeah- I've been neglecting my plants as well. The Roses, gardenias, cannas and jasmines needed pruning. The Yellowed and dried Banana leaves needed to be removed and I so need to to get rid of the weeds. I have flowers and herbs bought the week before, months before to re pot. First of course I need to buy new pots.

My sundal malam/tuberose flowering. This flower blooms every 4 months of so and smells heavenly. I've decided to write on Sundal malam in Pure flowers Blog.

I went out to the nearest nursery. And.... bought more flowers.. hehehe.. and two pots/containers... I was looking for the long ones tapi tak ada. So I bought 2 big ones - roses and the new cananga need to be repotted. I thot my garden needs more colours so I bought
Plumbago, Ati-Ati (Coleus Blumei), Balung Ayam (Celosia/Cocks comb),
Halia Bara or so said the nursery owner but I doubt it is called that - It looks like ginger lily/ butterfly lily/hedychium- I have to wait till the flower bloom to confirm. ,
White Hibiscus.

There was this fragrant purple flower I fell in love with. Its a creeper. According to the nursery owner it's bunga markisa/passionfruit flower( Passiflora caerulea) - I looked this flower up and betul but she didn't have a ready pot to sell. While I was waiting for car ( car wash and vacumm next to the nursery) i thot I saw someone familiar. Rupanya the guy who comes to mow ( before DH bought the mower) co owns the nursery. I saw him once selling at the night market. Apparently they've bought over the nursery- no wonder I see lots of flowers unlike before. My only grievance is some flowers/plants susah sikit nak cari. Unlike the nursery I called in Shah Alam, who prefer to the Latin name- bukan apa senang sikit- Some plant have few names. This is especially valuable when there are herbs that I want.

Ati Ati my camera and right off the net.. Hey I've got to buy SLR to capture photos like that.

Top Plumbago off the net-
looked nicer than my photo so this was posted instead.

Bottom The Passionflower- from my camera.

Balung Ayam Taken off the net.

Funny thing happened. Usually on Saturdays we either have sausage or roti canai for breakfast. I thot of reducing the intake of nitrate laden sausage so cooked porridge. Wanted to put in potatoes but couldn't find any so I threw in purple sweet potato. The result purple porridge!!


Butterfly Ginger off the net. Compare with mine nanti when it blooms betul tak.

In the evening went to another nursery and bought the long potting plastic boxes and more pots.


In the morning did some repotting and weeding. Still ada a few herns/plants tak habis pot/plant - Stevia, Tenggek Burung, Pegaga. Mangga (bought at Putrajaya Floria). Around 2, we headed to Amcorp Mall. The last time I went to Amcorp mall was when I had to go to a course at a hotel near there. And I had like an hour to kill. Not enough time - definitely.

There are so many things to see there. Small stalls selling trinkets, hand painted souvenirs, gemstones, second hand things, books a bit like flea market, hand made bags, purses, paints. I solah fell in love. Main purpose is to go to Book xcess and to Creative Cottage ( for a yoga book ) went to the websites of MPH and Kino, the former out of stock- thot nak pi Kino but then book xcess sent an email on new books arrived, after looking at the titlesoff the net, I found the book I wanted - half price.

After getting the book, went to Creative Cottage. Another store I fell in love with. Last few months I've been wanting to attend a workshop by Laman Impiana on Folk Painting. Cost around RM100 to register and another 100 for supplies but the deadline was 30th Nov and yours truly missed it. My cousin told me of this shop. I think they offer better package RM 60 including supplies . There are stenciling classes, Glass painting, Stamping, Decoupage and T-shirt painting. Took lots of brochure as my office mates would be interested as well.

While waiting for shila, went round floor by floor. Macam macam ada. Sedia duit aje. Went into Booksxcess again with shila. Bought birthday Present for Sara. Happy Birthday Sara!! On the way back saw another store I missed!!! A store full of international mags- usually sold around RM25 , sold for RM9.90 even crafts mags pun ada.. As Dh was waiting downstairs, tak sempat singgah. Sigh..

