Tuesday, November 27, 2007


On Saturday, spent the morning making bodyscrub, lipgloss and moisturiser. We went to Shila's Barbecue. Then off to my mum's.

Mum bought thai frangipangi/plumeria/kemboja siam for me. You always find the kemboja on graveyards. Asians believe it provide shelter to ghost and demons. At first I was reluctant to accept the plant, and my mum looked dissappointed. I told myself to stop acting superstitious, and thanked my mom.

The Siam version looks different from the ones I usually see here. The leaves are a bit pointy and the flowers are smaller.

The next day, I decided to follow my mum to the little market infront of SPCA Ampang and visit Raju, the kemboja seller. And to my delight he had a few polybags of what looked like Lavenders. I asked him whether they are Lavenders- slightly fragrant - he confirmed it. And they were cheap - RM4 a polybag. I do hope they are Lavender . Can anyone confirm it? Elated that I am I've decided to blog the properties of Lavender in the Pureflower organics blog. I also bought a two polybags of tiny red don'tknowwhatitscalled flowers.

Left my lavender Right Lavender off the net . Maybe mine is the terbantut version?

We stopped by at Shila's, ( kids slept over) brought fresh clothes for the kids, thot we'd go to Mak M's. The plan was cancelled as Atuk C passed away, Al fatihah, and Mak M was on the way to Muar. Instead we went to Mines- jam giler- DH bought tickets for enchanted, went back home to Sepang - to drop of the already wilted kemboja, the other two flowers looked ok. And off to C*C Cy**rj**a. Adik and kakak couldn't believe it's a kindergarten. Susah jugak nak persuade Tina- she was set on going to a school with a swimming pool. In the end we thot we'd look around for alternatives.

Then we went to see Enchanted. Disney laughing at Disney. It started off like Sleeping Beauty, then a bit like Snow White, the Cinderella and ended a twisted version of Sleeping Beauty. Story ok- Amy adams is funny and sweet and Patrick Dreamy is exactly that!! Even this near 40, mother of three pun drooled.

At Night watched Muzik Muzik. A bit dissappointed Fiq was not included in the finals, his performance was very good and I liked the song. Altho Sofaz's song was good, I thot the singer did not do a good job. Siti of course sounds her usual good self, but I don't like the song , I thot Jaq's song was better. Mawi oklah.. better than usual I thot and the song was good, as expected by the talented M Nasir. Misha's voice was flawless.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Darling Husband!!

Yes. Today is DH's birthday. Mr Incredible is 39 today. Today of all day, he woke up early and by 7 gone to work.Mmmm. What have we planned for today? Don't know, may be keluar for dinner. Kakak and Adik @ nini's. So only the three of us will go.

Pie and Pastry

My current craving are pies and pastry. Last few months I just couldn't do without fruit tartlets. The thought of them make my mouth water. I just had to have them. Trylah buat, oklah lah still have room for improvement- maybe malas buat- I can order from sya.

Lately it is chicken pie. Gawd I can't get enough of this thing. I've been wanting to avoid eating stuff made from white flour- any such thing as wholemeal or soya based chicken pie. Also the fact that it's causing a hole in my pocket. I thought maybe I should do lots during the weekend, freeze them and bake in the morning before work. May be I should do this. Get this craving out altogether.

Wail! why do I have cravings for dodgy things, Once I craved Ferrero roche. Sampai hafal how much each cost. Pantang nampak!! I went off them when I bought very cheap RM14 for 16 @guardians. Terlebih makan!! Then I craved for Hazelnut Nuss.
Why can't I crave fruits ke vegetables ke. Vegetables - I hate cooked ones- except of course mushroom.. MMm maybe I should have mushroom soup tomorrow.

Lately I don't feel like eating rice for lunch so I've been eating bread- homemade- made on Tuesday morning- tak sempat rise betul2 - with chicken, yesterday with egg and cheese, today with beef soup. If I finish my bread today, I'd have to to do again today.. may be this time it'll look and taste better.

Monday, November 19, 2007

New Blog

So much happening for the past week. On Friday 9th slept over SIL Shila's house as we planned to see an ustaz early in the morning. Of course the kids were excited. DH and I slept on a single bed- saje aje- we actually brought the inflatable mattress, tak pakai - ok at first- comfortable- not our first time- but around 1 o'clock Tina decided to join in. The next morning DH had neckache- funnily the backache I had the night before disappeared..

Saturday not so morning after all we went to the ustaz house oklah.. I decided to ask him for surahs for my migraine and yikes- I haven't been reading them diligently- end of the month I have a follow up appointment- how ah?

