Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunday 8th

Sunday 8th ... Morning Mak B's doa selamat in Ampang, then brother Amy's son Eylan's birthday at Seri Maya and CBN' 110th reunion.

Amy asked me what I wanted to bring to his party. Initially I wanted to bring moussaka and he agreed. But because we thought of sleeping over @ Ampang that was out of the questions. Why- my mum's oven is gas oven.. I have no idea how to work it. There is no temperature only marked as 1-5. Ok most ovens in uk were marked that way- well at least when I was there eons ago and I did bake a few cakes there- hahaha I knew when to improvise when there was no choice. I could make it the day before @ home and freeze it but aubergines- I don't know whether they'd go bad the next day and I didn't want to risk it.

So I baked white chocolate mud cupcakes instead . Baked on Saturday. I thot I'd make small cupcakes for Mak b's do- since bigger crowd and larger ones for Amy.

Mak B's do started at 11, so early in the morning- melted marshmallow, put in icing sugar and colour- for fondant and then buttercream icing. Did hers first - green butter icing and with small flower fondants. Then Yani's- white fondant with small flower fondants. Went to Mak b's do- dah habis baca yassin.
Yummy spread- Durian cakes (sedap Izan!), singapore murtabak, Laksa Johor, rojak, satay. DH's aunts, uncles, cousins were there. Even Atok Busu all the way from Terengganu were there. Shila's kids were there- my kids of courselah excited.

For Eylan's bday party. I did a different set of cupcakes. Dh and kids helped me with the decorations, although DH said he preferred doing bachelor's party cupcakes.

Eylan and Mummy Etty.

Tina did the bird while Camarina did the branches and leaves.

Malam- kelam kabut. CBN dinner. Wanted to go with Shila. Suddenly BIL said DH to take me. Hey siapa lah pandai tukar plan. I told DH, I 'm going with shila. I didn't want to get there lepas tu melangguk for whatever time Shila sampai.

After pusing keliling we got there. After a few prayers and mental telepathy, hahaha, we finally got our seats. With some superseniors and superjuniors. Throughout dinner, cranned head to see who else were there. Spotted Azlin Juliana. Shila went over. took photos then Azlin said Riza was around.

Riza Fara, was the girl I went to lunch with. She was from different class, 1A, while I was in 1U, She introduced me to Shila, baru masuk her class. The Shila was transferred to 2K, sebelah my class .And we got close. Pi tuition together , hahaha we had fun there. Sleepover etc. Then I went to MRSM Sban, Shila and I remained close. She visited me often in Seremban- mmm visit me ke nak tengok a certain someone she had a crush on.. then Shila and I went to Uk. She met her husband there. Later on I married the husband's brother so jadi biras.

Searched for Riza, and bumped into Yati. Yati was my classmate from 2u onwards. She was from 1A and later on transferred to 2U. She was also my mum's pupil in Sekolah Gurney Dato Keramat. Then moved on to see Riza.

Wah bestnya jejak kasih moments ni. Riza looked the same. Dinner tak habis lagi so I went back to my seat. Jumpa Anastasia. Followed her to the rest of the gang. Dida and Cheryl came over. Cheryl was in my class form 1 to 3, She cant remember me. We were in different class masa form four- before I went to Seremban. She has changed, gone were her glasses and braces. Wah sophisticated. Suzana and Natasha, who I met online- FBlah mana lagi, Roslina and Musmina, Razlina , who were in my class when I was in std 3/4 or 5. And a few others who were in my class during primary school, who I'm ashamed to admit, I remember their names after they were tagged in FB.
Cheryl, top row, third from left. Yati- 2nd row-6 from left. Zuriati? guess.

With Yati

cheryl in red front row. Natasha in red and black front row. Shila in red .Riza fara in yellow 2nd from left back row. Azlin next to her in black scarf. Hahaha I guess everybody followed the theme- house colours . I was in Xavier- green house- but I went in black. Mana tau..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Singapore trip 2

I know I said I didn't want to blog this trip. Takut bore people to death.

