Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunway, Webstore, School, Swimming

Lama tak blog ni.. What have I been doing.. don't know since working at home ni macam tak ada masa aje. I am setting up my webstores. At wanitamelayu dah up and running..
although ada still photos to post, at dream web and yahoo stores still new. I don't know why I used different names..padan mukalahkan .. now I've got like double work .

I've looked at webstores.. kononnya nak buat everything myself.. lalalala... trying to study dreamweaver dah berpinor bijik mata. In the end, I thot - stop being so ambitious- I am running a one man show here ok.. the beading, the selling, accounting ladida.. mana ada masa nak belajor buat webpage from scratch..

So I thot nak just ask someone to do the design for me- Dh too busy loading movies, nak pay - cost RM2k+++ one off cost.. then like 100/year maintenance and webhosting kedebak kebeduk dalam 200 per year, oklahlah.. last week, price turun the lowest I saw was like 1600.. Tapi macam malehlak so.. I flipped a book I bought eons ago called internet business or something and they suggested ebay, yahoo and google ads. Ebay, I think no go.. mana dia dapat jual that cheap I have no idea, yahoo sounds ok.. around 30 USD per month including domain name and emails etc.. well consider oklahkan.. dari kluar like 2k plus..

Wanita Melayu mmg I dah lama subscribe, in fact sebelum dia start lagi the admin dah invite - from can't remember which forum- mesra kot. Beli pun dah pernah..corelle and findings. Actually rasa macam Rebecca what's her name Sophaholic aje.. start selling sana and start buying lots from sana jugak.. hehehe.. like ebay. sellnya satu - buynya 20..gasp.. hey.. got to know how it workskan..yeah right..

Anyway, after jadi yahoo small business, I found out the free webpage I have been doing on and off..mostly off sebab I didn't like the format and that is why I considered dreamweaver- dah ada webstore feature and it's free.. Sigh..

As soon as I've finished I''l put up their addresses...


The Thursday before sekolah bukak, we went to Sunway Lagoon.. We tu.. My sister and family and her BIL, SIL, kids and me. DH had to work. Oklah ponek.. fun..banyak jugak rides..We took all parks which is cheaper tapi mana sempat pergi semua. As we were about to enter Scream park the kids suddenly changed their mind. Except Tina, who insisted nak pi jugak..



The first day of school, I had migraine..pilah baba and the kids register. Alamak ponek jugak jadi drebar ni. At 11.30 (11 the 1st week) take Tina, at 1 take kakak and camarina. At 2.30 Camarina off tu Sekolah Ugama and at 5.30 take her back.. tu tak masuk tuition kakak lagi yg entah bila nak start. Baru nak duduk dah kena pi keluar balik.


Enrolled bebudak ni swimming lesson, yelah kesian jugak kena stay at kids pool when going swimming with Shila. Ingatkan mama nak belajar jugak. Lesson is RM 60 a month..8 times a month..oklah tu. Tapi tengok tak ada adult , he does teach adult but tak ada yg participate pun and he doesn't take kids below 6 so Tina's out.

So Mama pun carilah.. there is one at Bukit Jalil for RM150 per to onelah..eeks .. Then found one near Endah Parade for RM280 10 lessons- actually before was like RM300, I have asked before- 2 years ago may be.. Yang lain about RM 30 to 50 per lesson plus maybe transport to the swimming pool of your choice. After weighing all possibilities, Endah Parade it is.

I took the earliest time 8.30..yelah siapa nak pi at 8.30 on Saturdaykan..sure tak ramai.. true enough.. tapi oklah taklah rigid the time.. There were three instructors dalam 3 to one (ada yg dapat one instructor to herself..) unlike the one my kids went to, ada kot 20-30 to one instructor - nak swim pun tak da tempat.

Anyway, I've learnt before at 7, at some club in JB, tapi the instructor insisted I went a few times despite me telling him I was tired (deep deep pool to a 7 year old masa tu), and then apa lagi tenggelamlah.
When I was in my teens, my siblings had an instructor to the house (the company hse we stayed at Kenny Hills had pool), tapi I was at MRSM so there's that. At 20 plus, I had a few lessons (2 kot) at the yucky pool near Jalan Sultan Ismail - it was a few metres from my office at Kompleks Antarabangsa, tapi tak habis.. I got married..then the end of that lessonlah..

How was the lesson today? Oklah ..because I had some basics, I progressed cepat jugak.. The first day I covered a lot - in fact I was 2 steps ahead of this woman who came for her third lesson.. Great motivational factor to me..since she's in her 20's.

After an hour and a half I was bushed.. I am my age after all... Can't wait for next lesson.