Tak pa..Next time I'll go alone or with my two elder girls.

Monday- my road tax expiring ingatkan nak pi bank and post office. But then the Insurance faxed cover note to DH 's office around 1 and he had to go to DBKL. In the end dok umah habiskan a book by PD James. Oh yes.. Something happened that got me excited then angry. I received an SMS - Tahniah Anda telah memenangi Cek tunai RM15000 plus reload kredit RM250 dari peraduan Celcom. The number started with 006 and it has 15 digits all together. At first I was excited then.. I felt suspicious sebab banyak sgt number nya. I called the number tak dapat then dapat indonesian voice say the number cannot be connected. Called celcom- they say ignore it. I think its someone from Indonesia trying to con us. Nasib baik tak dapat call number tu. MMMmmm

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


On Saturday, spent the morning making bodyscrub, lipgloss and moisturiser. We went to Shila's Barbecue. Then off to my mum's.

Mum bought thai frangipangi/plumeria/kemboja siam for me. You always find the kemboja on graveyards. Asians believe it provide shelter to ghost and demons. At first I was reluctant to accept the plant, and my mum looked dissappointed. I told myself to stop acting superstitious, and thanked my mom.

The Siam version looks different from the ones I usually see here. The leaves are a bit pointy and the flowers are smaller.

The next day, I decided to follow my mum to the little market infront of SPCA Ampang and visit Raju, the kemboja seller. And to my delight he had a few polybags of what looked like Lavenders. I asked him whether they are Lavenders- slightly fragrant - he confirmed it. And they were cheap - RM4 a polybag. I do hope they are Lavender . Can anyone confirm it? Elated that I am I've decided to blog the properties of Lavender in the Pureflower organics blog. I also bought a two polybags of tiny red don'tknowwhatitscalled flowers.

Left my lavender Right Lavender off the net . Maybe mine is the terbantut version?

We stopped by at Shila's, ( kids slept over) brought fresh clothes for the kids, thot we'd go to Mak M's. The plan was cancelled as Atuk C passed away, Al fatihah, and Mak M was on the way to Muar. Instead we went to Mines- jam giler- DH bought tickets for enchanted, went back home to Sepang - to drop of the already wilted kemboja, the other two flowers looked ok. And off to C*C Cy**rj**a. Adik and kakak couldn't believe it's a kindergarten. Susah jugak nak persuade Tina- she was set on going to a school with a swimming pool. In the end we thot we'd look around for alternatives.

Then we went to see Enchanted. Disney laughing at Disney. It started off like Sleeping Beauty, then a bit like Snow White, the Cinderella and ended a twisted version of Sleeping Beauty. Story ok- Amy adams is funny and sweet and Patrick Dreamy is exactly that!! Even this near 40, mother of three pun drooled.

At Night watched Muzik Muzik. A bit dissappointed Fiq was not included in the finals, his performance was very good and I liked the song. Altho Sofaz's song was good, I thot the singer did not do a good job. Siti of course sounds her usual good self, but I don't like the song , I thot Jaq's song was better. Mawi oklah.. better than usual I thot and the song was good, as expected by the talented M Nasir. Misha's voice was flawless.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Darling Husband!!

Yes. Today is DH's birthday. Mr Incredible is 39 today. Today of all day, he woke up early and by 7 gone to work.Mmmm. What have we planned for today? Don't know, may be keluar for dinner. Kakak and Adik @ nini's. So only the three of us will go.

Pie and Pastry

My current craving are pies and pastry. Last few months I just couldn't do without fruit tartlets. The thought of them make my mouth water. I just had to have them. Trylah buat, oklah lah still have room for improvement- maybe malas buat- I can order from sya.

