Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Potter weekend

On Friday evening, I started having contractions- hahaha that's what I told the doctor- I had severe diarrhea and cramping. The doctor told me to take 4 diarhea pills at a go. I was too weak, masuk anything, even drinking water made me rush to the loo.

The next morning, around 6.30 am, SIL Shila superwomanwannabe woke me up. She was already at Carrefour queueing with 70 plus people and told me Haq's at Kinokuniya, among 300 plus people queuing from 4 am. Yikes I thot, and I have to send kakak to the mosque for trip to Malacca , adik and Fatini ,the next door neighbour to solat camp. By 15 past seven I was already infront of my neighbours who was suprise we were early as the solat camp was suppose to start around 8. Sent the kids and off to Banting Tesco.

I have never been to Banting without DH , the furthest I've gone alone thereabouts was to Olak Lempik, don't know where Tesco was but according to my office mates it's easy to find. Around half past seven, my officemate who wanted one as well called, several times but somehow my phone was thrown to the back seat. To make thing worse there was this big and slow lorry in front of me.- I thot habislah... I brought a book just in case the queue panjang and worried as my tummy was still giving me problems.

Reached there around 8 am and..... no queue at all. I was the only one there. Apparently there were around 10 people there around 7.01. I was so excited. Bought two books, got a poster, bought peaches and bread. Ladidida dida..

Went back tried to read the first few pages but read half blood prince instead. Finished reading HBP on Sunday.

On Sunday, went out to the market to buy kesidang for Intan and started to cook rendang, kerabu mangga for the mini reunion with intan, nani and zi. At around 1 , reached intan's house, had lunch and had a good time reminiscing old times and catching up with current news.

Intan and I have known each other for 23 years, her being my classmate at MRSM Seremban and A levels, later on I went to Sheffield and London while she went to Derby and London . Nani and Zi were in the same primary school -31 years ago , later on went to MRSM Kuantan, A levels then Nani went to Huddersfield and Zi to Croydon, London. Nani , Intan and I were roomates during A level and Zi and I were partners in crime, teasing boys when we were doing our English course In Kuantan before A levels . The boys always thot Zi was the naughty one as I looked innocent when actually I was the culprit. Zi and I were housemates at Old Kent Road. After I came back from Malaysia, one summer holiday, my housemates all decided to move and refused to tell me why. I was supicious to see so many ayat quran on doors. Later on they told me someone saw a girl ghost in the house.

We were quite loud- Qistina, my 4 year old, actually came to us and ask to lower down our voice a few times.

We enjoyed the day, promised that we'd do it again. Afterwards, went to sis Ida's house and then to IOI Mall to watch Order of the Phoenix.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Potty for Potter

So lah excited today. Carrefour and Tesco are going to sell Dealthly Hallows for RM69.90. Just when I thot I'd go to Alamanda, Dh said only 3 stores will be selling them. So I thot I'd go to Tesco Puchong. Then called shila we discussed and thot what about Banting. Surely the queue would not be as long in Banting- sorry org Banting. I asked three Bantingites from the office- all three of them wouldn't read Harry Potter- ok I generalise but I do hope it's the majority- Sorry orang Banting.

Image from Scholastic

Yay!! I thot I'd have to wait a year. I actually waited a year for the Order of the Phoenix because I wanted to buy paperback- cheapskate ye- ( the book is less fun than the others) and borrowed Half blood Prince- sorry shila, lepas ni pulang. The last installment ni kalau tak beli cepat sure basi because everyone would be talking about it. I will miss harry potter after this book. Mana ada buku yang keluar serentak and siap ada orang curi lagi.

I thot of asking Dh to send girls to school tomorrow but he doesn't have a car tomorrow. Someone from the next lane crossed over to his lane , braked and DH banged his car. Yesterday he brought back Kia, then Kancil but would have to return the car today.

Tak Sabar nak pi Tesco Banting.!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sauna and MSG

I Have written this post yesterday but ada technical error. I saved as draft tapi tak di save.mmmm

Anyway, I love to watch Beauty from the East, I love anything to do with spa ( not that i've been to one- lulur pun mak cik urut datang rumah) and I love herbs and love to see what herbs are used can be used for the body face and hair. I saw this episode where the host- pi India, Thai, Bali for Spa treatment - jealousnya. Yang bestnya she also go to this Sarawak nenek can't remember her name who is in her 80s still strong mind you.. made her own sauna thingy from herbs and what did she use to cover the woman? Tikar/ Mat Mengkuang pinned with clothes pegs and covered with sarong at the top. Ingenious I tell you.

