Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nadia's Aqiqah and Cheetah Girls

Friday, 19 January

Dad came back from Chiangmai. DH picked him up from the LCC airport around 3. I sent him last Monday causing kecohness as the kids have to be at school before 7.30, Monday assembly day and dad had to be at the airport at 7. The kids wanted to send their atok so I whisk them off without proper school shoes and bags, thinking there will be time to pick the next door neigbour, shoes and bag. Set off around 6.45, reached the airport at 7.05 and believe it or not at home around 7.25. The neighbour's kids were already in their dad's car heading towards school and my kids grabbed bags and shoes.. with confusion, grabbed two of kakak's shoes instead. Lama2 took all two pairs of shoes each to school. Hahaha.

Dad wanted to take the kakak and adik to Ampang. I said they have sekolah ugama, and Dh would have to take the neighbours kids from sekolah ugama. But, the girls ponteng, Atuk whisked them to Ampang. Actually we went to Ampang that night, so kalau Dad tak bawa tak pa but Atok rindu cucu.

The next day would be Awal Muharram. Mum in Law sent her yearly reminder of doas akhir and awal tahun.

Saturday 20th

Nadia's aqiqah. Went to Mak B's around 11 ish. Yasin dah habis baca, they were reciting surahs and doa went we got there. The kids wear tudung. Aqiqah went well. Nadia memanglah baik langsung tak nangis. Very good girl. I remember adik's qiqah... she cried because there were many unfamiliar faces. The flowers were lovely. We thought they were fake, bila tau real, gatallah tangan minah bunga. Lovely mauve colour. Photos will be posted later. ( blom download)

Next Shila, I and the eight kids altogether, went to Berjaya Times Square . My sister Ida was quite annoyed as I asked brother amy and her to come to Dad's and have a nasi kerabu night. Tengok orang yang ajak Hilang. We thot the trip to Berjaya times Square sekejap aje .. catch a movie, tengok Cheetah girls promo and back before 7. I had no idea what the promo was until we got there. There was a Cheetah-licious party. Kids can register, Accesorize like the cheetah girls, have their photos taken and record the song apakebende.. the party's just begun. My daughters tak pernah dengar the song and as we don't have Astro, tak tau sangat the characters. So when adik was asked which cheetah girl she liked.. buat muka blur. The MC asked me, I pun blur, kakak got it right. We had to wait around an hour plus . Ponek jugak berdiri, qisty dah restless, she took a nap. Adik followed the MC around , in the end dapat a board, Qisty got the same thing , she had to roar. Sara and Sophia got a soundtrack Cd each. We were no 131. Shila's kids were after us. They close the registration after 133.
No 131, The kids put on caps, hairbands with cheetah design, sunglasses and posed. Then off to the recording room. Only kakak's voice could be heard. The song was unfamiliar to qisty and adik. I took photo with handphone but misplaced my phone wire cable, so I have to transfer via bluetooth to my PDA and later on to PC. Roundabout way.(Will post as soon as I got the thing organized.) We had to come back for the Cd at 7.15.
While waiting, we went to Borders. Atuk gave 100 riggit to buy books. Instead of the usual 4 books of either geronimo stiltons, Nancy drews , Lizzie McGuire, or R Stine, kakak bought a cook book for kids. As it was around 30, she could have only one nancy drew book. Adik bought a princess craft book and Scooby Doo book while Qisty's, The twelve dancing princess colouring book.
Went back to the Cheetah licious party, Got the Cd, nicely done with their photo with Cheetahlicious pose and name printed on the cover, A cheetah purse in a disney bag. All in all an interesting day. Thank you Shila for driving us and thank you Sohia and Sara for giving us the soundtrack CD.
Went back home kena marah. Was supposed to cook nasi kerabu. The cook balik lambat. Ayam percik was cooked by mum. I cooked the gravy and mixed the sambal kelapa. After dinner had some belgian chocs and fruits, then off to Sepang.
Sunday 28th Jan
Went to Pasar. Bought chicken, beef and fish for the week. Bought also one dungaree and a pair of jeans for Qisty. Spend the day, sewing on beads and sequin shaped like a mermaid on the dungaree. Later on went to buy ingredients for kakak's chocolate chip cookies, Qisty's mermaid's bra came off... Hahaha..

