Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Niece and Sophia's bday party

Congratulations SIL Zaidah and Bro Iji - new addition to the family at 1 pm . Zaidah did the MRI and like moi- had to go thru ceasarian- SIL Zaidah, SIL Etty and I have the same problem- tak boleh deliver normal- like I said hips do lie.

Maulud Nabi- Sophia's bday party. Woke up early. Nor, Yani and Zi ordered toners, moisturisers and serum so whipped a batch of them tapi nak jugak bawak something for the party. The previous day I went to SACC on the way back from work.. I thot I'd bake mince pies ke.. Dh thot inappropriate makan kat Pizza hut and told me to bake fruit tart instead. Alamak already bought ingredients for mince pies.. nasib baik the ingredients ada jugak in the fridge- godek apa yang, mango, and the whip cream yang hari tu kakak nak buat creme brulee tak jadi buat.

Disebabkan mama dia sibuk with skincare- kakaklah kena kerah buat the fruit tart. She made the pastry shells and bibik cut the fruits, while I made the custartd. oklah..

Kakak and Bibik filling the tart shells.

Rushed to Pizza hut Wangsa maju- lalala..famished bukan main as no breakfast and last nite had fruits aje for dinner. Kesian Shila, I was no help at all.. Pakaikan Sophia the necklace, kakak made and bracelet I made the monday before.

Party was fun the kids madebday card for Sophia and played games.

Top Sara and Camarina making cards for Sophia. Tina with the lovely cupcakes. Cute baby Hajar - dad of fours plus one. Birthday girl and home made delicious cake.

Gave skincare to zi, and then off to shila's house to drop DIL Abah, picked kakak and Sara up and off to Crystal shop. Beli lagi barang..

Reached home around 10.. Sorry Shila balik lambat sangat.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cukur Jambul, earrings and weddings

Cukur jambul

We had a small kenduri/tahlil/prayers for Abah and cukur jambul for little Eylan- bro's A adorable, son who is 4 months. Comel betul si Eylan ni, fair, rosy cheeked and big big eyes ( don't know whose eyes- my brothers eyes sepet and SIL pun lebih kurang). And of course mak long dia ni selalu sakat dia/ trying to get his attention- he sigh and refuse to turn sebab mak long breathing on the other side. Hehehe.. Geram

I asked Cqistina
Mama Geram Eylan - boleh tak mama bawak Eylan balik?
Kalau Mama bawak Eylan Tina keluar dari rumah ini
Tina nak pi mana kalau keluar dari rumah?
Tina pi umah aunty Shila - duduk dengan Sara ( Dia mmg suka benor Sara)
Tapi Aunty Shila ada 4 girls dia nak ke Tina?

Crystal shopping

Sis Ida and I went off to search for crystals. We had to go to an ill reputed street- red light and another famous bargain street. Wah .. red light tu my second trip, so taklah jakun sangat. In fact the first time I went with my husband around half past six rasa macam suspense jugak tapi the second trip ni dalam luch time to me biasa aje.. but Ida geli2 sikit. i ni macam one way street- nak pi tak tengok kiri kanan, I didn't notice until pointed out by my sister - a few sexily clad transverstite. ( tu tak payah pi situ boleh jumpa)

Anyway - I aje yang banyak keluar duit as crazy over the raw materials- finding etcs nak buat jewellery ni. Since Ida is more interested in the genuine gemstone/crystal we went to the another place. The second place we went to- duit I dah habis- but quite good bargain. Since my sister drove us there -upahnya kenalah buat bracelet for her.

Now- I have always love earrings- don't know why~ just crazy over them.. the fancier the better - the longer the better. Some say buat apa pakai bukan nampak pun- as I wear tudung/headscarf. I don't care- I'm wearing it for me.. I feel good wearing them I don't care if no one knows what I am wearing.

Di sebabkan oleh itu - I spend lots on earrings. And as I can only wear gold/ silver kalau tak gatal/ berair or some allergic reaction, ponek jugaklak nak beli sebab dangling earrings ni kalau tak hilang sebelah tak sah. I'll always lose the other pair.

So bila belajar buat jewellery, although they did not teach how to make earrings- I experimented- ( based on the earring I bought- tinggal sebelah). So far ok.. yang jadi mangsa of course my daughter Camarina - dia sorang aje yang ada lubang- mama dia buat dia macam doll. Since I am only interested in either gold or silver- silver findings I haven't found supplier - 14k gold pulak jual/sell in coils aje- guna plier to fashion it into earrings ( sampai berdarah2 finger). And I have also solved the problem of losing the earrings by making a catch at the the back of it. Before I'll always lose my earring after bath/ washing hair- now not a problem.

My earrings:

Someone asked me to include the price too so here goes. Earrings are shown without catch.

Adik's/ Camarina's earrings 14k gold butterfly swarovski 10mm cerise 8mm pink. Selling price RM60.

Here's another pair- 14k gold 10mm aquamarine butterfly swarovski with pink swarovski teardrop. RM60

Top- 14k Gold filled Heart blue swarovski earrings requested by my officemate. RM 40. Colour macam2 ada red, clear white crystal, blue, green yellow as the charts below.


Last Saturday weddings at Tanjung Malim and Selayang. Tanjung Malim- cousin Dad IL's side and inb Selayang Cousin MIL side. We started off from Sepang to Epi/shila's around ten. Sampai sana DH's siblings and cousin dah ada. Tunggu sekejap thot SIL N will join us. Rupanya tunggu kat tol jalan Duta. Begitu begini- finally nak kluar DH did his famous disappearing act . Tunggu sekejap then convoy begitu begini tertinggal, tersilap turn - converge at Yik Mun's famous Tanjung Malim Pau- believe it or not~ sempat beli pau and minum sana then off to the groom's house. Lepas tu yours truly sibuk harrass everyone to go to the next wedding which is in Selayang. As Dh dah mengantuk- My DH usually take a nap after his nasi minyak/ beriani meal - we rushed off first, stopping at the first rest area so that he could have his dose of coffee. He decided to use the Rawang way .. and as we turned in to Kampung Sg Tua Shila/Epi's car was right in front us. Hehehe. But no sign of others. We then followed Epi to the Bride's house.After wedding thot we'd drop by Epi's but DH said he was too tired so off to my mum's.

Malam- my shoes dah buat its crocodile impression so pi Ampang Point. Got a call from my mum- balik cepat - as my , due in April 10th , SIL complained of stomach pains. Rushed her to Gleneagles. Kena masuk hospital, drip as she kept vomitting. Hope she gets well soon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Busy bee

I have been busy lately- yelah being an accountant the busiest time of the year would be end of the year end- dengan closing and auditors.


Rasanya tak complete if I don't comment on this. My advise to politician yang menang and kalah tengok mana betul and silap. Dengar suara rakyat, we are now all educated and we can think for ourselves- tak payah tabur duit or advertise in the mainstream media to get support. We want honesty and intergrity. Read blogs or comments on the net and you'll get ideas. Jgn tutup mata and dismiss all bloggers as pesky pests and then be out of touch with reality. Before the election, the circle of people I encounter with were all pro oppositions. The rakyat are not happy with the lack of purchasing power . Dalam lack of purchasing power ni, there were blatant rage of money politics, the misuse of power by certain individuals, corruptions. One comment I read which sum it up beautifully - it is not that the people wholly agree with the opposition, they do not have a choice- they are all not satisfied with the current government. All is not lost. I think they should take this in their stride and improve the current situation. Ada hikmah dalam semua ni.