Lately it is chicken pie. Gawd I can't get enough of this thing. I've been wanting to avoid eating stuff made from white flour- any such thing as wholemeal or soya based chicken pie. Also the fact that it's causing a hole in my pocket. I thought maybe I should do lots during the weekend, freeze them and bake in the morning before work. May be I should do this. Get this craving out altogether.

Wail! why do I have cravings for dodgy things, Once I craved Ferrero roche. Sampai hafal how much each cost. Pantang nampak!! I went off them when I bought very cheap RM14 for 16 @guardians. Terlebih makan!! Then I craved for Hazelnut Nuss.
Why can't I crave fruits ke vegetables ke. Vegetables - I hate cooked ones- except of course mushroom.. MMm maybe I should have mushroom soup tomorrow.

Lately I don't feel like eating rice for lunch so I've been eating bread- homemade- made on Tuesday morning- tak sempat rise betul2 - with chicken, yesterday with egg and cheese, today with beef soup. If I finish my bread today, I'd have to to do again today.. may be this time it'll look and taste better.

Monday, November 19, 2007

New Blog

So much happening for the past week. On Friday 9th slept over SIL Shila's house as we planned to see an ustaz early in the morning. Of course the kids were excited. DH and I slept on a single bed- saje aje- we actually brought the inflatable mattress, tak pakai - ok at first- comfortable- not our first time- but around 1 o'clock Tina decided to join in. The next morning DH had neckache- funnily the backache I had the night before disappeared..

Saturday not so morning after all we went to the ustaz house oklah.. I decided to ask him for surahs for my migraine and yikes- I haven't been reading them diligently- end of the month I have a follow up appointment- how ah?

After the session we decided to visit Baby Eylan- promised my brother we'd go cepat tapi yikes no.. pressie- had to rush to Wangsamaju Jusco, my shoe also looked like crocodile's mouth( last few days I dreamt of crocodile- Mak B was in that dream, the croc was purring - open my eyes- rupanya DH was doing his version of croc purring plus snort bit, and teeth grinding bit)

Baby Eylan so cute. He looked like his mummy/ atok ayah. ( my mum said on the first day he looked like Trisya/daddy). Tried to post photo tapi the USB does not recognise my phone.. kekadang funny things like this happens.

The next morning, went to shila's tahlil. Ramai guests. my handphone had to go off, so couldn't take photos. Met Yani, Haq, the boys and little Siti Hajar. Tembam and cute. Yani ordered the mid size set.

Congratulation Nadine for getting 5As in her UPSR.

Last Sunday we went to Haiqal's aqiqah. Moi's handphone same old same old- had to run out of batteries then, which made moi panic as we went to 1 Utama afterwards and as usual DH did his MIA thing.

We went to MPH- dapat the cheque from Permata hati and told the kids they can either get something from MPH or ToysRus- They chose MPH. Kakak wanted jewellery making kit but later changed her mind to scrapbooks stencil and the like. Adik got a scrapbook and TIna first wanted pop up mermaid book but later settled for Magic of the rainbow musical book phew! the mermaid book cost a bomb.

I have a new blog. Whylah! you'd think, the existing one pun susah nak update. Anyway its
  • Pure Flowers Organics

    I'll putting in recipes on homemade skincare and properties of essential and carrier oils and new skincare ingredients, natural or synthetic.
  • Friday, November 09, 2007

    Last weeks News

    On Wednesday, SIL E scheduled for her ceasarian. Apparently a few days earlier she went for MRI and found herself to be in similar boat as I am, we both have the male pelvic- tak boleh beranak normal- you would never guess- looking at our hips- in this case Hips do lie.

    On Thursday kakak came home said she had to bring a baju melayu, songkok, kain pelikat and a cane for the next day's show. Ok - we have the kain pelikat and may be come up with the tongkat- But Baju melayu and songkok in a moments notice. My children are all girls., Neighbour's sons are well above kakak's age. If we had- like a week I could easily borrow nephew afiq's- takkan nak pi Giant semata nak beli baju melayu for the day. I told kakak, bawak baju kebaya and that's it. Why can't the boys in her class bring all those. Apekebendelah cikgu ni!