Friday, January 19, 2007


Yesterday went back home, felt very hungry. Had dinner, masak lemak cili padi beef, grilled terubuk, ulam raja, sambal belacan and brown rice. While eating asked if the kids have done any home work.

Adik said she has one. She said she has to stick alphabets in her pattern book. Ok I said. One side of the book has writtings on them, so I suggest she paste on one side. The maid volunteer to do it for her. Then she said, the maid, did it wrong so I asked her to turn the paper. Then she said she wants to paste it on to two pages, so that she'd have to transfer what she wrote on the next page. I said ok. Then she accidently torn the book as the pages were still wet when she erased it. I said it is ok it is an accident. Just explain itto the teacher. She got agitated saying that the teacher will scold her. I told her it is only an accident tapi she cried.

Kakak said.. if the teacher scold you, you'd just have to take it.

But adik tak nak kena marah, Adik tak suka kena marah..

But it is an accident.. So just tell her that..So what if you get scolding once in a while

But adik tak nak teacher marah adik langsung
And this went on. And I lost it and shouted at adik sampai terbatuk2. Tulah dia adik.. she gets whiny at times.

While I was doing Kathy Smith's fat Peak performance vcd, adik came in and asked me about whether she'd have PE the day after. I told her I don't know and she started again- kena lagi. She knew that nobody is to disturb me while I am exercising. Join boleh tapi kacau mmg kena.

This morning, she started crying in the car, because the teacher placed her with three boys and she doesn't like it. Kena kacau. She insisted that I speak to her teacher. The teacher told her to sit at the end of the table and problem solved.

That's adik for you. Once she told me that she has to memorise doa makan, doa sebelum tidur, doa masuk tandas, doa masuk kenderaan- in Kindergarten. And she kept asking me to teach her, saying that the ustazah insisted that she memorise. I told her, I , myself don't know the doa, except doa makan, yang belajar pun dari budak2.. baca bismillah aje I said. Sebelum tido, either bismillah 21 times or I'd recite the three kuls and ayat qursi. And tell the ustazah, you are too small tomemorise all the doas in one go , kena take time jugak nak belajar ni. She didn't want to go to kindergarten sebab ni. Kecik2 lagi dah tension. I told her don't be so tight.. relaxlah.. Ni baru sekolah main2. What to do....

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kids and new year resolution.

Qisty has learnt to write "TINA". Slowly she's learning her alphabet. Oklah for a three year old. Kakak could recognise the alphabet when she turned two. Adik, well.. probably when she's 4 or five. Teaching the kids ni mmglah difficult. Kena patient. With kakak, senang sikit. Tengok video tunjuk alphabet dah ok. With adik, a bit difficult sebab she liked to contradict, she always thinks she's right. Like the time when I taught her to count. I counted ..6 , say fruits. She'd say seven and sampai sudah sampai bergaduh. Even when her grandma and sister insisted that I was right, she was unmovable. With Qisty, she'll use metaphor. S looks like snake, mama.. So I taught her using the same thing.. E looks like comb, etc. Once, she insisted that M is W, I turned the letter.. yes.. u are right mama she'd say.

Qisty's favourite is mermaid. When she draws, it'll be mermaids. Tak tau why she has this obsession with mermaids.

Adik is settling nicely at school. She has a few friends. Sophia, Fatini- the next door neighbour, Quratul Ain and a few others. Oklah. I asked her how's school. She'd say, belajar patterns mama, it's easier that the kindergarten. I told her now maybe, it'll get harder later on.

Kakak enjoyed her new school. She has made friends. She wanted to wear tudung since std 2 but I told her, I'll let her wear when she goes to secondary school. Last week, she asked me again, so I repeated the same thing. She told me, she's now a Putri Islam- girl guide kot?- so she'd have to wear pink tudung to school on Wednesdays and white on other days. Oklah. I don't want her to wear tudung in primary school because I don't want her to wear tudung as uniform. I want her to wear it permanently in secondary school. But come to think of it, pi sekolah ugama pun tudung macam uniform jugak.