I have always been in Organic Monitor's list. Keeping myself up to date with the organic world. Once I wanted to venture into setting up my own organic shop so that I can sell my current organic skincare. Who would have thought I've sold them for two years. I have definitely have to get the papers sorted.

"Organic Monitor is a specialist research & consulting company that focuses on the global organic & related product industries.

We provide a range of business services to organisations that are active in
our specialist industries. Our services include business research publications, customised research, business consulting, seminars & workshops."

The last workshop was in Paris and as much as I want to go back there ( really can't get enough of this city and the language- so much so I wanted to name my product pure fleur - even bought french linguaphone eons ago- hahaha- I have arab and japanese too- bought by my late dad when I was in MRSM Seremban) I thot - is it worth the trip.

I wanted to also attend a few workshop in UK- tho what stopped me was the workshop was a few weeks apart. I would love to spend time there catching up with a few friends .... but ... Then last month I found out the UK company was going to organise a workshop in Florida and it has all the courses that I wanted. I was excited. Emailed Florida - only to be told that the course director was not well and the course had to be postponed. I still can go to the one in uk in November though.

So when organic monitor wrote to me it has Workshop: De-Mystifying Natural & Organic Cosmetic Standards in singapore and after bombarding me with calls from UK up till a week before the date, I thought, why shouldn't I waste this opportunity. Although this is like the the fourth step rather than the 1st step of the whatever process I had to go through.

I registered for the Incosmestic Asia and for the workshop above, flight and hotel in Singapore.

The last time I travelled alone was before I got married more than 13 years ago and I was hyped up for this trip. Will I have problem sleeping as I always have when I'm in a new place - (which I discovered only a few years ago). Will I feel bored etc..

My flight was at 6 am ( rolling my eyes- I don't know what possessed me to take such an early flight- although it is good - I am not rushed) and I couldn't sleep that night. I had to be at the airport at 4 30 ~rolling my eyes again- the booking person insisted that we be there two hours before - this is the carrier with so many delays to their name.

When I got there ticketing persons were not even there- much to my annoyance- luckily I brought a book.

After checking in , I had about an hour to kill so went to Mc Donalds for breakkie and then to Maybank ATM to activate temporary Overseas/plus ATM service- so that I may withdraw from Singapore's ATM.

Reached Singapore at about 7 o'clock then headed to Crowne Plaza hotel to leave my luggage then off to Singapore Expo. Crowne Plaza Hotel is at Terminal 3. It is easily accessible - skytrains from terminal 1 or 2 and you'd just have to go to basement 2 to access the MRT. Brilliant!

I was too early for the Expo as it starts at 10 am. Grabbed breakfast and after reading a few pages of the book I had with me the door opened.

I was glad I made the decision to come to the expo, there were many manufacturers of skincare ingredients though the ones I am interested in - probably 5 - the rest were the conventional suppliers of silicons and non organic. And the organic and natural ones are french suppliers. I knew I should brush up my french. Hahaha all I remember was au revoir, merci,

n'est–ce pas. I have also been searching for actives and extracts like black willow, bearberry, turmeric online - they have to be organic and preferably extracted with halal or kosher glycerine and preferably in the form of oil as they can blend well with my other ingredients - ( in water I would need a preservative- which I dont want - as there is no natural preservative to date - most natural/ organic cosmetic use potassium sorbate- I just dont want to use any preservative at all- so oil it is)

Around 2 I went back to the hotel to check in. By this time I was so sleepy.
The room was modernly furnished, shower, bath tub a king size bed. I requested for a king size bed- ok I couldn't very well ask for twin beds when the other bed will be empty- it'll spook me out.

I still didn't know where or when my workshop going to be- I assumed it'll be in the expo itself - although I couldn't find it in the program- mm ingatkan org putih ni lagi organised. I haven't got a call from Maria. Quick access to the net ( at bloody 29 sing a day)- a mail from Maria. Workshop at 9- venue 7-9.

