Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rusnah's wedding and June's House

My friend Rusnah got married on the 17th of May. Rusnah was with me in MRSM Seremban, her room was a few pintu away from mine, then my lecturemate during A levels. She later went to Derby, while I to Sheffield.

I was so looking forward to attend the wedding, yelah jumpa ex Seremban friends and A level friends. Beriya siap awal, my friend zi will hmmpph me tho, as I reached there 1 hour later - hahaha. Becoz DH decided to take a nap then shower which took ages and bebudak pun sama after a few minutes of asking them to change baru bergerak.

Sampai aja dah bergambar depan pintu. Photos below: Seronok jumpa Jaja, K ini, Norli, Kak Min, the last time I met them was in the UK. Some during A levels .Some I have met before in reunions.

Beriya with the sessi bergambar then suddenly my battery ran out of juice - I charged it that morning, tapi tak bother to check, apparently the socket was faulty. Sudahnya tak bergambar langsung dgn pengantin. Hmmm. Great day tho!!

The next week, Saturday my friend June, from MRSM Seremban had a small gathering at her hse at Desa Park City. At first I thot it was near Desa Waterpark.. I thot that's easy. Then I found out that its near Manjalara..errks..

Usually I go to TTDI, Sg buluh, The curve, etc with my husband. (But my husband had to invigilatelah pulak.) Tak confident nak drive- me the queen of sesat. Subang, Shah Alam, Ampang I'm alright-KL pun ok though I usually take lrt,erl as more convenient - no hassle cari parking or jam etc. Tapi kalau Damansara, PJ, etc....

And also I had to meet Amy, Shila's cousin- to give her three rows Peruvian Amazonite bracelet. Should I go to Ampang to give it to her or meet her somewhere dekat Ampang , meet my sister at Midvalley to pick my mum's bday present ,then go to Desa Park City. Errks.. why dont I go round the world..

Anyways.. I thot biarlah my sister and brother pick present for my mum. Then Amy called, she was at the Curve. Alhamdulillah- on the way to Desa P C I thot - the map shows from that direction pun.

So off I went with Camarina and Tina in tow. After tersilap turn ke Damansara Utama ,I managed to get to the Curve tapi Amy tak ada lagi so I thot I'd go round..and eeks Masuk Penchala Linklah pulak. Took a U turn somewhere phew I was there again.

Keluar dari Curve, silap ambik Penchala link - no I want the Sg Penchala Tol on LDP- so confusing- cant they just change the name..U turn lagi..

After that ok. I managed to follow the map and its fine until I came to the 3rd roundabout.. ada mistake sikit kat the map and I found two other cars with my friends pondering at the map .. hahaha.. lepas tu apa lagi abandoned the map and ikut ajelah..

We reached there macam rombongan kahwin.. hahahaJune and Azu

June's house is very big, Siap ada two kolam, inside the hse with fish spa - much to my children's delight- dok berendam and then told me their feet dah clean and white- white and kecut due to rendam lama lamalah tu.

After Alpha lipid presentation session we went in to makan.Seronok jumpa kawan2 lama. Aleen, Shikin Najmudddin , Shiqin Zainal Abidin, Linda Nayan,Kak Long, Ijan, Bo, Azura,Salmi, Zalifah, even pengantin baru Rusnah pun ada.

Then we had tour of the hse, soak feet session sambil berniaga (me). Very good sale. Thanks Zali and June.

It was after maghrib jugak when I got back, made a few U turns hahaha on the way out of DPC. After that smooth ride back to Sepang

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Giant Surprise

I think this experience is blog worthy. Kakak was to go for Qiamulai at school yesterday and the school wanted parents to contribute food. I thot probably banyak mee hoon or nasi gorengs so I thot I'd contribute cupcakes and pizza. Hahaha. Camillia's mother is way too ambitious.

The day before DH asked if we should go to Giant to buy the ingredients but me thinking lama lagi..said nantilah.. as my parents in law were suppose to come and entah apa lagi in my mind.

Yesterday around three barulah nak pergi Giant. Camarina was with me. Ok.. Luckily I told kakak to stay home as she was suppose to go at 5.45. Mama reached home pun around 5.30.