    Friday I took half day off, kononya since Saturday we were to have Open House naklah balik cepat. I went to SSM and Pure Flowers Enterprise is born!!! My maid had cooked the nasi impit Roast the potatoes and Boil ribs for the next day. We went to Giant for the rest of ingredients.

    Saturday, woke everyone up early and started to do bake bread, nasib baik menjadi- first time, kuah kacang, Lodeh and Chef wan's oxtail soup, but since I don't take oxtail - I used ribs and some big bones instead. Sambal udang and Rendang negeri Sembilan. DH cooked Mee bandung Muar.

    We had a great time, Thank you for coming. Especially to my friend zi- I went to her house for Deepavali my goodness - jauhnya dari Sepang, Nani, Lana Helmi, Mak Z and Uncle Y( love those cup cakes!!) and Mak B, Din, noni, Ad , Mak Dah, Zul, Nora, Kak Jah and family . Sis I for contributing trifle, Shila and Epi. We had the Taman's Raya that day and contributed pizza and potato salad. Kakak's pizzas were a hit. I think she must have cooked 10 plus pizza that day. Everytime we served, habis, brought it down to the Taman's Raya Do, tak sampai 5 minutes habis and they wanted more!! Shila and Epi came around 11. Kakak altho sleepy, was very excited to see her cousins. Terus tak mengantuk- they watched dvd in the family hall - high school Musical and in my room- Arthur- I till half past 3. Tina excited she was that her cousins were around- slept late and woke up very early the next morning to play - or rather let her cousins watch her play.Kedekut of her toys.

    Something someone said to me on Saturday had me smilling till now. When asked if I plan to have a baby, I told her that my biological clock is ticking- She said, I looked 32. 7 years younger!!

    On Tuesday- went to Subang Parade to collect the prize cheque and Chicken Rice coupons frm Chicken Rice Shop in Carrefour Subang. Mak B, Uncle M, the director of Chicken Rice Shop and the CEO of Yayasan were there. Makan Chicken Rice for lunch. I like the Pie Tie.

    Deepavali- Went to zi's house in Rawang. Thot of going to Sungai Buloh but DH took wrong turns and when we got there it was already dark. The roads in Klang Valley change ever so often that you hardly recognise them. Kakak wanted a long plain black skirt for her Choral speaking on Monday- Puas pusing satu Alamanda tak jumpa. I hope she can bring it on MOnday. May be I will sew the skirt this weekend.

    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    New addition to our family

    Mohd Eylan Fariz. Brother A's new baby born on 31st October 2007. I haven't seen the baby, this weekend insyaallah. Two more babies on the way from my side - sis Ida due in February and Brother Iji's in April next year.

    Wednesday, October 31, 2007


    What is Qigong or Chi Kung? Tai Chi is a part of Qigong. There are a few branches- Shaolin- martial arts. I have been reading about Qigong and found it to to be beneficial for health. You know me, anything considered good for health sibuklah nak belajar. The research on Qigong started before puasa. I found a few means of taking up Qigong.

    The first article I read on it was by Dr Amir Farid, a gynae. Found his website on He has a 2 days seminar coming up in Dec 1 in PJ, which initially I thought I would join.. But the price is a bit steep for me RM 700. And in December- banyak commitment what with the road tax etc. There are also classes conducted by him and another in Plaza Damas at around RM350 a month.. Sigh.

    A colleague of mine told me she took up Qigong a few years back but she started to feel bad vibes - you may attract bad chi and you have to like, deflect them so she didn't continue. She took the class for just 10 ringgit a month.

    I found a well received course on consisting of DVDs and book by Ken Cohen, Essential Qigong Training Course which cost around RM400 . There is also another Beginner's DVD which had good reviews costing around RM 60.

    A while back Shila send me an email on article on the Star. I called and last week I got an email that they'll start the class on November and it's on weekends and weekdays- in Kepong and TTDI. Cost RM500 a month!!