Alone in the room I thought..Hey not bad at all . Well I did rent a bed sit, alone whilst in London when all my housemates went back to Malaysia- although later on I moved to MARA hostel - a decision I thought carefully as I didn't want to upset a few people- but I had to make it , as I was freezing my *&# off at the bedsit- the landlady refused to mend my window- it was winter at the time. And moving to MARA hostel was a wise decision- I could even open my windows, so warm it was. Though I did iritate my neighbour with constant playing of End of the Road. ( my habit ~ if a song is in my current favourite list - I'd listen to it over and over)

The next day after a good rest- no sleeping problem- I went to hall 7 only to find it empty - ah they meant room 7.

The workshop itself was ok. It did demystify the standard like eco cert, Soil association , Na whatever. My product will definitely make all the standards. Although it did make my head spin with all the chemical jargon.

The people who attended were from various background - from a Thai manufacturer, Martha Thilaar, New Zealand, India, Uk and my partner - from Singapore.

After the workshop, went back to Incosmetic Asia and registered with a few french manufacturer's for updates on their organic essential oil and actives.I found a french supplier with ingredients I want~ organic oil based actives certified by ecocert.

After a bit of rest in the hotel. I went out reluctantly. Sister Ida has been smsing me about jibbies crocs. Took the train to Dhoby Ghaut and after a few smses to and from Ida, got the location right and went to crocs. Before I thot apalah pasal people have this fascination for this plasticky shoes. Ok it is comfortable. I bought one as well hahaha..It is cheaper in Singapore 69 sing dollar where else in malaysia it is about RM 220.

I walked all the way along Orchard Road- my main agenda was to go to Lucky Plaza and look at the gadgets- which I couldn't go with Ida the last time we went and also to check out Bvlgari handbag. Tak habis2 lagi. Instead I just went to a few shopping complexes along the way, found a bead shop much to my delight and bought beautiful pink opals and jasper- Must show to aunt Nita or Mak Z. I asked if they have gold filled findings - and they recommended another shop in another mall.

Apa lagi.. The shop has wide range of gold filled findings. I even found one that looked like my silver amber necklace - I have found out I cannot wear silver on my neck- bracelets are fine- even silver 925 discolour my neck- not only the silver change colour - my neck too and I get rashes- Sigh.. dah kena beli gold. Nasib baik 14k gold filled is ok - kalau kena pakai pure gold..tu dah kira mengada.

I was then exhausted, kepala pun pounding headache - forget Lucky plaza I thot- went to Bvlgari dah tutup..ha? Jimmy Choo sebelah terang benderang aje.. Sigh.. Grab dinner- mulanya lapar then apetite pun off. Took a cab back and Tido.

The next day I thot of going to Orchard Road again but my head still feel like I've hit the brick wall. Ni sure makan entah apa yg ada MSG. Checked out- checked in the airport - almost three hours early and my other luggage was too bulky to carry - took out my laptop and carried in an eco bag. Later bought a leather laptop bag at one of the shop. Bought two books and read before going to the boarding area. Flight was delayed hahaha what else is new..

Reached KL answered an sms/chat , had dinner and sleep.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ju's wedding and Singapore Trip

On 3rd of October, my A levels roommate Juliana's wedding in Ipoh.The next day my cousin in Singapore. I was so excited, and planned to go to both wedding. Er of course I had to solve the logistics problem first. The day before Mak M, Dh's aunty called to say that there will be breakfast- nasi lemak and durian- both my favourite. ok...

The trip to Singapore was to be spouse free. Er.. how are we going to do that. So the plan was-Breakfast at Mak M's then off to Ipoh, flight to Singapore alone then meet my brother and sister. My siblings wanted me to reach Sinagpore early but the earliset would be flight from Ipoh at 4 with er firefly, I can't take flight from KLIA, no way we can reach KLIA on time, although the flight from KLIA was at 5. No problem I said.

Around 10 something we reached Damansara. We left Damansara at 1.30. Panic sets in. Er sempat ke nak pi wedding ni. Dh drove like F1 driver- no problem for him- he took like 1 1/2 hr from Sepang to Kluang. We reached the wedding nearly four. Alhamdulillah, managed to meet another roomate, Ully, who, last time I met was A levels reunion eons ago and Wok. Ully - awet muda. Of course we had our jejak kasih moments.

