Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Cqistina!!

Photo at sophia's party

Tina's five today. Wah dah besar my baby girl. Still baby of the family. Usually her sisters by 3 dah ada adik. Tina's case sebab one mama dia maleh nak pregnant, now dah ready blom ada rezeki lagi- probaby dah nak 40 susah nak melekat. Gambo baby tak banyak nilah penangan digital camera. Nanti cari..Anyways ..

Photo- at Marche .. Mother's Day with cousins ,aunties and uncles

Facts about Tina

Name: Cqistina Mohd Fazidin

Photo at Elina magic of rainbow- one utama

Photo: Raya 2007

Born in: Ampang Puteri. 3rd ceasarean child. Sakit ooo.. Kakak's was a breeze - siap boleh sampuk when the drs talked about hongkong taken over by China. Didn't feel any pain at all. With Adik's - Dh came in siap ada lesson lagi with Dr Marlik.. siap tanya white thing tu apa- Dr said lemak.. should have asked him to buangkan semua.

Come Tina's turn..Anesthetic tak fully jalan .. I could feel the knife.. Adoi sakitnya and lama lak tu tak keluar2.

Balik hospital, Dh showed her certificate. We had agreed on the name but I didn't expect DH to include a C infront of her name. Must teach her to say.. kalau orang tanya.. the C is a silent C kalau tak terjuih mulut nak sebut.

Weight : 2.67kg, then of course. The smallest of the three. Called her thumbelina. Now known as tembamlina Now at her age, she's the heaviest of the three. Camarina is even lighter than she is.. but then si Camarina mmg ikut protein diet- tak suka makan nasi except with curry or tomyam.

Photo: Tina's 4th bday. Tak tau why she's crying. Tak cantik ke mama buat kek?

Favourite colour
: Purple.. She just love this colour.. anything purple in the shop jadi hers.

Photo: At Izan's wedding

Favourite character: Mermaid. My god.. she loves mermaid so much.. if she draws.. you bet its mermaid, baju pun nak gambar mermaid.. of course her favourite Disney character would be Ariel from the Little Mermaid..

Photo: Sophia's birthday.. mama buat baju mermaid.. mama's version of course

Favourite word..Mama where's your phone.. Buat apa lagi kalau tak main game..

Favourite song: Umbrella- Kalau boleh everyday nak dengar lagu ni.

Favourite singer: Siapa lagi kalau tak Rihanna... Kalau lagu2 Rihanna aje sedap.. lagu singer lain kureng..

Favourite toys: white cat yang dulunya beli utk Camarina.. puas bought her a new ginger cat from teddy bear factory pun tak nak jugak. She also love the russian dolls. Kalau pi umah mak z tu lah yang selalu main. Her current favourite is the Baby Alive doll.

Photo; At Mak Z's playing with russian doll

Favourite animal: You guessed it- apa lagi kalau tak cat.Pantang nampak sure pegang.

Favourite food: Masak lomak cili padi, sambal. ikan bilis goreng, Nasi goreng kampung with cili padi. She loves to eat hot and spicy food- ikut siap kalau tak her mum, more so than her sisters, with kakak Camillia, the eldest,- langsung tak makan pedas.

Favourite drink: Yoyok- ( her milk- tu yang terlebih besar dari orang lain tu) and milo ais.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Ida, Epi and Zi.

May ni ponoh dengan birthdays. 1st of may- celebrated by all- my sister idas birthday.. spent the day at the hospital and later, much to the annoyance of my sister , went with my two brothers to a steak house. Birthday girl marah sebab tak pi ngan dia.. dia tak nak as the next day working.

We went to Chilli's on Saturday to celebrate her birthday proper. Actually I like celebrating birthday kat TGIF.. best - I love when all the staff there sings the birthday song siap hentak kaki.. but foodwise agak kureng dari Chilli's - we thot although service mmg better.

Next birthday we have Epi's. Sorry tak dapat menghadirkan diri last Monday. A bit difficult travelling to and fro to Ampang/melawati from Sepang on a weekday.

Today is my friend Zi's birthday. Happy Birthday Zi!! Zi and I came along way, from English Course in Kuantan ( we hit off immediately- we share passion for books but I tell you zi reads everything!.. I am a bit selective.. Romance bore me to tears, like wise Spy kind of Novel)..
read abou zi in my previous post here

May the 12th will niece Trisya's birthday. Tina's will be 23rd May.My mum's 30th. Tina has been asking for a mermaid cake and pinata eversince Camarina's birthday. I have told her several times, her big birthday will be the year after next, sebab next year will be Camillia's. Hari tu went to Mak B's house. Mak Z made a doll cake.. cantik.. and Camarina cut the cake. Mak Z went to cake decorating class.
Tina of course cerita, what she wants.. mermaid on the rock, waves, green tail and purple bra..And Mak Z, who had an exam on cake decoration made one for her. Thanks Mak Z..

Punyalah happy dapat the cake.. sampai tak nak potong.

As promised here are some photos to Camarina's birthday party hari tu..

Kiss the frog, Elan second place best dressed baby,berebut sweets from Pinata, Sara and Pinata, Tina and Trisya, Camarina with Fatini- neighbour and classmate, and Dahlia.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Kidney removal

On Tuesday around 1 my mum had growth and kidney removal operation. The operatin was for about an hour. Alhamdulillah the operation was a success and Mak is in Tawakkal recuperating She is scheduled to go home on Sunday.

Thank you for the well wishes.