Once i went to this club where they have sauna in the toilet. I thot I'd try tapi punyalah lambat the thing heat up. So the next time I went, I switched on the sauna and went to swim. Balik from swimming, the thing is still not warm enough. Yesterday i went out for lunch and pow- had a wonderful sauna in the car.

I don't like eating out in Malaysia. Especially lunch time, if I can find the time I always bring from home. Marinate some kind of protein - chicken. beef or fish the night before, in the morning before shower go to the kitchen, put in the oven, put rice in rice cooker and rush up. After subuh and shower, go downstairs, protein and rice cooked, put in lettuce and off to work. But sometimes of course planning is easier than executing it.

Why don't I like eating out- the Monosodium Glutamate- MSG, Ajinomoto- It's everywhere. Bukan sikit banyak. I love to eat this particular roast chicken but the after taste .. Who said MSG enhance flavour. Ni semua sebab nak save duit tak nak letak natural ingredients banyak2- maximise profitlah ni.

What's wrong with putting natural herbs to marinate. Soups satu lagi. After eating them your throat feel parched macam setahun tak minum air. That's one indication. For me its migraine. Letak MSG in your food siaplah.. I have indicator dalam badan- I'll get severe migraine and throw up.

You can always add more spice to make your food taste better- daun kunyit, daun bawang, daun kesum, limau purut, celery, white pepper, black pepper they all make food taste much nicer than MSG and no side effect. Sometimes elok jugak I have this indicator- anything unhealthy I'd know- so I can avoid it - My mum can't take MSG as well and she even have diarrhea when she eats the yellow noodle. This was even before they announced that the noodle contain excessive amount of boric acid.

Sorry for sounding so preachy. Try this experiment, put MSG on a patch of grass. See what happens.

Here's what I found on MSG

For thousands of years kombu and other seaweeds have been added to foods in Japan to enhance flavor. In 1908 a Japanese scientist discovered that the active ingredient in kombu is glutamic acid and then the use of its sodium salt, monosodium glutamate, began in Japan.

During the Second World War American quartermasters realized that Japanese army rations tasted great. Following the war, they introduced monosodium glutamate, the flavor enhancing ingredient in the Japanese rations, to the food industry; and the world-wide use of processed free glutamic acid began to explode.

In 1999 in an article in a peer-reviewed journal, NOHA Board Member Adrienne Samuels, PhD, wrote a history of the many deceptions used by those manufacturers, "The Toxicity/Safety of Processed Free Glutamic Acid (MSG): A Study in Suppression of Information."2

According to Dr. Samuels, the evidence of toxicity is overwhelming. Exposed laboratory animals suffer brain lesions and neuroendocrine disorders. Scientists studying retinal degeneration in mice treated with free glutamic acid have noted that these mice also became grotesquely obese following administration of free glutamic acid. The vulnerable hypothalamus in our brains regulates weight control, as well as other endocrine functions. When the brain is deluged with more free glutamic acid than it can handle, scientists know that problems and diseases can develop. For example, they know that a diverse number of disease conditions such as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a progressive degeneration of neurons and motor cells of the brain), Alzheimer’s disease, seizures, and stroke are associated with the glutamate cascade.

Some people are sensitive to minute amounts of free glutamic acid. For others, a larger dose or more than one dose is required to elicit reactions, which can be either immediate or delayed. In all cases, babies and small children are most vulnerable.

Many symptoms can be caused by MSG, such as; headaches, migraines, stomach upset, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma attacks, heart palpitations, partial paralysis, "heart attack like symptoms", balance difficulties, Parkinson's, M.S., A.L.S., Alzheimer's, even behavioral disorders especially in children and teens. There are allergy-type symptoms as well, such as; skin rashes, runny nose, bags under the eyes, flushing, mouth lesions, depression and more.

These ALWAYS contain MSG:
Glutamate, Monosodium glutamate, Monopotassium glutamate, Glutamic acid, Calcium caseinate, Gelatin, Textured protein, Hydrolyzed protein (any protein that is hydrolyzed), Yeast extract, Yeast food, Autolyzed yeast, Yeast nutrient

These OFTEN contain MSG or create MSG during processing:

Flavor(s) & Flavoring(s), Natural flavor(s) & flavoring(s), Natural pork flavoring, Bouillon, Natural beef flavoring, Stock, Natural chicken flavoring, Broth, Malt flavoring, Barley malt, Malt extract, Seasonings (the word "seasonings"), anything Fermented

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Uncle Yahaya - Semoga cepat sembuh !!