Di sebabkan kelewatan, we had like a few minutes together then she had to go.

Juliana looked radiant. Bagai pinang di belah dua. Congratulations Juliana!

Next I had to catch that flight at 4.40 or so I thought. Reached there alamak... flight delayed to 5.20. Then to 5.55pm, why I asked? TUDM air show. What pilot decided to join in too?

By the time I reached Singapore it was 9pm. Took a limo to Meritus Mandarin - hahaha from budget airport- dah too tired.. Reached there- ok my brother was not joking when he said it's near Takasyimaya. It is smacked in front of it. Just have to cross the road. Apa lagi my sister whisked me off to Takasyimaya, Ion - Dior - and Miu miu. After the stores closed- hahaha mana sempat- we had dinner.

The next morning we resumed ukur jalan at Orchard Road. We were in front of Takasyi just before it opened. Very very tiring. Around 1 we headed to Jurong, yes lets not forget we have a wedding to attend.

The bride was stunning. Well she is a model after all. She also have a stunning sister. Lovely food. Great reception. Er.. some unusual crowd dancing.

Eva the bride

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Bride's sister

After wedding, head to Orchard road again. Hahaha.. My sister didn't want to go anywhere else. Just like the time she visited me in London. Tiap2 hari nak pi Oxford Street. Macam cita Shopaholic and sister, altho in this case dua2 shopaholics.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Kakak camillia's bday.

It has been so long since I last blog. Of course so many things has happened. On the day I had the scene with my neighbour something else happened too. The feeling was indescribable. Like being in an emotional rollercoaster. Elated and then heart wrenching. Ok enough about that.

I promised to blog about poor kakak's bday party on the 4th of July.

For kakak's bday the theme was Wii Party. We've done costume, princess, pool so dah kehabisan idea. And since baru beli wii- we thot wii partylah

DH was to do Pinata of kakak's mii ( a character in wii) since Art is his majorkan..altho jarang he drew anything besides nudes ( apparently according to Mak z's my MIL's specialty too - shock horror- mm is it ok to blog about this).

For kakak's cake I thot I'd do a Chocolate mud cake draped with marshmallow fondant.Baked the cake, prepared meat/ chicken pies, marinated lamb and chicken the day before. MIL came and helped with Laksa Johor.

Actual day I spent half a day decorating the cake. We ( camillia and I) thot of following the theme- Mii character on the cake then decided to put the camelia flower instead- although it looked more like roses than camelias. Camillia helped me with the small roses- hahaha kesan bday girl. The mushroom sauce and spagetti bologna pun buat that day. Maid (rolling my eyes) dah membebel kenapa tak buat the mushroom sauce awal because it had to be on the stove for four hours. Previously Chef wan's recipe did take 4 hours but I've modified it and managed to do it in an hour - hahaha and tasted the same. Rahsianya- nak tuntut - kena belanja San Francisco steakhouse's melt in the mouth tenderloin new york cut in Subang Jaya. Hahaha.

By three, kakak's friends dah datang. Since it's kakak's and my favourite past time and since we both sell our creation to friends and family,We had beading contest. The boys played wii. Then opps no electricity.. which is like alamak.. have to find alternative games.
We had the pinata outside and the kids lined up only to find the pinata fell down before it broke to pieces. hahaha. So berebutlah..
One boy, Zul, from kakak's class came, which is a bit weird since I remembered writing out girls' name on the invitation cards. A few days after the party I sent kakak to extra class and when I picked her up she said class was postponed and when I asked what she did throughout the time, she said Ulangkaji dgn Zul, which got my hackles up. Mmm I know tak sporting betul mama.

Zul was interviewed by both my Mum and MIL. Hahaha .
Mak B came with nasi lemak. Thank you!
Lana came and saved the day! She called TNB and electricity on apa lagilah. Continued with wii games- Wii fit balance games and then terkinja2 with we cheer, Dance Revolution etc. Lana, Izreen, and Nadine won the contests.

Thanks all for making it a fun day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#$$@@ !

