Saturday, January 22, 2011

Same ols

Sheesh, I still have to get the hang writing blog frm Ipad. Done it like halfway and everything's gone.

What's new? I have this fantastic toy. I'll do a review on it one day, I hope hehehe.

What's the same..
Well, I have blogged before that I lost 9 kg. Yay...Bad news is I have gained 3kgs back. Well not surprising since My workouts are sporadic,( my instructor have been calling and threatened to drag me there) and I have this huge addiction on Patchi.. The last time I went to klcc- twice in a week )Maybe I should join Patchi anon.Hahaha.

I have got the exercise bit going . No.. I have not gone to the gym. Like so malas, 2hrs on the road, one hr in the gym unless I run down and feed the parking meter for the next hr, so ?!£&&@ inconvenient, why do they limit an hr I have no idea.

I have started Wii's active more 60 days challenge. Managed to do it one week plus then I was swamped. But I did managed to do the custom workout - boxing, squash,step aerobics, abs. And of course my current craze... Michael Jackson's experience wii game. What not to like about this game.... You dance to Mj's songs-thriller, beat it, bad, smooth criminal- do the moonwalk etc.. awesome!!! I tried to beat my own score for a few songs and wham.. I have done an hours workout effortlessly and enjoyed it.

Speaking of wii games, I have tried the racquet sports which I find quite good, I like the badminton, squash and tennis. Tina always beat me @ ping pong though and beach tennis..Cant get them.. The Gold's gym dance workout is good, if I can get my two feet coordinate, a bit difficult but with time you may get it .. i love the jai hosong. The game has latin and cardio boxing moves..Then there is the zumba fitness.'d definitely get a good workout, your legs, will turn to jelly because unlike Just dance, we cheer, gold gym's dance and the Michael Jackson's, the wii mote is at your hips, and you've got to move them.. I have tried the 20minutes beginner and thinking ..darn when will it end.

I thot of setting up a separate fitness blog but nah.. I think I'll use this blog.

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