Me.. well trying to eat healthily and exercise more. Had burst of motivation before Christmas, started doing yoga. Then new year padam balik. Then, I met my friend Sya, who introduced me to T-tapp a few years ago, at the Sunday market in Salak. She told me she's enrolled for kickboxing. aerobic and yoga classes at California Fitness and she comes back at 10 at night from the gym three times a week. I thot, wow this woman is fantastic.
T-tapp is good but I have problem sticking to it. To get motivated I need fun exercises with music to get moving. So last week, I started with Bar method dvds. oklah. Tapi sebab its deep muscle contraction, I had to take three days off exercise after doing each dvd.
This week it gets better. On Monday I did Bar Method's Fat free sans the ab work, the next day mcm ok, I didn't get DOMs, so Tueday I did the Pilates Fat Burning- fun exercise with a great instructor- thinking of buying more of this cardio pilates or pilates with weight dvd. Wedneday, Bar Method's Sculpting and T-tapp's Organ In Place. So far so good. I hope to do Kathy's Smith's Peak Performance today and take time off tomorrow.
I hope this bout of fitness phase will last.

Foodwise, I am doing ok. Little baby steps at a time. Still eat nasi lemak on Sundays. But during weekday, I try substituting brown rice for white rice. Grilled things for lunch and reduced intake of rice for dinner. I now eat dinner as soon as I get home. Then Magrib and continue with exercise before sleeping at 10.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Up date from DEC 9 to Hari raya haji

9th Dec

The morning after.. After Hongkong that is. Woke up late, ponek kan, siap2kan budak2 and rush to Muar for SIL, Yati's bertandang. Tapi jalannya from Nilai to Seremban took two hours- jam!!. And DH took one hour and half from Seremban to Muar. Reached there, orang dah start makan. Told DH in the car, sure tak dapat makan kat main table dah lambat ni.. he said kenapa nak makan main table... tup tup, dia yang duduk makan kat main table. Mazran , Ann and cute baby Fahim, came a few minutes after, followed by Mak B, Uncle M, Izreen, Nizar and baby comel Nadia. SIL Nor and family, BIL Faiz and family, MIL and DIL were all already there. Dad in Law who was admitted to IJN looked ok. Atty looked lovely in red.

Friday night 15 Dec

went over to Lana's berinai~ Shila's kids and mine, including mummies, had mendi drawn on our hands. This guy memang talented betul, Mine was full of hearts, shila's roses, kakak and qisty had butterflies, while adik's - flowers.

Sunday LANA' s wedding

Lana's wedding was great. Baju cantik and there was the usual tol, where the Groom's rombongan had to pay before settling on the dais with the bride. Kecoh stuff and great fun. Then we had the tabur ambor2- money and chocolates thrown by the newly wed. The food was yummy, ada Singapore Murtabak ( bestnya..) , roast lamb, Fried Kue Teow plus the usual Laksa Johor and Briani Gam. ( gambar curi from lana's blog)

Tuesday 19th Dec

Lana's reception at Felda Perdana. the day before, phoned tailor kata baju tak siap sebab the part where I wanted to do the dress koyak, I was worried nak beli baju baru , then suddenly remembered that the fabric was saree, ada 5 metre, it would be enough, tinggal lagi pattern sama thruout. Called back the tailor to do whatever she could with it. Baju siap at 3. Had DH to pick it up.Nervous a bit sebab reception dekat Datuk Keramat, while I had to go from Shah Alam to Sepang then to Datuk Keramat. Luckily, kakak and adik, the flower girls were at my parents' in Ampang. Met DH at Cyberjaya and then to Ampang to pick up the kids. Mum had the kids ready, DH picked them up while I went the the florist to buy petals for the flower girls' basket. Rushed to Felda, sembahyang magrib, then put on the dress. Nasib baik ok, Phew. Siapkan the girls. Shila and I were more nervous than the kids as they had rehearsal in the morning , and we had not. Problem solved as Mak Z's staff were to guide them. The wedding was lovely, Lana and Helmi looked radiant. The kids were OK. They had the tol and Ambur2 here too. I sat with the kids and they didn't like udang much so Shila and I ate lots of big yummy prawns. Lana sang. She has lovely voice!!After the guests left, the kids grabbed the microphone and sang My Heart. Shila, Mak M, Imi, Nor took turns to sing. The kids had whale of time plucking flowers. I got a whole bunch of Tuberose, Sundal Malam. Fun Night!

Hari raya Haji.