I feel so strongly about this I just have to blog. I hate pengecuts , cowards. A neighbour of ours insinuated that we deliberately run over their cats. Bodoh ke apa? When the confronted she sd she did not accuse us, adding that my husband once ran over her cat. Once yes.. People make three point turn at our house as it is at a cul de sac.. Can be anyone.

I have issues about these cats for such a long time. Scratching furnitures, trying to 'beranak ' at our hse, crapping at lawns and the gate.Ok that is the nature of cats.. granted. But we neighbours have to put up a lot.I tak tergamak nak buang kucing (one of the neighbours actually did this) let alone langgar deliberately. Hello.. kalau sayang sangat buatlah kandang not a beautiful cat hse with no ventilation. ( she has a beautiful one mcm dog hse kat belakang). Bodoh pun ada jugak!

When confronted she said she did not accuse us..

She told my neighbours

Saya tak tuduh awak dan awak. agaknya sebab kucing kita berak dekat rumah dia.
Then sd my husband knocked down her cat once.

When confronted, she accussed of the neighbours spreading lies, shouldnt listen to them etc.. when I came with the neighbour- tak nak kluar rumah.. Hahaha.. She sd I'm mad- pompuan gila she called me..

The cats do not move when cars approach, even when you blared the horns on them. I made sure I didnt knock them. You know about pets and their owners how they look alike. I guess dumb cats equals to..

That's it no cats! In the meantime the cats and their craps are going back to the owners gate. I will personally make sure.

I usually hate confrontation - My boss used to tell me I was too soft with my staff, once my boss suruh marah sorang it took all the energy out. I just hate it so I dont do it often. I just cant stand people talking behind have issues with me tell me to my face. Of course she made out as if I'm the unreasonable one. Am I being unreasonable? Such small matter - bak kata anak dia yg has more sense than the mother. Her husband sd I should respect her bcoz of her age.. Being older of course shes supposed to be wiser. Opps lupa wise tak ada dlm vocab dia.

On the positive side.. I have made it clear to the husband - jaga kucing 2 tu betul .. no berak merata2 and I'm not the only neighbour complaining.

Hahaha mcm scene kat Desperate Housewives.

Positive thing came out of this.. Next time jaga mulut dia - jgn selalu perli2, she often does this but we ignored her. And I hope no more cat craps!

Monday, July 20, 2009


So many things happened since I last blogged. Cqistina and Kakak got wii for their birthdays. I want to blog about kakak's bday party but first let me blog about our current craze.. the wii.

Apakebondonya my friends asked. It is like playstation but to me way better because the controls are wireless and its interactive.

I thot of getting Nintendo DS for Tina since she enjoyed her cousin's Trisya's. DH wanted to buy wii, since Tina is on heavy side (hehe bukan Tina aje, yg beli tu pun) , he thot wii's better.

I threated kononnya tak nak share bayor the game as it was more expensive and ye ke better.

Hehehe.. Ok now that we've got it for like 7 weeks (?) I can safely say I played more than my kids. Why? It is fun. The games are so addictive you hardly know you are exercising. Ok..granted it is not the real thing. Playing the actual tennis u'll get more exercise. But for someone yg dok main tennis asyik main serve aje or jgn haraplah nak pukul baseball.. this is heaven! I can play these games ..virtually.. hey..peluh jugak tau.. cuba..

Mama (me) so excited that she's got to have everything. The dancing mat.. ala arcade..sebenarnya mmg teringin nak dance the arcade tu tapi tak naklah terkinja2 depan org ramai.. but dekat rumah- why not --great exercise!

The dance mat

Then my friend Azlina mentioned wii fit. Apa lagi pilah - I always go there for reviews and hard to find books. The reviews- 4.5 stars over 5 stars given by 1499 reviewers.. apa lagi tangan den dah gatallah. Asked around it was around RM eeks 500- RM600. Kenapa mahal sgt- It comes with the wii balance board that's why. What the heck is a wii balance board..

the board has bluetooth and contains multiple pressure sensors that are used to measure the user's center of balance—the location of the intersection between an imaginary line drawn vertically through the center of mass and the surface of the Balance Board—and body mass index the dreaded BMI. You key in your height and the board calculated the rest. Eeks.

