Monday, August 11, 2008

MRI, Afiq's bday party

So many things happened for the past week. I am officially working from home- since when? it's a week now. My last day at work was Monday 4th. Actually I planned to go off the Friday tu but... long story...

For the past weeks I've been having dizzy spells. On my last day tu, I got it while sitting down-usually when I'm standing. So panic lah.. Went downstairs to emergency..and I was told to go to Dr R, ENT. The Dr checked my ears, nose( beautiful he said- on the insidelah kan.. outside a bit like the actor streets of san francisco tu), then he said I should go for MRI - his exact words were.. "I had a patient once, no problem with nose and ears like yours- turned out she had brain tumour". Yikes!! In the end pi lah buat MRI.

Now, ...I had done MRI before, to check whether Camarina can go through the birth canal the normal way, so I was not so nervous. So when I went confidentlah.. told the radiologist done this before..she said.. that was for 5 minutes..this would be half an hour.

THe .. longest 30 minutes of my life. True enough they gave headphone with music if you could hear the music lah- enclosed space.almost made me clausphobic- I almost had panic attack, but I squeezed my eyes tight, ignored the dreaded clagging sound ( various pitch) and mengucap. Alhamdulillah, everything was normal. But I had to stay a night for further test.

My office threw a farewell makan2 at the Secret Recipe. Dapat bracelet.
I drove back home and came back with Tina. Mana boleh tak bawak bantal peluk tu.

The next day dah discharged. But I had to go to my office to finish up a few things. Monday pun pi lagi..balik around 9.30 pm.

After dicharged was Afiq, my sister's son's birthday party. Ida wanted karipap sardine, but I was in the hospital for half a day, my mum's maid did the karipap.

Afiq's birthday party

Tina swallowed flour

The children had fun. Mum and I bought for Afiq MP3. Ida made a car Pinata. The children played musical chairs, sweets in the flour game, dancing game. etc. Food - Lasagne, karipap tak laku sardine, sate, cup cakes, meehoon goreng, drummets.
On Wednesday, thot I'd do something to my hair. More oomph..although hidden under the scarf. Asked the hairdresser to put henna, she suggest I cut my hair as well, yelah.. it did looked macam nenek kebayan a bit.
Kau..she cut real short..never had my hair this short..nak terkejut pun ada jugak.. tapi'm really a push over. Adik had her hair permed. murah jugak RM35, Salak Tinggi's ratelahkan.

Balik rumah, nak tengok reaction dari DH. Selalu maintain macho konon. Once I permed my hair in Muar- Izan, Izreen, Imi may remember this incident. Dari straight hair, came back really really curly. Dh saw my hair and gave a start- i dengar sound .terkejut, but when I asked..tak adelah he said.. as if he did not give any reaction. This time around I could see him mcm nak smile tak smile. I asked him.. he said ok... standard answer lah kan. When I pushed . He said macam my Mak Uda.
Last weekend pi Ebay course. Details.. tomorrow.. insyaallah