Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ju's wedding and Singapore Trip

On 3rd of October, my A levels roommate Juliana's wedding in Ipoh.The next day my cousin in Singapore. I was so excited, and planned to go to both wedding. Er of course I had to solve the logistics problem first. The day before Mak M, Dh's aunty called to say that there will be breakfast- nasi lemak and durian- both my favourite. ok...

The trip to Singapore was to be spouse free. Er.. how are we going to do that. So the plan was-Breakfast at Mak M's then off to Ipoh, flight to Singapore alone then meet my brother and sister. My siblings wanted me to reach Sinagpore early but the earliset would be flight from Ipoh at 4 with er firefly, I can't take flight from KLIA, no way we can reach KLIA on time, although the flight from KLIA was at 5. No problem I said.

Around 10 something we reached Damansara. We left Damansara at 1.30. Panic sets in. Er sempat ke nak pi wedding ni. Dh drove like F1 driver- no problem for him- he took like 1 1/2 hr from Sepang to Kluang. We reached the wedding nearly four. Alhamdulillah, managed to meet another roomate, Ully, who, last time I met was A levels reunion eons ago and Wok. Ully - awet muda. Of course we had our jejak kasih moments.

Di sebabkan kelewatan, we had like a few minutes together then she had to go.

Juliana looked radiant. Bagai pinang di belah dua. Congratulations Juliana!

Next I had to catch that flight at 4.40 or so I thought. Reached there alamak... flight delayed to 5.20. Then to 5.55pm, why I asked? TUDM air show. What pilot decided to join in too?

By the time I reached Singapore it was 9pm. Took a limo to Meritus Mandarin - hahaha from budget airport- dah too tired.. Reached there- ok my brother was not joking when he said it's near Takasyimaya. It is smacked in front of it. Just have to cross the road. Apa lagi my sister whisked me off to Takasyimaya, Ion - Dior - and Miu miu. After the stores closed- hahaha mana sempat- we had dinner.

The next morning we resumed ukur jalan at Orchard Road. We were in front of Takasyi just before it opened. Very very tiring. Around 1 we headed to Jurong, yes lets not forget we have a wedding to attend.

The bride was stunning. Well she is a model after all. She also have a stunning sister. Lovely food. Great reception. Er.. some unusual crowd dancing.

Eva the bride

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Bride's sister

After wedding, head to Orchard road again. Hahaha.. My sister didn't want to go anywhere else. Just like the time she visited me in London. Tiap2 hari nak pi Oxford Street. Macam cita Shopaholic and sister, altho in this case dua2 shopaholics.


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