Then Shila asked me what I want for my bday and of course tulahkan. So she sd she'll pay for half and DH half.. ey.. mana boleh present from DH RM300 aje. I sd I'll pay for the other half. Pi Mines, and it was RM350 there. Apa lagi..

The wii fit game is fun.

Trailer below

four categories below:

Strength Training: muscle-toning exercises like Single Leg Extension, Sideways Leg Lift, Arm and Leg Lift, Single-Arm Stand, Torso Twists, Rowing Squat, Single Leg Twist, Lunge, Push-Up and Side Plank, Jackknife, Plank and Tricep Extension. Challenges include Push-Up Challenge, Plank Challenge and Jackknife Challenge.

Aerobics: heart pumping fun, interactive Aerobic exercises like Hula Hoop, Basic Step, Basic Run, Super Hula Hoop ( love this- imagine 6- 10 minutes of hula- great for the thigh) Advanced Step ( Love this as well), 2-P Run, Rhythm Boxing, Free Step and Free Run.

Yoga: balance and flexibility with Yoga poses and activities like Deep Breathing, Half-Moon, Dance, Cobra, Bridge, Spinal Twist, Shoulder Stand, Warrior, Tree, Sun Salutation, Standing Knee, Palm Tree, Chair, Triangle and Downward-Facing Dog.

Balance Games: Get into the action with fun, balanced-based games like Soccer Heading, Ski Slalom, Ski Jump, Table Tilt, Tightrope Walk, Balance Bubble, Penguin Slide, Snowboard Slalom and Lotus Focus.

The games are fun and as it keep tabs on how long u play and how well, you'd want to better ur score and suddenly found you've done 30 minutes of exercising. It also keeps tabs on ur BMI and ur goals- how much u want to lose for normal BMI and how long. The yoga is tough.. selama ni main hantam, aparently u have to put equal pressure on both arms and legs, without the balance board I'd never know. You unlock games as u play more. I love the hula- poluh tau and the step. For hardcore exerciser it may not be tough.

Tak cukup tu, I found another wonderful game .

EA sports Active which is THE fitness game. Sold 600,000 since it was launched. Developed in collaboration with fitness expert Bob Greene, best known as Oprah's personal trainer,

List of Exercises

Heavy bag
Targets & heavy bag 1 -5 - length and difficulty of the exercise

WBB Targets & heavy bag using the wii board involve 'kicking' the punch bag as well
Targets 1 -4
Random (short)
Random (medium)
Random (long)

Basic 1,2
WBB Basic with wii board
Intermediate 1 .2
WBB Intermediate balance board
Fast 1 -4
WBB Fast - balance board
Fastest 1 -2
Random (basic)
Random (intermediate)
Random (pro)

Kick Ups (short)
Kick Ups (long)
Run & Walk (short)
Run & Walk (medium)
Run & Walk (long)
Run (short)
Run (medium)
Run (long)
Run (very long)
Run, Knees & Kick Ups 1
Run, Knees & Kick Ups 2
Walk & Run (short)
Walk & Run (medium)
Walk & Run (long)
Random (easy)
Random (medium)
Random (hard)


Alternating Bicep Curls
Alternating Cross Knee Punches
Alternating Shoulder Presses
Alternating Triceps Kickbacks
Bent Over Rows with Triceps Kickbacks
Bent Over Rows
Bicep Curls with Shoulder Presses
Bicep Curl with Upright Rows
Front Shoulder Raises
Lateral Shoulder Raises
Standing Twists
Upright Rows


Alternating High Knee Reverse Lunges
Alternating Lunges
Alternating Side Lunges
Alternating Side Lunges with Toe Touches
Alternating Standing Knee Crunches
Jump Lunges
Jump Squats
Side to Side Jumps
Squat Holds
Squats with Calf Raises


Passing 1
Passing 2
WBB Basketball
Shooting & Passing 1
Shooting & Passing 2
Shooting & Passing 3
Random (short)
Random (medium)
Random (long)

Inline Skating
WBB Inline Skating

WBB Catching
Catching & Batting
Catching & Pitching
Pitch & Catch & Bat
Pitching & Batting
Random (short)
Random (medium)
Random (long)