    Last week there was an article in the Star about the matter. This time volunteers, who had 'graduated' conduct classes with the master at community halls, schools in Puchong, Kajang, Mines, PJ etc. Cost around RM 30 a month. Initially you'd pay around 100 for uniforms and annual fee. Sounds promising. But the class starts around 8 at night weekdays- and since the nearest is Puchong, I don't know sempat ke.. kena berlabuh somewhere for maghrib and jam ke puchong tu at that time? Selalu masuk highway terus to KLIA.

    The next day there was another article in the Star - a master from China will conduct a Qigong class. Ramainyalah yang jump in the Qigong bandwagon. I didn't ask for details.

    Searching the net , I found the was a Qigong class in Lake club Putrajaya by a muslim master from China. Sounds interesting. Called lake club kata member aje boleh join and they don't know when the next class will be held.

    I have bought two books on Qigong two weeks a go - one by Eliae Linwood- tak clear sangat and difficult to do the steps from the photograph in the book, ( altho she did mention that a master qigong should not charge so much for a class ) and another by a malaysian lawyer - Indispensable Qi gong for people on the Go, who had severe osteoporosis and was cured. The latter included a VCD on the stances mentioned in the book. While it is small , it is quite good . I t went straight to the stances, nothing about the history, or what is CHi- there was a foreword by Dr Amir. The book or VCD didn't show fluid movement from beginning to end- just a stances to do, for high/low blood pressure, when you are sick, while travelling, for constipation. I did A few- ok jugak especially the sick part- cleared up my blocked nose and cough- plus I took ginger, honey and lemon juice every morning. Ubat dr tak usik pun.

    I have also read an article on the net about the possibility Qigong involving Jinn etc. Eh? While the article sounds convincing - one muslim convert who is from China debunk the article as the facts were not altogether there. The history was all wrong, the research done in one university couldn't be found. Nevertheless we need to be careful jugak. The article also put yoga down as associating with jinn- some types maybelah.. those involving spiritual or some form of meditation may be against Islam but the physical part of it, I don't think so.

    So what now.

    I've decided to buy the beginners DVD. I don't want to spend so much and later found, this is not for me. Lagi pun I don't want to go in to class halfway , then stopping because of the distance or timing. After DVD, I may consider attending classes by muslim masters, if the location is ok. Plaza Damas is out of my way, if there is a public transport I'd consider- tak trust nak pi Damansara on my own- may be I'll get DH to sit beside me driving for the first class. 8 o'clock weekdays qigong is definitely out.

    Tuesday, October 30, 2007

    Raya Cont

    Fayha taking a peck. Fahim the macho boy

    On Tues at Mak z's house- Nasi Lemak, Big Fried Yummy prawns, Brownie's,!!

    Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    Raya 2007

    I took Thursday and Friday 11th and 12th off. Kononnya nak buat biscuit raya. I have three daughters apa lagilahkan. On thursday, morning, Kakak, adik and i started to make the pineapple tart. Usually I'd just kepal2 kan and shape it like the pineapple- easy but the last time i made them tarts was 12 years ago- masa anak dara and this year i thot I'd make a different shape- flower and star. Didn't think it would be too difficult Wrong- Bila masak the thingy went kembang and the jam seems shrunk.. and as I used butter- taste great!! it was very soft and didn't look as nice. Sigh.. here's where DH and I argued. I prefer ok looking but taste nice, he prefers both. Like the sambal tumis- my sambal tumis is well liked my sister, who would insist I cook it everytime we're at my mum's, by my sis in law etc- but DH things it does not look appealing ( huh- translated as tak ada minyak mengenang2 on top- it's because I used less oil).. Anyway..

