Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lake Gardens

Wednesday Ida and I went shopping. Tujuannya nak beli Thomas Sabo's Charms. I bought a barcelet and a charm..hehehe, satu satulah dulu kan. Ida bought a charm to go with her tiffany bracelet. Then we went to TGIF and Times, Ida bought the book shopholic and sister..Aptly titled book. I bought hot mag. Adalah ad for free Diamonds perfume at KLCC. We went to tods' tapi tak ada size kasut... bag pun tak ada yg berkenan. Then we rushed to KLCC to get the perfume.. Ida got handbags..They were 50% off. I was tempted tapi hey I 've just bought a camera, nasib baik tak ada size..kasut..


Dah lama tak pi lake gardens. So we packed two bicycles and head there. Sekarang ni musim hujan. Tina with us.. So we went to pick kakak and adik( who are spending two weeks at my mum's). Then we went to Shila's. Adik and Tina slept over while kakak came home with us. The next morning, kakak went to ceramah ugama with my mum, mama and baba went to Aunty shila's to drop off baju. They were to go to Shila's kampung. We then went to PC fair. I bought a laptop cum camera bag and Sd card..beli jugak ..bag. DH bought Sd card, voltage regulator and wireless card.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Photos from my garden

DSLR and exercise

I did it. I succumbed to temptation and bought a DSLR. I have been taking photos with my camera phone for ages and well.. you know..they are average looking and shila commented my brochure looked blah. I have always love photography.. Yelah nak lukis sendiri landscape or flowers to capture no talent.

I had a SLR once when I was in studying in UK, Pentax z something, and the photos were wonderful, I have shots of eiffel tower you can never take with a portable camera. Then camera rosak.

I have lots to learn tho.

Also, I am trying to get into exercise mode. And oops bought myself a HRM. I had one before but it went missing at my mum's. I was contemplating between an F11 and F55. F55 more expensivelah of course and it has this relax mode and weight training diary extra. In the end I got the former as the I thot the latter would somehow detect how many reps or sets the weights.. haha they haven't make one like that yet- tu mmg terlebih canggih . Rupanya u put it in the thingy diary like. That I've already a programme on my PDA phone.

Here are my first shots using DSLR from my garden.

Yeah.. once when I am able to upload it..Celcom broadband's slow and streamyx entah apa pasal can't even connect.