Back Court
WBB Tennis
Back Court & Front Court
Back Court & Mid Court
Back, Front & Mid Court
Front Court
Front Court & Mid Court
Random (short)
Random (medium)
Random (long)

Bump & Set
WBB Bump & Set
Bump, Set & Block
Serve & Bump
Serve, Bump & Set
Serve, Bump, Set & Block
Set & Block
Random (short)
Random (medium)
Random (long)

You use the both nunchuck and the wii mote. I bought the wireless nunchuck specially for this game. So much easier without the cable getting in the way. The give you the leg strap to put nanchuck in to gauge the leg exercises like runs, ugh squad, lunges etc. You can use with or without balance board. Use resistance bands for upper body workouts like bicep curl, shoulder presses etc, which is flimsy so I used the ones bought from Fitness concept and the pilates DVD I bought from US. You can either join the 30 day challenge or custom workout, choose easy medium or hard.
The first two weeks I customised the workout and I found I tend to favour boxing, tennis and the upper strength workout. I hate squat, lunges, and jumps.. and they even have combination of both lunges and jumps which I went through reluctantly.. oh well usually the exercise you hate most are the ones u the need most.

Then there is we cheer..

"excitement and fun of cheerleading to the Wii console. Use your Wii Remote as pom-poms and get ready to show your team spirit while you kick, jump, flip, spin and dance to the rhythm of the hottest music from the past and present. Master your moves with precision and timing to beat the other squads for the #1 spot. Get ready to bring it on!"

Hahaha.. imagine a *1 year old jumping like a cheer leader. Fun!

Other notable games include

Dance Dance revolution ( we have the original,winx, and Disney) Star wars ( use the wiimote as light saber), Pikmin. wii sports which was fun - family fun - bowling, boxing ( tina is the boxing champion - so far no one can challenge her),tennis etc with Mii ( character u choose- should see Dh's-- exactly like him), American Idol2 - where u sing and get critised by the Paula, Simon and Randy, Boggie superstar- exercise vocals, Legend of Zelda, Grand Slam and Virtua tennis where u play against Nadal,Federer, Mc Enroe, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Bjorn Borg, Novak Djokovic, Pete Sampras, Ana Ivanovic, Andy Roddick, Boris Becker, Lleyton Hewitt .

My wish list

Guitar hero= kena beli guitar pulak
Active Life

Not released yet - We cheer 2 - with great songs, Wii fit Plus, Ea sports Active II, Pilates,
Your shape -with new motion camera to scan your body and follow your movements without need of remotes or balance board. The sensors which are located in the Your Shape camera which gets bundled with the game, convert your movements into virtual one which show on your TV screen.the game will make a program that suits you need for specific muscle workout. That means you will be able to choose how many minutes the workout will be long, how many times per week you will be able to exercise and how difficult the routines should be.

Tina and we cheer

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson in Malaysia 1996

Michael Jackson

What can I say about this man. He was a musical genius, an eccentric ( what geniuses not eccentric), misunderstood(?), child abuser ( we never know the truth).

He was exposed to fame at a very young age, tak sempat enjoy the joys of childhood. Kecik2 lagi dah ada responsibilities etc, maybe that was why he never grew up, a Peter Pan.

His music was good and still is.

I bought ticket to his concert in Wimbledon. We were hyped up - my housemates and I. Bought binoculars at Argos ( intended to return them within 16 days). Went to the concert amid mat and minah saleh yg tinggi tinggi tu..then suddenly it was announced - Concert cancelled. Dissappointed giler. I had to go back to Malaysia before the postponed date. Taklah dapat tengok!

Then in 27th and 29th of October 1996 he came to Malaysia. Newly pregnant with Camillia, DH and I went to that concert. It was worth it. Great performance by the King of Pop.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Tina's birthday party

Tina's bday was on the 23rd. We had a small party. Tina insisted on a bday party. I have told her that this year will be kakak's turn to celebrate. Tapi dia tak paham. She planned to have mermaid cake, pinata etc. Susah jugak nak convince her. In the end jemput Shila, my siblings, zi , intan and Nani (dah lama tak jumpa, usually we try to make it once in two months). Intan couldn't make it sebab demam.