Went to Ampang the nite before. Adik ate so much of Mom's rendang that mom was worried ada tak for raya haji. The next day after sembahyang raya went to BIL Epi's house to see DIL he looks ok after a weeks stay at IJN. After that went to aunty U's house. Got two bags full of Women's day and Australian Magazines. Bestnya!! Kakak will have a whale of a time doing puzzles. Then went to Mak L's house. Haven't been there since I got married. DH's first visit to the house. teruk betul!! Pak T was there with new baby, Marina husna.. cute betul. Pak T told grandma that the baby is his and my grand mother said bohong. Pak T said everyone thot the baby is his grand daughter.. Went to Uncle Fuad's house. Met BIL and shila there. Uncle and aunty looked ok. At about 5 went to Kluang.

1st January
In Kluang, MIL cooked the kids favourite, laksa Johor. Learnt her way of cooking Laksa Johor. Got panicked when Pais' in law were there. Usual kecoh stuff. Fun tho. In the evening went to buy adik and kakak's uniform before going back to KL

2nd January 2007

Woke adik up early, pakaikan baju sekolah and off she and DH went to her school. Today was suppose to be orientation before starting standard 1 the day after. As maid was on leave and kakak, qisty still tired from the journey from Kluang, I stayed behind to cook breakfast, nasi lemak. Dh and adik came back a few minutes later. Apparently there;s supposed to be ataklimat/talk at 9 and kids did not have to be there. Laahai!!. At 9 he went alone while I continued cooking and woke kakak and qisty up. Then we went to the school. Manalah DH ni tak ada pon. And adik's name was not in any of the class. Panicked!1 Asked the school clerk, he asked when adik took her exam, what exam!!!..Dh didn't say anything about any exam!! She has to sit for the exam before they let her in. Lahh.. sekolah kampong pun kena exam!! Furious went back home. Sampai umah DH's car was there. Melabur. Asked him about the matter. Ada kata dia...adik is in the same class as the next door neighbour's daughter. ????. Dh said the queue was long and also he has stomachache, so tak bayar fees lagi.

After breakfast we went to pay.. Lahai.... Different school. I went to the wrong school... hahahaha. Had a good laugh about it. Later that evening went to sis ida's- Azri's bday party. Told them the incident . Dad said sekolah elite.

3rd January

Registered kakak. Transferred her from sekolah KLIA so that the next door neighbour boleh tolong ambik after school. Before this DH picked her up all the way from cyberjaya, sometimes tak pergi sekolah as Dh had to go somewhere during the time. So the arrangement now is that I send the kids to school in the morning, the neighbour will pick from morning school and to sekolah ugama and in the evening from sekolah ugama , dh will pick the kids up. Thot of going to work later that day but after registering sekolah ugama dah 3.30 and then I'd have to pick them up at 5.30, so cutilah.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hong Kong .. Cont..

Day Four- Thursday

Our Fourth day in Hongkong we decided to go to Ocean Park. Woke up hungry, looked around - found remnants of last nights dinner. Let the kids slept in while I cleaned the place and had the sambal ikan bilis we brought for breakfast, ( the rendang has gone bad as adik used her fingers to eat), Woke them up and kakak had jam and bread while adik had chocolate spread and bread. Siap punyalah lama - in the end took the taxi to the underground, MTR and then a taxi to Ocean Park, which is cheaper as Ocean Park is at west Hongkong Island, very far and will be expensive. If the trip to Kowloon cost around 80-90 hongkong dollars, which is 40-45 ringgit, it would probably cost twice . Reached Ocean Park around 1 o'clock. There are two entrances/ exits in Ocean Park. The main entrance at the Conservation Square which leads to the lowlands and the Tai Shue Wan leads to the Highland. The Highland and Lowlands are connected by cable cars or the escalator.

We went to Lowland entrance, went on to see the sea lion show. Oklah. Qisty enjoyed it. Next the kids rode Toto the Loco, a slow moving mini train ride, they probably had one in the Mines Wonderland. We passed through the Tiny toon town, where they had arcade like games, which require around hongkong 5 dollars to play. Camillia wanted to play, but DH told her to play only those which do not need extra money. Well ,the entrance did cost 93 for kids and 185 for adults. Next we went to the Kid's world where there were playgrounds and rides. Bought drinks and pop corn while the kids played. When eating terjatuhlah popcorn, tengok bawah langsung tak ada sampah, and punyalah clean, felt guilty, I picked up the popcorns and shoved in the bin. Next tried the Frog hopper which is the mini version of the ride I rode once dekat UK, where they take u up and drop you, Only one adult may ride, so I went with the kids. A 6 year old before us cried, takut jugak if Qisty cry. Tengok ok aje dia, in fact nak pi lagi. Next we got in the ferries wheel shaped like baloons.

