Friday, September 21, 2007

Sad Month

It has been a sad month for us all. Kids are not safe anymore- so many monsters around. Of course these things happened before. I remember the case, a girl was found in guard house and the other in a drain, all taken not far from their house.

Who should we blame - the parents, the kids?

When I was in the UK, I always wondered why the mat and minah salleh's put their children on harness. I thot macam anjing di buatnya. But now having children of my own- especially one yang terlebih active - I understand. You can hold her hands, then suddenly she wants to see something she'd try to break free and run.

Hilang anak ni selalu jadi kalau kat shopping complex. I lost Tina once. We were busy putting bags on her push chair, nak balik dah, when we turned she was gone. My heart stopped at that moment. We went to the nearby Mc D playground thot she'd be there tapi tak ada.. Later on Lana saw her going towards the car park and ran towards her.

I told my daughters especially kakak and adik (tried tina tapi tak paham), do not follow strangers or even those you know without informing us. Do not walk anywhere alone or accept rides from people claiming they are nice/baik.

I hope whoever involved in the kidnapping of Nurin and the killer of the girl in the bag ( if she is not Nurin, she is someone else's daughter), is caught. Bulan Ramadan ni, kita doa that anak2 kita semua selamat dari setan2 yang bertopengkan manusia ni and that whoever involved are punished. Amin

Monday, September 17, 2007

Selamat Menyambut Ramadan and Congratulations Mimi

Ramadan is here. As of today my kids- camillia and Camarina have not missed a day. I'm so proud of them especially Camarina as this year is the first year she completed puasa a day.. Now dah 5 days!! I took the day off on Thursday as I had to go somewhere and then to SIC. A friend of mine wanted a set of skincare- she has been asking for it for the past few months.. Apara.. nak jual ke tak.. While I was there I made rounds and sold all the trial pack that I had and had to send one more the next morning!!

Anyways, Adik came back from school wanting to drink.. to distract her I brought her along to SIC and later on to stationery store. When I came back kakak, who took a nap looked more tired than Camarina. Tina was not well.. macam orang posa jugak tak makan.

Congratulations Mimi,Kiki, Uncle F and Aunty R on new addition to the family.. Ablen Eusoff!!

Saturday. we went to Shila's parents house for buka posa.Later on we went to Shila and Epi's new mansion.. Wah !! We were impresssed on how big it is. Boleh golek2!!

Sunday spent the morning depan tv- CSI marathon. Then went to Melawati for food.. Wah ramainya orang.. Berasak2.. Actually I don't quite like going to pasar ramadan.. harga mahal.. quality tak tentu, sometimes boleh dapat diarrhea.. Prefer masak sendiri kat rumah.. But some stalls in Melawati, memang worth going to. Mum and I specially went to Mek kelate stall which arwah abah frequently go to. Then nampak tahu bakar.. ni susah sikit nak jumpa.. usually dekat johor.. Murtabak I'd always buy.. as it is rich..I'd only have it bulan puasa. There is also air kathira.. only can find in johor.. nanti balik Kluang, kena pi beli. And the famous popiah in Kampung Pandan- perhaps next week.. I remember one ramadan I almost fainted, pregnant with Qistina, teringin nak rasa.. in the end someone else had to queue- sebab panjang yang amat( always long queue for this particular stall). And speaking of Kampung Pandan, trip would not be complete if you miss the masak lomak cili padi daging salai..

Dh went to Kampung Baru with the kids to get the famous bubur lambuk. Panjang queue. But worth it!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Chillis, birthday and baby

On Thursday, zi, who recently got confirmed - new job, wanted to treat intan, nani and I. We decided to go before the fasting month- and since Intan couldn't make it weekends we decided to go on Friday night. I suggested Chili's @ Midvalley. I love the food at Chili's we always go to the one in KLCC - although the service is kureng- at least the one in KLCC, always have to wait at least an hour- even tho the restaurant wasn't full but because the portion is big, reasonably priced compared to other western restaurant and the fact that kids eat free- we close one eye.

Intan still couldn't make it on Friday, and zi agreed to treat us, we postponed it to Saturday, around 11am- more time- at least we'd be back while it is still daylight.

Cum Saturday. of course I decided to bake banana muffins in the morning- The banana tree berbuah so we have like two tandans of pisang. Then kelam kabut, tina wanted fried noodle, adik and DH wanted toasted Sardine Sandwiches so by the time we got out it was eleven.

We ordered Mushroom Jack, Tostarda chips with the delicious beef queso and salsa- and as it was bottomless- we had three helpings of that, Beef and Chicken Ribs and trips to Chilli's is never complete without Molten Chocolate. We had whale of a time. I calculated- I consumed like 1700 calories in that sitting alone. But I enjoyed it tho..


