Friday, October 17, 2008


My sister and I thot of going for cake decorating class. Yelah proper class with certificate barulah cun buat cakekan? Selama ni tangkap muat aje semua either baca off the net or baca buku.

Tapi entah bila. We thot of going in November. Then there's this apakebende trip to UK yg sekejap jadi sekejap cancel. Then she tried making some sama hari raya do hari tu.. Alamak.. she tried and jadi so she thot tak payahlah pi class.


So I pun trylah. these are the photos yang elok sikit. Ada yang ok lagi but I thot the sprinkles on the cakes spoilt buat the rest of the cakes tak cantik.

Below are cupcakes decorated by kakak.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Raya 2008

Selamat Hari Raya to all of you.

This Raya a bit kecoh. The kitchen renovation was almost ready, but DH didn't like the floor tiles so kena bukak balik. The contractor managed to finish it On Sunday before Eid. Even the grill - pasang by Sunday. Kitchen cabinetlah tak pasang lagi. Nak buat kueh tak sompat as still had to clean the house etc. Kakak dapat buat one biscuit and tart yang dah habis dimakan rumah my mum. The cabinet contractor assured us can get ready by Raya but then dia baru nak start kerja on Monday 29th and it'll take around 2 and half day. We said.. forget it. Start on the 6th instead. That out of the way, kemaslah mana patut. But still certain things cannot be moved. Nak datang boleh tapi jangan terkezut.

Anyways, We thot of going back to Ampang on Monday Night ke at least but....

Baju tak siap lagi!!! We gave the tailor like 2 months before posa. She said it'll be ready by the 29th. Rupanya sub tailor dah meninggal, so tak siap lagi.

Come Tuesday, I called her again yelah nak baliklah sebelum malam Raya takkan macam melawat aje. She still have to sew buttons, she'll call me when ready. Eh tinggal butang takkan lama bebenor. So we thot we'd like pressure her. Pi lah...

She was still sewing adik's baju. Kakak and mine dah siap. We waited a bit, then DH got restless. tanya bilo nak siap ni... In the end Tina's baju tak siap. Yang lain siap, but adik's baju was done in haste. Terkeluar2 benang. Kesian anak I.

Before buka went to Ampang Point to search for Tina's baju. I bought one exactly like hers sebab kesian kat dia.. Ehem excuse mama nak baju baru!

First day Raya Wednesday

Morning, terkecoh2 , ingatkan nak buat lodeh tak sempat, after sembahyang Raya went to Linggi. Went to abah's grave, baca yassin and then went to Cik Tum's house- Kak Zarina masak nasi tomato. Jumpalah Pak Lang Aziz who resides in Kluang.

Then off to Aunty Tok/uncle Salleh's house- sempat jual sapphire set lagi.Then to Imam Tapa and Kak yah's/ Abang Shukri's house. Bebudak excited tengok Kambing. On the way back went singgah rest area, DH dah mengantuk..penangan rendang , ketupat etc..

Sampai rumah tired. My sister and DH insisted that I cook the lodeh and paru. Dah habis pulak cili boh, in the end used fresh chili for the paru. The maid blend instead of pound and the colour turned peach. I told my bro/sis in law and sis.. Rasa ok upanya pelik. Bro in law agreed. Sampai tak cukup.

2nd Raya

Went back to Kluang. On the way singgah siram bunga kat Sepang.. Yes.. I remember last year, pokok mati balik Raya. Reached Kluang around 3. Lots of food on the table. Salam MIL and DIL. Mak Mas cooked rendang paru - Shila's mum's recipe and Nasi goreng kampung specially for Tina. Delicious.

3rd Raya

SIL Nor came back in the morning. BIL Paiz came later in the afternoon. Went to Batu Pahat - Mak Long's house. Ter missed cousins. Malam bebudak main mercun.

4th Raya

Tolong MIL in the dapur - Mee Bandung Muar and Laksa Johor. Ada merhaban malam. DH dissappeared for a while. Around 6 drove back to Sepang.
5th Raya- Sunday
Made Rendang Nogori as requested by Imi and Mak Mas. Alamak .. supposed to meet siblings and mum at Colliseum around one. Rendang dah siap, Dh blom mandi.. In the end reached around 1.45. Dah sejuk tenderloin. After lunch. Went straight to Mak m's.
Epi and shila came over around 6.Mak Mas masak nasi minyak and Nasi Lemak. Yummy!!!