    Because the dough was soft, I had to do the acuan thing while adik put on the jam and kakak had nothing to do. In the end she baked chocolate chip cookies- three adunan no less - and the chocolate biscuits shaped like gingerbread man, stars, flowers and so forth- two adunan. That's my girl!! She was so excited she managed all the measuring, cutting with the cutter(?), and decorating with the help of Tina and Bibik. She finished baking the cookies and her mum still terhegeh2 with the tarts.

    The next day, Friday, went to mum's. Mum and her maid cooked rendang, peanut sauce and boiled ketupat, while kakak, adik and I slaved away with the kuih gunting- speaking of kuih gunting- sorry izan for not making them last year. We cut 2 kilos of kuih gunting plus moi had to fry them as well. Well worth it tho.

    Saturday, Raya !!! Mum and bro iji went to Linggi for prayers and singgah abah's cemetary. I had ehem- best friend with me so i didn't go. After the prayers, We went to uncle Fuad's, then to my aunt's in Shah Alam. In the evening we went to Mak B's. Yum yum.. Then off to Kluang.. Reached Kluang around 11. Tina didn't want to sleep.

    The next morning we went to Mazran's new abode for breakfast. Nice house!!

    Continue later

    Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    Selamat Hari Raya everyone

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Forgive me if my words / actions annoy or cause anyone to be angry, menyampah etc. Halalkan Makan dan minum. I will post my raya musings later, with pctures I hope..

    Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    Course, shopping and Nadya's Birthday

    On Friday, went to Seksyen 7 SA's to buy ingredients for kuih tart. Thot I'd do them on Sunday as Saturday I had a full day course. Tak sempat !!

    On Saturday went to Hotel S**g**s** in PJ. Took the KLIA express from Salak Tinggi to KL sentral and later to Taman Jaya. Passed the Robinsons at Mid Valley. Wish I was going there instead. Punyalah susah nak jumpa the hotel. I am really hopeless when it comes to PJ. I remember the station - saw it when we went to Amcorp mall. But had no idea how to get on to the hotel. A kind soul showed me the way after seeing how tercanggak canggak I was. Ikut jalan belakang. I saw the Ittar college, tak sangka I was actually at the back entrance of the hotel. After tercanggak2 again I was shown the ballroom where the course was held. I was late- what else is new- I should have made sure I caught the 6.30 train from salak tinggi. Bila missed that train had to wait for the 7 o'clock train- reached there around 8.45 instead of 8.30. Boss was already there.. oops..

    Anyway although the course was a whole day course- it was interesting tak sedor masa dah berlalu. During lunch time i nipped to Amcorp Mall- planned dah lama - and eversince Haq told me about the the bookstores with cheap books, I had been wanting to go there. So I tottered there. There were at least two stores selling secondhand books, and two other stores selling 1) usual priced books and the other at half priced. I was like in book heaven. As usual when browsing for books I lost track of time- had to take a cab back.

    I thot of skipping the last module on white collar crimes and the impact on Economy, but they say I had to stay on to get the certificate- SSM's orders. So by the time I got back home it was 7 and DH and the girls had gone for buka posa, while I had to savage whatever there is in the house- not much- the maid did not cook much. I cooked the sambal tumis requested by sis Ida and when DH and the kids got back, we went to Ampang. Phew


    Made DH and the kids leave the house at half past 10 for shopping at Me*** J**a. Dapat 150 ringgit vouchers- so apa lagilah.. used it to buy dressses for the kids. Claimed the voucher and a free gift ( DH wanted bag instead of mugs) , then went to choose baju raya budak2. Came out from the store a happy shopper, as I got 80 ringgit cash voucher, a kurma gift and another bag from M**y***k for using their credit card..

    Around 6.30 we arrived at Mak B's house. Nadya looked ever so sweet in her purple dress with a matching purple mum. Lana and baby Haiqal was there - Mimi and baby Eusoff!! cute betul!!..

    Food was glorious.. Nasi Ayam, Mee Bandung, Bubur Lambuk, Roti Arab, Rojak Buah, Drummets, Briani Daging. Yummy!! Now the PIX.

    More picturea at Izreen's Izan's