After Chilli's Dh, kids and I went to Uncle F's house to celebrate the twins- Fara and Adam's Second birthday.

I of course was too full. According to Mak M, the roti canai, fish and chips and salad was delish.

Fifi looked good, she lost lots of weights.. The twins looked so adorable.


ADAM having a go at Pinata

After the party we headed to Mak Z house to see baby Haiqal.

Baby Haikal is Solah cute.. Tina likes him so much that she asked me if we can buy a baby like Haiqal. We watched daddy Helmi changed Baby Haikal ..Wah a few days and already and expert. Lana looked well. Please go to Lana's blog for baby haiqal's delivery. Mak Z and Uncle Y looked so happy with their cucu . WE had dinner and scones..

Mak Z's hot newly baked scones were delicious.

Baby Haiqal . Tina with Mak M.

I actually lost 2kgs on Saturday morning before the melantak. Probably due to a week of Wulong/oolong tea which made me feel full, intra and T-tapp. After I got back from the eating frenzy, I weigh and I actually gain back a kilo.. Sigh.. But no matter.. I enjoyed the company and food!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Banks, Merdeka fireworks and Floria.

Last Thursday got very pis**d with a particular bank,- which changed the one day clearance for cheques from 4 pm to before two on the 27th August, without properly inform their customer. on the 27th mind you..not on 1st of September ke.. website tak ada tapi kat ATM machine ( would u go to ATM machine to deposit cheque) ada..Cheque deposit machine- tak ada..

I've always had problem with this bank. It started when my maid wanted to send money to Indonesia and the clerk was like layan tak layan. I told him hey.. even tho she's a maid, she's using your service and he replied.. Alah setakat berapa sen commission ni make no diffrence to the bank. I got into very heated agreement with him and his officers- buat tak nampak aje.. Patutlah bank ni payah nak di rescue.. they have to look into the attitude of their employees. Tukar beribu kali nama pun make no difference. Then there was the time when my money didn't come out when I withdrew but they deducted from my balance. I had to go to and fro from my main bank to that particular bank macam ping pong ball. Then There was the time when I wanted to open islamic account. They promoted it heavily when I was there, dah bukak they said if my company's account is conventional it'd take 3 days for cheques to clear. Apa kej*d*hnya.

But really, dealing with banks now is really a hassle. Close on Saturday , so we have to go visit during office hour/ lunch time. Queue to put in the darn cash/ cheques in the machine .. sometimes dok dalam bank jugak..kena jugak pi masa office hours or if ada they are outside the bank they are not working and you've got to go to various branches. Clearing bukanlah punya lama even tho its house cheque.

Boleh buat online.. yes but some transaction you can't .. nak bayor credit card some banks tak boleh.. you have to have a saving or current account to transfer. Dah satu hal..

Enough berleter pasal bank. Thursday night DH, who's Yang Dipertua PIBG and my two girls went for doa selamat UPSR , then we go and see fireworks - PICC and i thot it'd be around 10.30. We got there around 10 dah ramai orang. There -- was actually at the bridge from Sepang tu Putrajaya and both sides of the bridge banyak kereta two lanes lagi..the girls and baba was restless tunggu lama sangat. Fireworks was really good tho.. thot I'd post the photos but DH recorded it on video mode.

On Saturday went mum's house , ida baked chocolate muffin while I baked the chocolate molten cake.. macam chilli's kononnya.. Taste oklah.. not like Chilli's but passlah.

On Sunday went to Floria- Minah bunga like me takkan miss events like this. Drooling over gazebos and garden, orchids, floral arrangement. Bough Stevia- the herb that taste like sugar but with zero calories, some benih terung, kangkung, Tenggek burung- ( i've grown to love eating this as ulam,), pegaga, serai wangi, mangga.

Will post pix later.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Welcome to the World Seth Haikal

Lana selamat melahirkan baby boy today at 1.36 Damansara Specialist!! Congratulations Lana!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tag by Mamamia

I have been tagged by mamamia, so here goes:

5 benda dalam beg;
Notebooks, PDA

5 benda dalam wallet
All sorts of cards- credit, Toys Rus, Metrojaya, Smile, Mesra, justlife
Driving license

5 benda favourite dalam bilik istimewa ( my favourite - bedroom)
Books and Magazines
Air Cond & kipas
TV and DVD player
Bed and Sofabed
Rebounder and weights

5 perkara yang ingin minah lakukan

Disneyworld with family
Learn to sew baju
Take aromateraphy course
Tanam sayura2an keliling rumah- semenak dengar sayuran jual kat pasar excessive pesticide.
Jahit langsir raya- kalau sempat

5 perkara yang sedang Minah lakukan
Closing accounts
Dengar Lagu
Download something off the net
Minum teh
Fikir nak tag siapa pulak

I am tagging