Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nesting Mode?

I have recently changed my curtains ( curtains were older than my youngest , Tina 7) and reupholstered the sofa, bought new carpet (sofa and carpet older than my eldest, kakak- 13). Shila sd whylah are you in nesting mode. Hahaha.. dah naik menyampah tengok, yelah tak pernah tukar bertahun2. Nesting mode- entah.. dah lama dah mode ni. Tinggal lagi tak buat2 always you know before raya, thought of doing it, then tak sempat.

Nesting yg lain tu...It used to be you know kluar IUD next month pregnant. when I told Dr Marlik , he didnt believe how quick. Shila said I would have more. Now I have even forgotten how long I've taken out the IUD. Haq pun dah dapat dua . Hahaha, and Paiz.. a third..opps, not suppose to tell.

So I have done the kitchen and living room - what is next. The garden- which - sigh - have been left neglected since Bibik went away. My roses are half dead. My camelia, the flower is dead and so are my hydrangeas. I am searching for gazebo. Still tak jumpa yg berkenan di hati and di poket. Kakak Sabariah, who did my curtains offered to do landscaping job.. HAhaha, that's how teruk it looked like. I am so tempted nak tile it off.. hahahaha.. dulu sibuk nak tanah around the house. May be I should go Sg Buluh and look at the Laman mags for more ideas. DH got rid of the pokok pisang/banana trees around the hse, too tall sampai nak masuk tingkap he said. The thing is I love having pokok pisang. Sometimes nak grill or suddenly inspiration nak cook in daun pisang at least ada. But he's right of course. I thot of buying Pisang Serendah, since it is rendah. I keep on buying bananas for my smoothies ( the banana trees we had were more like pisang awak with biji inside- which I think is better fried than raw- we rarely eat them more like jamu monkeys or squirrels.)

Once a year big birthday party this year will be Cqistina's in May. Got to make her birthday dress. Theme apa lagilah kalau Cqistina's ~ mermaid. I hope she approves of the cake I'm going to make. Last years mermaid cake banyak complaint- tail besar etc.. (mmglah besar dah balut kaki barbie with fondant...