For the party cooked roast chicken, grilled lamb with mushroom sauce, spagetti bologna,potato salad,  moussaka, fish and chips. Birthday cake was baked the night before. The marshmallow fondant done in the morning. Kakak did lovely roses with the fondant - lagi cantik dari mama's!!  She wants to go to fondant class- lepas upsr ye sayang!

Kakak's bday party next. What theme ya for a 12 yr old girl?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rusnah's wedding and June's House

My friend Rusnah got married on the 17th of May. Rusnah was with me in MRSM Seremban, her room was a few pintu away from mine, then my lecturemate during A levels. She later went to Derby, while I to Sheffield.

I was so looking forward to attend the wedding, yelah jumpa ex Seremban friends and A level friends. Beriya siap awal, my friend zi will hmmpph me tho, as I reached there 1 hour later - hahaha. Becoz DH decided to take a nap then shower which took ages and bebudak pun sama after a few minutes of asking them to change baru bergerak.

Sampai aja dah bergambar depan pintu. Photos below: Seronok jumpa Jaja, K ini, Norli, Kak Min, the last time I met them was in the UK. Some during A levels .Some I have met before in reunions.

Beriya with the sessi bergambar then suddenly my battery ran out of juice - I charged it that morning, tapi tak bother to check, apparently the socket was faulty. Sudahnya tak bergambar langsung dgn pengantin. Hmmm. Great day tho!!

The next week, Saturday my friend June, from MRSM Seremban had a small gathering at her hse at Desa Park City. At first I thot it was near Desa Waterpark.. I thot that's easy. Then I found out that its near Manjalara..errks..

Usually I go to TTDI, Sg buluh, The curve, etc with my husband. (But my husband had to invigilatelah pulak.) Tak confident nak drive- me the queen of sesat. Subang, Shah Alam, Ampang I'm alright-KL pun ok though I usually take lrt,erl as more convenient - no hassle cari parking or jam etc. Tapi kalau Damansara, PJ, etc....

And also I had to meet Amy, Shila's cousin- to give her three rows Peruvian Amazonite bracelet. Should I go to Ampang to give it to her or meet her somewhere dekat Ampang , meet my sister at Midvalley to pick my mum's bday present ,then go to Desa Park City. Errks.. why dont I go round the world..

Anyways.. I thot biarlah my sister and brother pick present for my mum. Then Amy called, she was at the Curve. Alhamdulillah- on the way to Desa P C I thot - the map shows from that direction pun.

So off I went with Camarina and Tina in tow. After tersilap turn ke Damansara Utama ,I managed to get to the Curve tapi Amy tak ada lagi so I thot I'd go round..and eeks Masuk Penchala Linklah pulak. Took a U turn somewhere phew I was there again.

Keluar dari Curve, silap ambik Penchala link - no I want the Sg Penchala Tol on LDP- so confusing- cant they just change the name..U turn lagi..

After that ok. I managed to follow the map and its fine until I came to the 3rd roundabout.. ada mistake sikit kat the map and I found two other cars with my friends pondering at the map .. hahaha.. lepas tu apa lagi abandoned the map and ikut ajelah..

We reached there macam rombongan kahwin.. hahahaJune and Azu

June's house is very big, Siap ada two kolam, inside the hse with fish spa - much to my children's delight- dok berendam and then told me their feet dah clean and white- white and kecut due to rendam lama lamalah tu.

After Alpha lipid presentation session we went in to makan.Seronok jumpa kawan2 lama. Aleen, Shikin Najmudddin , Shiqin Zainal Abidin, Linda Nayan,Kak Long, Ijan, Bo, Azura,Salmi, Zalifah, even pengantin baru Rusnah pun ada.

Then we had tour of the hse, soak feet session sambil berniaga (me). Very good sale. Thanks Zali and June.

It was after maghrib jugak when I got back, made a few U turns hahaha on the way out of DPC. After that smooth ride back to Sepang