Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cqistina's Birthday party part 2

By 4 something I panicked. Lana and Helmi came the earliest, then Din Mak Dah and family. Went up to change and down again making sure food are at the table. Epi and family came later, then Izreen and little Nadia, looking ever so cute, Mak B and Uncle M, and Mak M.

We sang the birthday song and suddenly Qisty cried, why? Terharu kot. Anyway at first I was a bit reluctant to cut the cake , slaving over it for a day and a half, but then I cut it anyway.

In the midst of sebuk2 tu, we forgot about the games prepared. DH bought some fishing rods as one of the games but by the time we were suppose to have the game -lunyai-broken. After cake cutting most of the kids dissappeared and then we suddenly remember the gold fish pinata ( made from orange plastic bag with pingpong balls as eyes- very creative (right!) of DH.

Qisty was happy, she has two more Barbie dolls to her collection. Thank you all for the pressies.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Cqistina's Birthday Party Part 1

Yesterday was Qisty's 4 th birthday party. She wanted a barbie cake and I asked around. Cake with print of barbie's face would cost around RM52, with a doll would be 100 plus or minus a doll. I surfed the net and lo behold, so many websites on how to make a barbie cake. The best website was the homemade cakes websites. They have like 5 pages of barbie cakes photo ideas. My first reaction was- can I actually make the cake. Yelah, I had to look up on how to do the butter icing, I had a book on cake decorating bought eons ago but never tried. I did try to make icing for MIL's b'day- the kids tried to decorate - but it didn't turn out right. I even had trouble making cakes- was it the oven or the mixer? ( I used to have kenwood chef mixer bought in UK- cost 99 pounds then- in Malaysia 1000- and the cakes always turn out beautifully- but then it went kaput on me 5 yeras ago..) My oven, round glass type.. baking other things always turn out ok- muffins , pizzas, biscuits but cake ni tak taulah.. always the centre not cooked ( with whirl like pattern on it ). I scout around recipes for chocolate moist cake. Recipezar has lots of interesting ones... but I should have known you can't mold such cakes. but I wanted to try anyway... So Victoria Sandwich cake it was. I told kakak, the first cake that I baked was a victoria sandwich cake. I remember sharing the recipe with Shila when we were thirteen.

My next worry was icing. Butter icing- I don't have the nerve to use for the dress. I found a wonderful marshmallow fondant recipe off the net and beautiful barbie cakes using it. I thot of making marshmallow - bought the ingredients - but then I found halal ones from australia at cold storage. Bought a mould that would be good for the dress but it was shorter than barbie, so I had to bake another cake below it. By friday I had all the ingredient ready. Planned to make the cake after work but too tired. On Saturday baked the Victoria sandwich cake in the barbie dress mold, And A chocolate moist cake for the bottom part.. but the chocolate moist cake was a disaster, too moist to do anything with but taste terrific. The kids made chocolate muffins for their cousins and off we went to my mum's with oven and ingredients. On the way dropped by Alamanda for birthday girl's dress. Found beautiful dresses at Lovely lace and hamsters but - beyond my budget, so went to Parkson instead- Secret Graden. Found a beautiful pink one which cost half the price - 30% discount for Bonus link members. Qisty satisfied, we went back to Lovely lace for flowers on her hair. I chose a small one with a band but she wanted the flower girl like head gear. Belilah...

The next morning went to small wet market and a few shops in Ampang , last minute search for few ingredients , me- more icing sugar and caster sugar- ida- milk for puff pastry- zaidah durian for the Roti jala sauce.

After breakfast, I started to make the plat form barbie. Cake turned out too soft and Barbie was still too tall for the cake. While adjusting the cake broke.. Wah.. in the end cut off a bit of its leg. Should have taken out the whole leg and leave barbie's torso instead.

