Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson in Malaysia 1996

Michael Jackson

What can I say about this man. He was a musical genius, an eccentric ( what geniuses not eccentric), misunderstood(?), child abuser ( we never know the truth).

He was exposed to fame at a very young age, tak sempat enjoy the joys of childhood. Kecik2 lagi dah ada responsibilities etc, maybe that was why he never grew up, a Peter Pan.

His music was good and still is.

I bought ticket to his concert in Wimbledon. We were hyped up - my housemates and I. Bought binoculars at Argos ( intended to return them within 16 days). Went to the concert amid mat and minah saleh yg tinggi tinggi tu..then suddenly it was announced - Concert cancelled. Dissappointed giler. I had to go back to Malaysia before the postponed date. Taklah dapat tengok!

Then in 27th and 29th of October 1996 he came to Malaysia. Newly pregnant with Camillia, DH and I went to that concert. It was worth it. Great performance by the King of Pop.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Tina's birthday party

Tina's bday was on the 23rd. We had a small party. Tina insisted on a bday party. I have told her that this year will be kakak's turn to celebrate. Tapi dia tak paham. She planned to have mermaid cake, pinata etc. Susah jugak nak convince her. In the end jemput Shila, my siblings, zi , intan and Nani (dah lama tak jumpa, usually we try to make it once in two months). Intan couldn't make it sebab demam.

For the party cooked roast chicken, grilled lamb with mushroom sauce, spagetti bologna,potato salad,  moussaka, fish and chips. Birthday cake was baked the night before. The marshmallow fondant done in the morning. Kakak did lovely roses with the fondant - lagi cantik dari mama's!!  She wants to go to fondant class- lepas upsr ye sayang!

Kakak's bday party next. What theme ya for a 12 yr old girl?