Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunday 8th

Sunday 8th ... Morning Mak B's doa selamat in Ampang, then brother Amy's son Eylan's birthday at Seri Maya and CBN' 110th reunion.

Amy asked me what I wanted to bring to his party. Initially I wanted to bring moussaka and he agreed. But because we thought of sleeping over @ Ampang that was out of the questions. Why- my mum's oven is gas oven.. I have no idea how to work it. There is no temperature only marked as 1-5. Ok most ovens in uk were marked that way- well at least when I was there eons ago and I did bake a few cakes there- hahaha I knew when to improvise when there was no choice. I could make it the day before @ home and freeze it but aubergines- I don't know whether they'd go bad the next day and I didn't want to risk it.

So I baked white chocolate mud cupcakes instead . Baked on Saturday. I thot I'd make small cupcakes for Mak b's do- since bigger crowd and larger ones for Amy.

Mak B's do started at 11, so early in the morning- melted marshmallow, put in icing sugar and colour- for fondant and then buttercream icing. Did hers first - green butter icing and with small flower fondants. Then Yani's- white fondant with small flower fondants. Went to Mak b's do- dah habis baca yassin.
Yummy spread- Durian cakes (sedap Izan!), singapore murtabak, Laksa Johor, rojak, satay. DH's aunts, uncles, cousins were there. Even Atok Busu all the way from Terengganu were there. Shila's kids were there- my kids of courselah excited.

For Eylan's bday party. I did a different set of cupcakes. Dh and kids helped me with the decorations, although DH said he preferred doing bachelor's party cupcakes.

Eylan and Mummy Etty.

Tina did the bird while Camarina did the branches and leaves.

Malam- kelam kabut. CBN dinner. Wanted to go with Shila. Suddenly BIL said DH to take me. Hey siapa lah pandai tukar plan. I told DH, I 'm going with shila. I didn't want to get there lepas tu melangguk for whatever time Shila sampai.

After pusing keliling we got there. After a few prayers and mental telepathy, hahaha, we finally got our seats. With some superseniors and superjuniors. Throughout dinner, cranned head to see who else were there. Spotted Azlin Juliana. Shila went over. took photos then Azlin said Riza was around.

Riza Fara, was the girl I went to lunch with. She was from different class, 1A, while I was in 1U, She introduced me to Shila, baru masuk her class. The Shila was transferred to 2K, sebelah my class .And we got close. Pi tuition together , hahaha we had fun there. Sleepover etc. Then I went to MRSM Sban, Shila and I remained close. She visited me often in Seremban- mmm visit me ke nak tengok a certain someone she had a crush on.. then Shila and I went to Uk. She met her husband there. Later on I married the husband's brother so jadi biras.

Searched for Riza, and bumped into Yati. Yati was my classmate from 2u onwards. She was from 1A and later on transferred to 2U. She was also my mum's pupil in Sekolah Gurney Dato Keramat. Then moved on to see Riza.

Wah bestnya jejak kasih moments ni. Riza looked the same. Dinner tak habis lagi so I went back to my seat. Jumpa Anastasia. Followed her to the rest of the gang. Dida and Cheryl came over. Cheryl was in my class form 1 to 3, She cant remember me. We were in different class masa form four- before I went to Seremban. She has changed, gone were her glasses and braces. Wah sophisticated. Suzana and Natasha, who I met online- FBlah mana lagi, Roslina and Musmina, Razlina , who were in my class when I was in std 3/4 or 5. And a few others who were in my class during primary school, who I'm ashamed to admit, I remember their names after they were tagged in FB.
Cheryl, top row, third from left. Yati- 2nd row-6 from left. Zuriati? guess.

With Yati

cheryl in red front row. Natasha in red and black front row. Shila in red .Riza fara in yellow 2nd from left back row. Azlin next to her in black scarf. Hahaha I guess everybody followed the theme- house colours . I was in Xavier- green house- but I went in black. Mana tau..


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