Then we went to see the Bird show. Bird show ni a bit like the one in Ayer Keroh but Ayer Keroh's better. Dah lapar, dh suggested Mc Donald's , I maleh nak makan Mc D, thot we'd try to see apa ada kat atas. We went up for the cable car ride. On the way nampaklah Panda Sanctuary and F1 racing, go kart which cost around 40 dollars. Nak naik cable car susah sikit because of the push chair, Dh wanted to leave it, I said no, yelah kan bila masa nak ambik balik. The cable car was small just enough for us. The ride was smooth, the view lovely nampak the bay.

Reached up, pi makan kat Bay view Restaurant, nice view. Semua dah lapar. Kakak had Seafood spagetti and the rest of us had Breaded fish with Tamarind sauce and rice. Sedap!! We next saw jelly fish aquarium, lots of repeated species of jelly fishes. Next, we wanted to to see the shark, tapi took the wrong turn went in to A toll reef instead. Kat sini, ada lots of underwater species, including a big tank of all the fishes, turtles, cray fishes, sharks. Saw the hammerheads. As we went down we saw the fishes from the surface sampai the bottom of the tank. I must say we had to go down stairs and with push chair it was a bit difficult. DH said Aquaria's better. By this time dah nak gelap, so we went to the Ferris wheel ride. Then DH and kakak went for the Flying Swing Ride. Ad height restriction so Qisty and Adik couldn't go. Adik cried. Kakak, after experience the ride gushed that it was the best ride of all.

As dah gelap, we went out by the other exit. So lah, jauh, we had to walk down stairs, up more stairs lugging the push chair, then down the escalator. Ponek betul. Then we went in the bus tapi kena turun balik sebab tak ada change. Luckily, Kakak had some change, and we had to wait for the next bus. Reached Amiralty station, ada hati nak pi jalan lagi, so we went to Wan chai station and then the street where the sell cheap toys. Pusing2 nak cari the street. In the end found it. Tapi nak tutup dah. Bought a few souvenirs and jumpa niece, nana's Power Puff girls things. Nak balik tapi the kids were hungry so we went to a Pakistani Restaurant. Quite nice. We too the MTR. The kids were too tired, adik developed a fever and kakak fell asleep in the train. It was twelve when we reached the hotel.

The next day, Friday, we woke up late. Had a good rest before packing our bags and headed to the airport. At the Airport, had frenzied last minute shopping time at the Disney Store and we were a bit late boarding the plane. Reached KL around 9 and reached home around 10.

Phew. Wonderful and Exhausting trip. The kids loved it. Nak pergi lagi. From my experience, plan well ahead before you go. Familiarise with the maps. Kalau boleh duduk more central near Tsim Sha Sui or kowloon, banyak halal food/ restaurant, attractions dekat tempat2 ni, so you don't spend so much on transport. Nak save further bawak serunding or rendang because dekat restaurants sekali makan around 100-200 dollars.( 50-100 ringgit). Kalau boleh naik public transport to tempat2 jauh. It would be better if spent two days in Disneyland, so that you would not be rushed nak kejar the rides and shows. If you go to Ocean Park, go early~ it opens at 9, visit the attraction yg jarang tengok like Panda or the Dolphins, skip the bird show, then spend more at the highland. Highland ada lots of rides, but some may have height restrictions. The attractions that we missed

The Abyss- Raise up and free fall, rasanya kat gentng ada ke?

The Dragon- Rollercoaster with loops, twist and turns

The Eagle- Like the Flying swing but 4 rapidly spinning thigies.

Tha Galeon- Pirate ship swing to and fro.

Mine Train- train macam roller coaster

Space wheel, Rapidly spinning vertical ferris wheel

Raging River- Log Flume ride.




We didn't go much round the Hongkong Island. Didn't go to Causeway bay, Stanley Street, The Peak, Maddame Tussauds, etc.