Melted the marshmallow, put in icing sugar and knead the fondant. Colour one part pink and left one part white. Put on purple butter icing- don't know why I put this colour- then the white fondant and then tried for ages to mold the outer pink part of the dress. Still looked unfinished, ida suggested that I put on the heart decoratings on them, while mum's maid nurul, who is so creative, put on sugar beads shaped like butterfly and other finishing touch to the cake. I put on wafer rose flowers around its imperfections and wala... we had the cake made.

Usually I would cook the whole thing on the menu, assisted by my maid but this time around, as I was engrossed with the cake, my sister's and brother's maid cooked the Mee curry sauce, the soto.

How the cake turn out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blog Holiday

I accidently erased what I typed.. Arghh now have to retype again!!

I was on blog holiday as the company block blogs categorising them under chat. Now have to blog using dial up, which is frustrating when uploading photos. What happened between camarina's birthday and now.

We had the reunion of MRSM seremban SPM 85. Five weeks before we've been sending and receiving message then last week before I couldn't receive any as web based emails are blocked as well. Sigh

Anyway I was hyped up for this reunion- dreading and anticipating it. Thot I'd lose some weight- did well- with t-tapp, then a week before the event, I succumbed to cravings and lost interest in exercising. Typical! I blaimed it on hormones.

Reached Sime Darby Convention Centre around 9. DH kindly sent me to the gate and I tottered my way in. Luckily heels not so high. But by the time i reached the hall I was somewhat glowing. Called B, she was in the hall already. Called a friend she has taken her place, so off I went to register. Went in to look for her and found her deep in conversation with X!! Great chance to talk to him you'd think but I missed both opportunities. Found him seated opposite me. Now why didn't I talk to him. Well.. I 've never talked to him in Seremban-we exchanged looks across the room, dining hall, assembly hall, I'd find myself blushing, on cloud 9, everytime when I found him in the same row, or opposite me in the hall/ room... Talked to him I've never. Once, in Ampang point, my heart suddenly raced and I looked around and saw him with his wife and kids- this was like 10 years ago.10 years after I left Seremban.

S, I, F, A( Who looked like she never left school) and J sat with me. They invited teachers and even the makcik canteen. One of the makcik canteen recognised me. Some of the girls pun did not recognise me. Of course those who did A levels or went to the UK had no trouble. Yelah some we haven't met like 20 years.

The theme for the night was UB40- we will be that age next year.

MY home adviser during form 4 and 5 Encik S was there, looked the same , missing a few teeth. Puan R, my homeroom adviser during A levels was there too. So was the warden, who once caught me and a few others late getting back from town- and caned us- his way of caning the girls was touching the ruler to our palms. Ustaz y, who never bothered to wake those who fell asleep in his class was also there. We always managed to finish the syllabus early and he would teach us- at the request of the boys in the class- Munakahat. Wondered how I passed my Agama SPM.

Of course boarding schools especially co ed ones-will have boys entering the girls dorm, hysteria . But the boys in S'ban would stick together. Once a boy, wearing blue t-shirt was caught in the girls dorm. Chased by the warden he went into a room. When the warden got there, all the boys in the room were wearing blue. In another incident, a boy fell and limped. Next day almost all the boys limped.

Hyteria- Started by the librarian and caught on to 4-5 girls. Some said it started because someone cut down a tree near the library and the penunggu got angry. The girls had to be carried into the hostels. Boys could walked in and out freely then. A prefect commented...boys being the dorm is a catalyst to the hysteria. This was also the time when I learnt Ayat Kursi.

Back to the reunion.. THey invited Jay jay the singer, great songs, we were transported back to 1984/85 but poor jay jay we were all busy yakking away. Dinner then, lucky draw. And by 12, most of the occupants of my table has left. Although i would love to stay, I couldn't make DH wait so long. I wished we had more time.
Tried to post photo tak menjadi..dial up slow..
Cqistina's birthday

Cqistina will be 4 on the 23rd. Her party will be n Sunday27th 4 pm. Please come to my mum's at Ampang.