Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Geng weekend

On Saturday I went to medical aesthetics at Bukit Kiara. I thot I'd park my husband and kids at Mak Mas'. Kenapa pompuan ni pi apakebende dia atas tu you'd ask.

Well I've a got a lot of skin tags and it's bothering me. Vain potnya. Dulu I have this massive tahi lalat, mole at my back and it realy realy itched, and of course a few tags at my neck that really got in my nerves.. sampai tersangkut necklaces and they hurt. So I got rid off them. But the darn thing kept popping back.. and banyaklak tu kat muka.

Conversation with my five year old Tina

Mama banyaklah dots kat muka

Senang Tina buat dot to dot

Mama pilah kedai buangkan nanti mama jadi cantik

Kurang asamnya anak. Mana pulak Tina tau ni

Tina tengok dalam TV

Sigh ( ada lagi satu lebih kurang similar conversation but about losing weight)

Nak buat camno. It's in the genes. My dad used to have it, his sister has lots. And I started to have it after pregnant with Camillia. My siblings tak dapat pun!!

When baru started working I went to CN beauty kat Ampang Point, for facial and the lady told me she saw lots of dots on my face under the UV light and recommended titanium dioxide for sunblock. Yeah right I thought..nak jual barang kat aku lah tu.. Well she was right..

Arwah Abah went to have his lasered. oklah.. So I thot I'd give it a try. And so I went to this clinique. The woman said the laser would have to be done at Mont Kiara Hospital. So she recommended apa kebende doktin.. anyway that's what she pronounced lahkan. So she did them.

I came out with white dots on my face, which turned red, mak mas thot I had chicken pox ke apa.. and now black before it supposed to drop off. I hope they drop off before Saturday.

We had yummy dinner at Mak M's. Thank you Mak Mas!! Bebudak drooling over cats.


After brunch, we went to Sunway Pyramid to see Geng. Best gila.. Betul betul betul..

The animation superb
Jalan cerita not bad. And the kids enjoyed it. we almost didn't get to see it. Ramai betul!!
Congratulations Les' Copaque

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tagged by Mimi

Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” untuk diletakkan di blog anda.

2. Link atau ceritakan kembali siapa yg memberikan award ini kepada anda.

Orang yang tag saya Mimi. Cousin kepada suami saya. Ada baby boy yang comel dan adorable.

3. Setiap blogger hendaklah menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum pemenang seterusnya

1. Saya di lahirkan di Seremban, yang sekarang ni wad utk pesakit jiwa. Hahaha, dulu2 jadi joke, everytime adik beradik lalu will show my hospital yang lama tu , opposite my brother's hospital yang tersegam indah.
2. Suka makan typical nogori dish masak lomak cili padi, can't get enough of this dish, steak with mushroom sauce, nando's extra hot peri peri, sambal tumis..ok you get my drift.. I am hot stuff...My daughter Tina mengikut, she has to have her dose of sambal every day.
3.Ada three girls. Semua tanya bila nak dapat boy. Am trying although the biological clock is ticking very very loudly.
4. Suka masak or try new dishes.
5. Eh eh sama macam mimi tak tahan bau rokok serta merta boleh dapat migraine, husband smoke mcm chimney tapi....
6. Sekarang sedang belajar berenang, as blogged earlier, bila rajin buat T-tapp atau aerobics with weight atau qigong.. bila tiba moodlah.. kalau tak tu..dok depan laptop ni le..
7. Suka crafts..semua kalau boleh nak buat sendiri.. lagi pun cheapskate.. hehehe
8. Suka beading, eh tak tau ke redundant sebab di atas, craft jugakkan? anyway.. and jual barangan kemas and charms di www.charmsallure.blogspot.com.
9. Suka baca buku victorian mysteries.. Anne Perry, Robin Paige, and buku2 mystery by british authour cam Agatha Christie..and lately teramatlah suka buku2 Sophie Kinselle- shopaholic series dll.
10.Suka tengok CSI and Criminal Minds, Desperate Housewives, Midsummer Murders and House.. hehehe mcm lebih krg aje theme ni..

4. Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan menyertakan nama mereka di blog.


Boleh repeat tak

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Webstore,birthday celebration

I have not been blogging for a long time. Been busy with the webstore and taking orders. I put some pictures kat webstore then someone said it looked blah so I had to redo them again.

Then I decided to do more marketing pilah tagged.com. Yikes.. The good thing is I've got so many new girlfriends but the pening thing is I've got lots of unwanted hits from the male s too I clearly wrote on my profile that I am happily married and not looking for relationships only friendship. Altho it did boost my ego a bitlah kan I mean a 30 yr old sd I looked cute.. well its down to photoshop anyway.. Hehehe..but you know it boost up my spirits. One man had the gall telling me to stop wasting time. I wish he would mind his own business.

Dh looked into this blog yesterday and said he couldn't find my webstore address anywhere. Marketing apa camni..

Well I've added on the left. One for international buyers who wants to pay by credit card.

Visit charmsallure.com

And one for malaysian customer ordering from blogspot.

Right now I've finished Aida's bracelet and aunty Nita's bracelet and currently doing Aunty Nita's necklace.

Aida's Tourmaline bracelet.

Tourmaline with silver 925 clasp.
Want to order similar bracelet email me.

Tourmaline - My favourite gemstone- why? because so many colours...
DH bought me for bday present and it cost RM1200. Of course the clarity and colour cantik.. That is the mkt price for tourmaline anyways. I sell them cheaper depending on the clarity and colour,

Black tourmaline- protect against handphone, electromagnetic smog. Encourages positive attitude. Strengthen immune system.

Blue Tourmaline- treats kidney and bladder,helpful for insomania, sinustis.

Brown Tourmaline-traets intestinal disorder and skin.

Green tourmaline- Revejunates and inspire creativity. Magnetizes wearer to prosperity and abundance. Detoxifier, heals constipatioan and diarrhea.

Pink Tourmaline- an aphrodisiac- attracting love. Treats heart, lung and skin.

Red Tourmaline(rubilite)-Treats blood vessels and reproductive system, stimulates blood circulation.

Yellow Tourmaline: Treats stomach,liver, spleen, kidney and gallbladder.

Watermelon Tourmaline: beneficial to relationships, traets stress and encourage regenation of nerves.

Aunty Nita's Chrysocolla and aquamarine. with silver clasp

Chrysocolla's properties:
Treats athritis, bone disease,regulates insulin, giving greater lung capacity.

I've ordered more charms, thanks to Shila, who let me put up a stall at Johan's birthday party. Thanks to everyone for giving me support. I will also bringing in more silver gemstones jewelleries. So watch this space and of course the two webstores.

Photos from Johan's party

Tak banyak bz manning the 'stall'

Photos from Amy's bday

Brother Amy's bday on 7th February. We had lunch at the Spagetti apakebende in Mid Valley's. Since it's under Chilli's mgmt and kids eat free we thot we'd give it a try. Also because they bake their pizza using wood.

I had Lasagne, a bit of pizza and Ceasar Salad.

Lasagne too small for the price, taste oklah.

Pizza nothing to shout about but better than pizza hut's anytime..

Ceasar Salad= either the waitress took the wrong order ka.. no parmesan, no croutons..apakebende

Sorrylah last time pi..

I love Pizza Uno's lasagne, pizza and everything else..They've moved from Ampang Point ages ago and we still miss the cafe.

After lunch off to Ampang

Below at AmpangBelow while waiting for DH in car, we were so late. I even had time to put mascaraon tina and camarina

After Johan's party we went to Ad's new house. Very nice!!

Photos from DH's cousin Ad's new hse.

Comel betul Ad's daughter

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cork board

Charms 925 ala ala thomas Sabo

New Charms On Sale

Contact me at pureflowerz@gmail.com for details.