After the session we decided to visit Baby Eylan- promised my brother we'd go cepat tapi yikes no.. pressie- had to rush to Wangsamaju Jusco, my shoe also looked like crocodile's mouth( last few days I dreamt of crocodile- Mak B was in that dream, the croc was purring - open my eyes- rupanya DH was doing his version of croc purring plus snort bit, and teeth grinding bit)

Baby Eylan so cute. He looked like his mummy/ atok ayah. ( my mum said on the first day he looked like Trisya/daddy). Tried to post photo tapi the USB does not recognise my phone.. kekadang funny things like this happens.

The next morning, went to shila's tahlil. Ramai guests. my handphone had to go off, so couldn't take photos. Met Yani, Haq, the boys and little Siti Hajar. Tembam and cute. Yani ordered the mid size set.

Congratulation Nadine for getting 5As in her UPSR.

Last Sunday we went to Haiqal's aqiqah. Moi's handphone same old same old- had to run out of batteries then, which made moi panic as we went to 1 Utama afterwards and as usual DH did his MIA thing.

We went to MPH- dapat the cheque from Permata hati and told the kids they can either get something from MPH or ToysRus- They chose MPH. Kakak wanted jewellery making kit but later changed her mind to scrapbooks stencil and the like. Adik got a scrapbook and TIna first wanted pop up mermaid book but later settled for Magic of the rainbow musical book phew! the mermaid book cost a bomb.

I have a new blog. Whylah! you'd think, the existing one pun susah nak update. Anyway its
  • Pure Flowers Organics

    I'll putting in recipes on homemade skincare and properties of essential and carrier oils and new skincare ingredients, natural or synthetic.
  • Friday, November 09, 2007

    Last weeks News

    On Wednesday, SIL E scheduled for her ceasarian. Apparently a few days earlier she went for MRI and found herself to be in similar boat as I am, we both have the male pelvic- tak boleh beranak normal- you would never guess- looking at our hips- in this case Hips do lie.

    On Thursday kakak came home said she had to bring a baju melayu, songkok, kain pelikat and a cane for the next day's show. Ok - we have the kain pelikat and may be come up with the tongkat- But Baju melayu and songkok in a moments notice. My children are all girls., Neighbour's sons are well above kakak's age. If we had- like a week I could easily borrow nephew afiq's- takkan nak pi Giant semata nak beli baju melayu for the day. I told kakak, bawak baju kebaya and that's it. Why can't the boys in her class bring all those. Apekebendelah cikgu ni!

    Friday I took half day off, kononya since Saturday we were to have Open House naklah balik cepat. I went to SSM and Pure Flowers Enterprise is born!!! My maid had cooked the nasi impit Roast the potatoes and Boil ribs for the next day. We went to Giant for the rest of ingredients.

    Saturday, woke everyone up early and started to do bake bread, nasib baik menjadi- first time, kuah kacang, Lodeh and Chef wan's oxtail soup, but since I don't take oxtail - I used ribs and some big bones instead. Sambal udang and Rendang negeri Sembilan. DH cooked Mee bandung Muar.

    We had a great time, Thank you for coming. Especially to my friend zi- I went to her house for Deepavali my goodness - jauhnya dari Sepang, Nani, Lana Helmi, Mak Z and Uncle Y( love those cup cakes!!) and Mak B, Din, noni, Ad , Mak Dah, Zul, Nora, Kak Jah and family . Sis I for contributing trifle, Shila and Epi. We had the Taman's Raya that day and contributed pizza and potato salad. Kakak's pizzas were a hit. I think she must have cooked 10 plus pizza that day. Everytime we served, habis, brought it down to the Taman's Raya Do, tak sampai 5 minutes habis and they wanted more!! Shila and Epi came around 11. Kakak altho sleepy, was very excited to see her cousins. Terus tak mengantuk- they watched dvd in the family hall - high school Musical and in my room- Arthur- I till half past 3. Tina excited she was that her cousins were around- slept late and woke up very early the next morning to play - or rather let her cousins watch her play.Kedekut of her toys.

    Something someone said to me on Saturday had me smilling till now. When asked if I plan to have a baby, I told her that my biological clock is ticking- She said, I looked 32. 7 years younger!!

    On Tuesday- went to Subang Parade to collect the prize cheque and Chicken Rice coupons frm Chicken Rice Shop in Carrefour Subang. Mak B, Uncle M, the director of Chicken Rice Shop and the CEO of Yayasan were there. Makan Chicken Rice for lunch. I like the Pie Tie.

    Deepavali- Went to zi's house in Rawang. Thot of going to Sungai Buloh but DH took wrong turns and when we got there it was already dark. The roads in Klang Valley change ever so often that you hardly recognise them. Kakak wanted a long plain black skirt for her Choral speaking on Monday- Puas pusing satu Alamanda tak jumpa. I hope she can bring it on MOnday. May be I will sew the skirt this weekend.

    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    New addition to our family

    Mohd Eylan Fariz. Brother A's new baby born on 31st October 2007. I haven't seen the baby, this weekend insyaallah. Two more babies on the way from my side - sis Ida due in February and Brother Iji's in April next year.