So kat Giant, sibuklah bought the ingredients for pizza- mozarella cheese, roti arab, pitta bread- for the base- hahaha no way will I have time to do the dough or so I thot..- and ingredients for cupcakes as well. Then- as I was out of books- well fiction anyways- I still have a few of Brian Tracys not read yet, I thot I'd buy mags- books at Giant ni not many choice- pi lah news.com

After paying for the mags, suddenly I found my shopping cart missing. First I was disappointed - lah kena beli balik- buang duit aje etc.. then I got angry..hey this thief shouldn't be far as I turned my back just a while tadi.. so I went searching for trolleys. Nearing Poh kong I saw mine. Apa lagi I grabbedlah and shouted at the man.

Hey! What do you think you are doing This is my shopping Cart!

dah macam singa aku dah..

You want me to call security on you?!!

I am sorry

What do you mean you are sorry How can you just take my cart

I am sorry

tu aje words he managed to mumble.

Marah marah jugaklah but I thot he looked pathetic there.. so I just went..

Of course I created a scene there but I didn't care. People just stare ..

Syukur alhamdulillah I had my shopping cart back but I was really pissed off with this mamat. Zuriati yang jarang mengamuk- selalunya mengamuk with loved ones aje.. hehehe..

memang I jarang mengamuk, kalau my staff dulu buat salah.. muka ajelah masam but I rarely marah. but in my late 30s and early forties ..ahem ni.. macam singa betina sikit.

On the way back I thot kenapalah this man ambik my troli- he was eating ice cream at the time- accidently ke.. There was another one there but he couldn't have accidently taken it- as mine was not full but with more things compared to the other. Maybe he was hungry- then I thot...

lah.. 'pandai' jugaklah mamat ni. With every thing there I am sure to find it. He was leisurely taking a stroll with my shopping cart!! Hahaha not an experience thief...

Balik lepas membebel to whoever wanted to hear - buatlah cupcake. Since buat smaller ones -took time jugaklah dengan icing lagi.. gambo tak ada tak sempat!! Hahaha pizza tu makan esok ajelah.. DH left without me. So I took them later - pi with Tina and Camarina. Reached there ceramah ugama in progress. After solat Hajat we headed home.

Below are some photos from Brother in Law Epi ( shila- superwomanwannabe's husband) birthday on 3rd May

Friday, May 08, 2009

Birthdays and Kids

April 19th was Camarina's 9th birthday. Last year buat party. I thot we'd have a small party home and Camarina aka adik invited a few of her friends and yikes we were suppose to be in Ampang then. So we had the small party in Ampang. This year big party is suppose to be kakak's. Still don't know what theme yet.

Facts About Camarina

Name: Camarina Mohd Fazidin

Born in: Millenium child born in Ampang Puteri. 2nd ceasarean child. Dh came in siap ada lesson lagi with Dr Marlik.. siap tanya white thing tu apa- Dr said lemak.. should have asked him to buangkan semua.

Wanted to call her Adriana but Dh vetoed the name. At one time she didn't like her name as it means moon, she preferred flower like kakak's but now she's ok with it when we told her - without moon it'll be dark at night, showed her blue moon rose which is so fragrant.

Photo 8th birthday party . Click at birthday party to read more.

Weight : 3.1kg, then of course. The biggest of the three, but smallest now. Camarina mmg ikut protein diet- tak suka makan nasi except with curry or tomyam, sardine.

At Izan's wedding

Favourite colour
: White, black she said altho mama always buys her pink or red hehehe.

Hobby: She loves to write stories, love poems, reading . Mama doa ..bila besar famous macam JK Rowlings. Everywhere she goes, she'll bring her notebook with her.Then she'll scribbledthings in it. Buat magazineslah. Her baba bought her a second hand PDA for her 8th bday, but the PDAwent kaput- dah old pun. Now she writes her songs, poems diary online read it here.

Her favourite books include Dumb diary, Mr Midnight and Gerenimo Stilton.

Favourite word..ummm

Favourite song: Crush, A little to not over you, Sayang Aliff Aziz

Favourite singer: Siapa lagi kalau tak David Archuleta and Jonas Brothers

Favourite things: Her current favourite things are converse like shoes. She loves dressing up, with earrings etc.. kuat melawa. Her hair is currently short- siap tunjuk gambar Rihanna dekat hairdresser.

Favourite animal: Rabbit

Favourite food: Tomyam, Sardine, Curry, Ketam, Sup ekor pedas, Sambal tumis Ikan bilis, Tempe

Favourite drink: Ice lemon tea, Orange juice.

Camarina is very close to her kakak. She wants to be where kakak is probably because kakak looked after her when mama had Tina. She'd miss kakak more than mama. Kalau bergaduh dgn kakak sure berjela tulis surat to kakak.