Alfatihah to the Nuri pilots/engineers/ Officers crashed at Genting Sempah.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Monday Night Marathon

Still have not posted the pix. Biasalah Monday night is my couch potato night From Beauty from the east to Three CSIs to Criminal Mind- my favourite programmes. If I'm at my mum's its Sunday from 12 to 3 CSI back to back ( my house no Astro). I rarely watch tv, preferring to curl with a book. Before - victorian Mysteries or Herb mysteries- China Bayles. Current- books on Herbal Cosmetics, Organic Skincare, Aromateraphy and motivation.

This Saturday camarina ada camp solat, kakak- trip to Malacca. I suggested to DH that we follow the bus to Malacca but DH wouldn't hear of it. Sigh.. I guess it's ok. She'll be going with the Sekolah Ugama classmates. Sekolah Ugama nowadays macam compete with the morning school. They too have class replacement for hariraya , sports too. Now trip to Malacca. During my day, no sekolah ugama. We'd go to Quran Reading class after school. Sometimes I'd sleep first before going, preferring to go late as ramai orang. Siap boleh tido lagi.. Budak sekarang, kelam kabut makan and then pi sekolah petang, home work lagi.

Well I do go for tuitions. Sometimes after school, I had to walk like the from Jalan 4A to the row of houses before KDE..past 7 rows of houses, seven blocks of houses more like it. Kalau dulu ok.. sekarang ni, kakak went to the same teacher believe it or not and we wouldn't dream of letting her walk all the way. Mak cik Urut pun kena ragut. Apa nak jadi dengan Malaysia ni.

Speaking of apa nak jadi.. Dulu I always hear Malaysians are polite, sopan santun. Now.. look at the way they behave on the road dah buat orang geleng kepala. Kiasunya ya amat. I remember when I wanted to cross the road in Uk. Di sebabkan dah biasa jalan kat Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman cross jalan Half way, while the cars zipping past you- I pun buat kat sana.. Siap panik lagi mat2 saleh tu. I have a friend from Perth who said kalau ada orang bawak keta macam lipas kudung kat sana aje orang2 putih tu kata- ni sure Malaysian drivers.

When in LRTs jangan haraplah nak dapat tempat duduk untuk anak2- ada yang macho giler buat2 tidolah, or buat tak nampak sampai kena perli baru bagi budak duduk. If you carry heavy things jangan harap orang offer. Chilvary is dead. Lepaskan diri sendiri dulu attitude.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Wedding and Camping

Last Thursday my tyre went flat. I panicked. Believe it or not since I took my license more than 10 years ago, I've never had to change my tyres on my own. And I didn't want to make that day an exception. Luckily I have't left the my office compound , so I went over to the guard house and asked for help. Th guard was inexperienced so I called a colleague, who turned out to be inexperience as well. But they helped me anyway- with calls to DH on how to take them out and put them on again. Alhamdullillah it happened before I left the compound, if it were to happen on the high way, I would have panicked. Baru tahu - changing tyres needs strength from the whole body to unlatch it and put it back on. Duh!

Anyways on Friday went to office late as had to tampal tayar. Thot the episode over until coming back from Cherakah found the tyre flat again. Alhamdullilah, we realised it around 5 in the evening. Elok jugak tak pi anywhere after Cherakah. Dh wanted to go to see transformers initially.

Fareen's wedding part two at Dewan Jubli Perak, Sultan Salahuddin Shah Building in Shah Alam. As the rehearsal was in Shah Alam and we were to spend the night at Mak M and Uncle R's place in Cherakah, we brought everything in the car, tents, pillows, dresses for the wedding. The rehearsal - to start on 10 and I thot we were late, Dh took the Hicom exit- traffic there was teribble even though it was Saturday- There was a stalled lorry apparently. The rehearsal didn't start until nearly 12. Haziq, Aishah, Kakak, Adik - initially the flower girls/boy. But Haziq couldn't stay still - , Cqistina had to replace him. Alamak kelam kabutlah her mama. Her sisters were to wear the dresses they wore at Izan's wedding . She couldn't fit in hers, so we brought her birthday dress which was pink. Takkanlah nak pakai pink dress when all the other flower girls wear ivory/ beige. Found out that Aishah, her partner, bought her dress at JJ. Went to JJ, found the dress but the size was just nice- Dh wanted a bigger size tapi tak ada. In the end we decided to buy it and if it gets too tight for her, adik will wear it. Usually younger sisters will take hand me downs in this case it'll be the the elder sister.

After JJ , went to Tesco to get tent for shila, SACC, for flowers - hair and basket then off to Cherakah. Around half past seven, went to Dewan Jubli Perak.

The flower girl thingy went ok. Except for times when Qistina looking ever so bored and rested her chin on her hands, sometimes asking for nyonyok- milk - on the dais..it went ok. It was her first time as flower girl- her sisters were veterans- their 4th .
The wedding was a mini reunion. All my uncles and aunties came, except Pak Ngah who - a bachelor- could not be contacted. We had to leave early to attend to a Mak M's barbecue. I was famished- didn't eat anything at the wedding , save for a pudding. Barbecue food was delish- My favourite Salad- Ceasar salad ada, prawns, potatoes, chicken, lamb.