All these reasons warrants a trip back to Hong kong.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Blog Holiday

Been so long since I blog. December is definitely a busy month. Weddings Attie and Lana, trip to Hong Kong.

First I like to post Camarina's Concert pics. ( hahaha dapat post satu aje... Lambat sangat)

2nd Dec

On the 2nd December was SIL Attie's wedding. Due to mountaineous workload and the fact that I want to go to Hong kong, we came back the night before the wedding and missed the qatam quran and Aqiqah. Attie's wedding went well. She looked very pretty. True to Johor custom, the parents gave away the bride by reading out something like .. We have brought you up and will now give you away to your husband and hope that you will la di da... Very emotional stuff. I always get teary eyed listening to them. The husband also will read out some kind of vow , he will take up the responsibility of taking care of the bride needs. Great idea this.

Pic of Attie's wedding. Uploading the pics are sure slow..Yelah tempat jin bertendang tak ada streamyx.

4th Dec Hongkong Day 1
On Monday the fourth woke the children up at 5. Suprisingly we managed to wake Qisty up, she was really excited to go to Bismiland. We reached the airport at six. While waiting to board adik kept on kissing me and thanking me. We saw the China Airlines plane we were to fly in. It was like a quarter the size of MAS planes near it. DH was doubtful as to whether we will reach our destination. Hahaha. Flight went on smoothly. Qisty fell asleep. Adik looked excitedly outside. We were assured that we will get Muslim meal. Watch a boring b like movie on board. Kakak and DH slept all the way. Reached Hongkong three hours later. As we did not fill the white apakebende immigration card, we were held back. By the time we finished writing them or rather DH finished writting them, there was a group of newly arrived Japanese tourists. As we were first timers, or rather the kids and I were, DH's 3rd, although it seems to me like his maiden trip too..., lama jugaklah nak tunggu the immigration officer. Then we searched round the airport for the guide. ( Found out later that there was a letter with instructions where to wait siap with the map..hmmm.)
We took a bus to the hotel. Our hotel is situated at Tsing Yi Island near the airport and Landau Island(Disney) but very far from town. The rooms were very small muat two beds with view contena2 and ships, barely enough for the bags but very clean and modern. Yang penting the toilet was in the room. Sister Ida almost booked hotel room with shared toilet. As there were two rooms and the kids are all too small to be left in a room, Each room ada one adult. After resting a while we went to Kowloon. DH said we should eat before shopping. Called a few Halal restaurants. Semuanya jauh and don't know where. There was one where the person who picked up the phone didn't understand English. You'd think after being ruled by the British for 50 years, they would understand some form of English. Anyway, I suggested that we go to Tsim Sha Tsui, where there is a mosque, sure banyak muslim restaurant. I was right. We took a cab to the ladies market and would you believe it, walked all the way to the mosque. Adik was so sleepy that she accidently walked into a pillar. For those of you who might want to try this, you might want to take the train or bus instead. We reached the mosque, asked a few people there where we can find Halal food and was shown to this building where there are so many Pakistanis and Afiricans that you don't know you are in Hong kong. I had Naan and Tandoori chicken and DH had the mutton Briani. After that we went around searching window shopping comparing prices of MP4 players DVD players. DH went to a Cybercafe and print out halal restaurants in Hongkong. Most of the halal restaurants are around Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay which are all so very far from our Hotel.

I saw some interesting stuff like cashmere sweater, selling quite cheap but DH walked so fast that I lost him. Tried to call him tapi tak dapat, Altho my phone was already on roaming. Sigh.. In the end I smsed him. Panic jugak as my credit was nearing zero. And with DH who went missing frequently to smoke or to the toilet, keeping the line of communication was essential.

As we walked so lah very far, in the end we were all tired , yelah bangun pun awal. We took a taxi back. Looking back I think it was probably Dh's trick , so that I would be too tired to do shopping.