Around midnite, we took our pillows and comforters and climbed up the hill. Idwan had set out two tents, DH set ours before we left for the wedding. We set up shila's and divided the kids among the two tents. The kids were excited - didn't sleep till late - I was too- my first camp out .

The next day around 4 am Dh and Shila went to KLIA to pick BIL flying from India. We slept in till around half six. The air was so fresh and cool. Nadine and I stretch ourselves much like the sun salutation in yoga. It was a really great experience. Must do again. We went down and had durian pre breakfast. Breakfast - tuna sandwich , prawn fritters, fried mee and kampung fried rice. At around 3 we left Cherakah. Thank you Mak M and Uncle R for a lovely weekend. I'll try to post pix tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Haha can't write the title ..don't know why the cursor refuse to go to the title. Anyway, my last post was abandoned halfway. Even I found myself bored to death reading it. Should I continue.. Well It is just a reminder to myself, who constantly needed to be reminded. Reason the explanation was long because I myself needs convincing.

3. Take L Carnitine daily
I read a 60 year old Dr Susan Lark who at 60 plus had more energy than she was younger and she advocate taking L- Carnitine, Co enzyme Q10, Vitamin C, Calcium vit D and Beta Carotene. Except for the last three I had all the three. Makannya sekali sekala saja.

What's L Carnitine?-
Carnitine, or L-carnitine, is a naturally occurring substance found in most cells of the body, particularly the brain and neural tissues, muscles, and heart. Carnitine, whose structure is similar to choline, is widely available in animal foods (meat, poultry, fish and dairy products), whereas plants have very small amounts

Results of studies with L Carnitine

Exercise -- Carnitine improves recovery after heavy exercise. Carnitine may be of use in improving the exercise capacity of people with peripheral arterial disease. Carnitine moderately improves the duration of exercise and time to recovery in patients with chronic stable angina.
Fatigue -- Carnitine may improve fatigue in certain conditions, including cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Carnitine decreases the severity and type of fatigue induced by interferon-alpha in the treatment of patients with hepatitis C. Administration of carnitine to healthy elderly subjects resulted in a reduction of total fat mass, an increase of total muscle mass, and appeared to exert a favorable effect on fatigue and serum lipids (see study below).
Fertility -- Carnitine and acetyl carnitine therapy is effective in increasing fertility and sperm-semen quality (see study below).

Weight Loss -- The combination of l carnitine, choline, and caffeine has a mild effect on weight loss

ok cukup.

Happy Birthday Kakak

On the 1st July was kakak's 10th birthday. We all went out to Chilli's on Sunday 1st July. The last time we went there was with Abah, he insisted on paying for the molten choc thingy, as it was his grandchildren's favourite.
The trip to KLCC would not be complete without a trip to Kinokuniya - the bookworm that I am. Instead of buying Victorian mysteries or herbal books this time I bought a Motivational book- I 'm in need for motivation something-need that big kick on the a**. Songs that goes on and on in my head is the song by Queen- I want to Break Free.

Congratulation Fareen
On the 7th we went for my cousins wedding. We went to Masjid Persekutuan around 10.30am. Bride came around 11.15am. Then went to Bride's house and ate. After eating went in again with kompang and groom.

After wedding, went to Bangsar Village to search for kakak's present- she wanted cross stich set. I used to go to Quilt Gallery shop in Damansara Perdana- they taught us to sew girls' dress, and they've moved to Bangsar Village- last time I heard. I went there overdressed- with baju kebaya and high heel- should have just throw the heel because my god- nak tercabut kaki. I actually bought a pair of shoe there- wouldn't buy them in different circumstances but I was desperate.

After going thru all floors I couldn't find the shop. Probably moved again. ( Search the Net today, Found it there- in an obscure place) . Went to MPH instead and bought a book on Organic skincare.. .... Went to IOI mall- hoped that shop didn't move.. Luckily it didn't. Adik wanted one as well so I bought two.

I usually go to Ampang's Cottage Patch for Ribbon Embroidery or Smocking books, but we were nearer to Bangsar than Ampang, I thot we'd go there. I used to prefer embroidery to cross stitch - to me it looks nicer altho cross stitch looks somewhat easier. Probably I thot cross stitches are less a challenge or less likely to be abandoned half way hahaha. I have got lots of ribbon embroidery books, smocking books but never actually started them Maybe what I need is a sewing project to break out of the 'I want to break free' mode.