Hong Kong Day 2- Snoopy World

The next day we woke up so lah very early and waited and waited for someone to take us around. It was free and easy tour mana orang nak bawak jalan, so in the end we went to Mc Donald's for breakfast. I had the Happy meal , pancake and syrup, then we went to Snoopy's world. Nampak macam gempak dalam brochure but it is actually full of characters from Peanuts with school bus and playground. The rides tak jalan. But the kids enjoyed it. Then we went to Toys R us. I told the kids that they could pick one toy each .For kakak ,I chose v smile catridge. It cost around 60 plus. In Malaysia dlam 95. Adik got make up set yang I rasa sama harga dekat Malaysia. Bought a mermaid called Schella for Qisty and DH bought a remote control plane. After that we had seafood pizza and went to Ladies Market to shop. Kat sini they sell lots of things, and you have to bargain. Macam Petaling Street jugak.Bought Ida, mum, Shila beaded evening bags each, Mil, SILs, pashminas, a Ferrari jacket for afiq. DH bought a silver dress for Qisty. We were hungry then and tired, so took a taxi to Tsin Sha Tsui, again . Ate at Turkish Restaurant. Sedap. Kakak had spagetti, DH and I had kebab. Qisty loved her fish and chips without the chips. Berebut makan. The food is very nice but the service is a bit slow. Waitress to macam do everything in slow motion. May be didn't understand us ke apa? Went around the area, beli bag, as dah ada new things to pack.

Hong Kong Day 3- Disneyland

Map taken from the website. Woke up early for Disney, tapi bas datang around 9.45, hahaha. I thot as much sebab kat bawah memang ada bus schedule to Disney but DH insisted. We reached Disney around 10 plus. The guide kept asking us to walk faster. Sampai sana ~ long queue for photos with both Mickey and Minnie. Likewise with Daisy and Donald. In the end managed to catch Chip and Dale. Funny Naughty squirrel. One of them tied adik's gloves.

Then the kids posed with Princess Aurora, sleeping beauty and asked her to sign autograph.. Ingatkan nak ambik gambar with Cinderella but she had to go somewhere. So they took pics of the dwarves statues ( Snow White's Grotto) and the well. We then went to see Mickeys' 3D Spectacular show(Mickey Philarmagic). Best!!! Adik tried to grab the flying carpets, and the characters, so real they seemed. Next we went to the Cinderella carousel. Yang bestnya people of all ages naik rides kat sini, some as old as my dad. So apa lagi, kalau in Malaysia, I wouldn't be caught dead riding carousel, dok sebelah anak but here, apa lagi I had my own horse!! Naik dumbo flying elephant, makan kat apakenebnde dengan character statue kat dalam, nicely made, toilet pun very clean. Had Rice and vegetable curry and some pita bread.

Next went for Pooh's ride. In honey pot went ride round the storybook tale of blustery day. Then went to Disney Character show called the Golden Mickey at Story Book Theatre. It was in Chinese and ada translation kat screen. The Songs were in English tho. Ada woody and Jessie, Hunchback of Notre dame, Hunky Tarzan, Mermaid and Lilo and Stich and of course Minnie Donald, Belle and the Beast.

Next stop tomorrow land. Went to see Stitch show called Stich encounter - Stitch in The traffic control it's intereactive, oklah, i tak enjoy sangat. Sebelah ada space mountain but because it had height restriction tak naik. There was also a car ride called Autopia, interesting, futuristic car, tapi ada height restriction nanti qisty nak naik susah.

Then we went to Buzz lightyear ride, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster. Ni best. You have to shoot the aliens , save Universerve from Evil Emperor Zurg, and then at the end of the ride they will assess how many you've killed and rank you from amateur to commander. Next stop shop, where camillia assembled Mr potato and Adik assembled Mrs Potato. Then we saw the Disney on Parade. Best!! Alamak, dah nak petang so we went to Tarzan's tree house and then had to go to toilet to change Qisty. This was when DH disappeared and took the river cruise without us. We waited for the Lion King show, which was very good. The characters of Simba, Girlfriend , Mufasa are all by african american, there were also macam polinesian fire eating show. Very good. By the time the show's over dah gelap, rushed to the shops to buy souvenirs. Keluar sekejap tengok the Spectacular fireworks with castle on the background . Cantik. Then had to rush to the bus. Itu pun the last one to get in. Kena marah lagi. Duit terbang sebab Dh couldn't book the last nitenya hotel therefore had to extend stay in the present hotel. Nak cash pulak tu..
Reached hotel too tired to eat. Dh bought some rice vermicelli, opened a can of chicken curry.
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